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AJ Taking Time Off,Paige Debuting,ROH Supercard Of Honor VIII,Mania Trip +More

Hello everybody. I had a tad of this typed up but more and more news was coming out so I decided to retype it completely and here we are. I'm still sick here listening to some Monstercat (If you never listen to them you're missing out). So I thought it's a perfect time to retype this and I hope you enjoy since I discuss my thoughts from AJ Losing The Divas Championship/Taking time off,Paige's Debut,Mania Trip,etc. List goes on and on. The blog after Mania is usually the longest one due to it being after Mania and so much stuff going on so expect a very very long read. :P

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Vickie Leaving WWE?

There have been tons of rumors going around the web that Ms.Vickie is leaving the WWE and I thought I should discuss it should the rumors be actually true. 

If it is indeed true and Vickie is leaving to pursue other things outside of the Wrestling business well I wish her on the best of luck. It's going to be a tad weird to not really have a Guerrero on main roster and such but it's her choice and I wish her the best of luck. She's done so much stuff in the WWE since she began to be on our TV screens and how she's kept this heel hate I give her props I mean look at Cesaro,Ziggles,AJ,Punk just to name a few. Either way if she is leaving I wish her well. 

Paige's Debut/ Winning The Divas Championship

Now it's really no secret I'm a AJ fan. But also a Paige fan. And I was mixed when the moment happen but since I didn't get to see it live and mark out due to me being like 50-75 miles out of town as it happened. Friend is also driving in a storm as it happened and I have no bars so I'm there like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" mode and then finally I got a bar and everything was coming in from text messages to my twitter loading with all these new tweets and I see that AJ was out and called her self "The Best Diva In The World" and then Paige came out and I knew right then and there AJ was losing it. But I'm here still good 60 miles out and I'm like "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!" to the sky. So anyways I hear they're wrestling for the title and again I just knew it would happen and it does. My twitter is just flooded with mixed reactions and just so many text messages from friends coming through it was just wow. I'm here kinda sad AJ's reign ended but glad Paige won and debuted FINALLY after god knows how long. Either way it was mixed emotions for me. 

I really look forward to Paige's reign. Only downside of her winning the title on her debut is she now has to work against people like Alicia Fox to Bellas. She has to prove herself to the people don't watch NXT but now how to prove herself even more because she's champion. Either way I look forward to her reign and wish her well as champion. Now can we get Paige and Emma to feud on the main roster because I mean have you seen their matches back in NXT? AMAZING stuff. I just can't imagine the stuff they would do on the main roster now. But first WWE take Emma away from Santino please. She's better than this...

I look forward to Total Cena's to b*tching about wanting a title shot. 
Also one more thing. Can someone explain to me why the hell Lana and the other divas broke character? I mean I highly doubted it would happen but I wanted AJ to shake her hand or something...

Wrestlemania 30 Trip

So this is one of the many things I will talk about. So this is the beginning of the story about a fun but tiring Wrestlemania 30 trip. 

Now me and my friend were driving into New Orleans and it was tiring. I mean we were supposed to leave the city at 2-3am but we did thanks to Mother Nature. Storm was coming our way and if we hadn't left our trip probably would've been a longer drive should we have not left at the time we did. So anyways we ran into the storm and drove in nasty storm. I even saw a power line pole spewing a bit but it stopped (this was later on like at 9am-11am time frame) and we finally got to New Orleans and our hotel at 12pm or so. Should've been a 8 hour drive but no due to traffic and just the rain itself took us 12 hours or so to get from San Antonio to New Orleans. Either way we had plans to go to the Superstore signing with Cesaro but we were just too tired so we said we'd aim for Christian. So we took a nap and we overslept. Either way we didn't meet Cesaro or Christian. 

But we did meet people on Friday. We met people at ROH Supercard Of Honor. I met the Adam Cole,Nigel McGuinness,Mike Bennett and Maria. All very nice people. I did tell Maria the incident about how I saw her walking in the halls. And no it was not awkward. She laughed and said that's how she is sometimes when she see Mike. Anyways, great show. Match of the night for me goes to Elgin vs Steen. Just an amazing match (and you can check it out this weekend when ROH airs on TV. Check your local listings! Yeah I plugged ROH. It deserves the plug!). I'm going to be watching it on TV and just reliving the great match that it was. As I was looking for pictures to upload from ROH I realized I didn't take any pictures at all during Elgin vs Steen. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement..

Cole vs Briscoe was great. It was another great match. Basically what I'm saying is Supercard was awesome and you need to see it. (Strong vs Cedric was great aswell)
Oh the cluster hell this day was. I had planned on going to Wrestlecon and Axxess on this day but due to hearing so many complaints on twitter about the long line to get INTO Wrestlecon I didn't go. I saw tweets saying stuff like "Thanks for making me miss Kurt Angle" to "Its smells here at Wrestlecon" I was glad I didn't go to Wrestlecon. Shame I didn't get to meet Angle or Kaitlyn as I planned. But me and my friend decided to to do the Afternoon Axxess only to find out it was sold out. So we checked out the Superstore, got our Mania merch and met Sam Roberts and we sat all over the Convention Center waiting for the 6-10pm session to begin. 

Then finally it was 5:30/5:45 so we go into the long line with the on and off Yes chants,Fandangoing,etc. One guy was trying to get a CM Punk chant going but that just didn't work out. Anyways finally go into Axxess and we meet Ricardooooooooooo. Then after I see 3MB signing and I see the line they have and I'm tempted to go in that line and I do and meet 3MB as well. Got Ginger (have to watch Total Divas or know what happened to understand why I said that) to sign his trading card. Then after that long line I walked all over Axxess. Really nice and saw the NXT matches going on. Wasn't really paying attention to it which I'm sad about since I love NXT. I marked out when I saw Paige coming out but that was it. Also saw AJ on the Wrestlemania Today stage and saw this crowd around the area that was off stage. Tried to get AJ's attention but just failed. 

Anyways then I saw AJ was signing at the 8-10pm area and I went to where the lovely Wrestlemania App they released said and met her. Nicest person. And for you people that actually want to know I did see the ring. She kept hiding it in the pictures though. She would cover her hand or twist the ring so you couldn't see the stone and still would cover the hand. She did it alot in the beginning but after she just stopped doing that so yeah. Like to thank the woman who took my ruined AJ picture and immediately saying no before the other woman finished telling you what happened. Then after that I met Howard Finkel at the Legend's House area and I went back to the hotel and ordered Dominoes. :p


The big day. The day millions of wrestling fans have been waiting for. Wrestlemania was today. I had the Axxess session from 8am-2pm and it was very uneventful really. I mean I only met 3 people? I met Sin Hunico. I was waiting over an hour to meet AJ to get my picture retaken but WWE changed her with Sin Hunico 10 minutes till her advertised signing finished. Crowd kept growing big time. Was starting to get as big to the point it was starting to go behind the stage area. They usually cut the line but they didn't do that so it just grew and grew. Didn't get to meet her again which was a shame but I will get my redo dammit! When AJ was leaving crowd was chanting NO and booing Sin Hunico. But when AJ was leaving that long a** line just went to like maybe 10-20 people? I don't know its a rough estimate. Either way I met him. 

I was about to leave since Real American's line as freaking LONG. I didn't want to stand in line for maybe an hour again and probably not meet them so then I thought Uso's and they had a long line aswell. Wanted to meet NXT talent but boy oh boy it was crazy. Wanted to meet Regal but he left so I got out of line. Also Renee Young and Mene Gene were right in front of me as I was waiting and they didn't want anyone getting out of line so yeah. Then remembered Trish had a signing and I go and they have already cut her line and she hadn't even arrived so, I was about to leave but I saw Piper and Jimmy Hart and I thought hey maybe I can meet Piper and Jimmy. Then I find out Piper's scheduled time had ended and met Pat Patterson and Jimmy Hart. Nice people. So yeah that was my hell for Axxess on Sunday. I went back to the hotel to rest up for Mania since I got like maybe an hour to an hour and half until I have to leave.
Here is a random and blurryish picture of Xavier Woods
Now it's time to go and I'm walking to the Superdome and I see just this big crowd just on their way to the Superdome. Really cool to see. Now to get into the building was just terrible. They had this long line to get into it and until you get near the doors they kept saying "there are doors open over here, no one is over here" but no one knew that UNTIL again we got near the doors so I don't know how they expected the people that were on the sidewalk. They also wanted no tablets in the building so basically if you brought it in you would have to leave in the car or if you walked basically walk back to your hotel. Now we're finally seeing our view and it's great. Stage looked better than it did on the Youtube video. Now everything was great. Pre Show,Bryan vs Hunter. But the downer was Taker vs Lesnar. Crowd wasn't clicking with the match and it was just bad. But when that 3rd F-5 hit man that was like "Oh my god! this is going to be the greatest thing for Taker to kick out!" but it didn't happen. We never expected to ever count to 3 during a Taker match. As soon as the ref hit the 3 count the crowd just was silent once again. Just amazed that the streak was over. If I could describe how it felt right then and there in that crowd as the ref hit the 3 count I would. But how it felt right then and there is just hard to describe it. I can't put it into words.

Can't describe the feeling in that stadium..
Of course after this just shocking ending to Taker vs Lesnar what does WWE do to follow that up? VINCE SEND IN THE DIVAS! (Dudleyz pun intended) They send in a match I was nervous for. I was totally thinking AJ was losing and I was just worried it would be like Nattie or Nikki. I liked it. I think I'm probably the only person in that stadium that enjoyed it. There were some cool spots but it was hard to keep track of everyone. It was like oh look its Layla no no look its Summer and AJ. It was kinda just a cluster f*ck. But when AJ locked in the black widow I only saw AJ making Naomi tap but I looked back on the network and Naomi also did tap so, yeah that happened. Anyways I enjoyed it and glad to have witnessed that. Now of course that left one match and that was the Main Event. Orton vs Batista vs Bryan. Now as I was watching this match I got so many flashbacks of Wrestlemania 20 and it just was wow. It was surreal to see that just popping in my head randomly at times with certain spots that happened. 
Few moments or minutes after Bryan won
Bryan winning made Mania I think. If Bryan had lost I think that crowd would've rioted. Because first Taker losing but Bryan not winning? Yeah that wouldn't have been pretty. So we walked back and found out the city of New Orleans was under a Tornado warning. So yeah. Anyways Sunday was great but tiring. Now of course I would discuss Monday but nothing happened. Just me in a bad thunderstorm and twitter making me sad about missing RAW.

Ulitimate Warrior's Passing

Boy this was just a shocker. I was just finished putting some stuff away and I go on twitter and see tweets like "what is going on?" and I was like one of the tweets wondering what the hell was going and I saw the tweet that was just shocking. Triple H announcing that Ultimate Warrior has passed away. When the shock wore off I thought it was like fake or just something. But nope. WWE talent among the site posted about the news and it was just a something that no one saw coming. I mean I hear he's just signed a multi year contract with WWE and he's on RAW and shaking the ropes. It all was just very hard to accept. Because we had just seen him 24 hours ago and now he's gone. My favorite Warrior moment was him winning the WWE Championship. It's just a moment that always was a personal favorite. I mean Hogan who was "The guy" and Warrior who was almost as close in popularity to Hogan one on one for the IC and WWE Championship. History making match and ended with Warrior winning and retaining.

Really don't know why but it's a moment that's been one of the many Wrestlemania moments that I just loved. Hard to believe that it's already a week since he's been gone and I mean I had just saw him on that Mania stage happy. I had seen him on the network walking out with his 2 daughters. It just really was a shocking and unexpected passing of a legend. 

AJ Taking A Break

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Now this I had expected but I wasn't really prepared and actually thinking it would happen but it did. It seemed that AJ dropping the title to write her off but then again it is possible she asked last minute like maybe after or on the day of the RAW after Mania. Kinda sad like I said. I thought she would take a break but really never thought she actually would. I have mixed thoughts on it. One is saying she deserves it but a tiny bit of me is like WHY? Since we were THIS close to getting AJ vs Paige. But you can't deny she doesn't deserve this break. She's worked basically nonstop for 2 years I would say. But you know when she comes back it's going to be interesting.. 

Well I covered all the topics I wanted to. I'm finally finished after typing bits and pieces of it for like 2-3 days. But I hoped you enjoyed this loong post Mania blog and see ya until next time! 

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You had one job Sin Cara.
One damn job...
Pinch me for not getting in the Wyatt's line man.

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Diva's Title Match At Mania (Finally!),RAW Trip,AJ/Punk Engagement Rumors, +More

Well hola everybody. This is kinda a delayed post. I had another one typed up but I just never finished it completely and then more and more news was coming out so I decided to just retype a new one with some update info. I'm here still with tears in my eyes due to a soap opera I watch and yeah not going to get into it *hits rewind*. Hope you guys enjoy!

Diva's Title FINALLY Being Defended At Wrestlemania 30

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Please tell me why Eva is in this match please..
So finally the Divas Title is being defended since the Wrestlemania 23? and that was the Woman's title. So it's was a pretty big deal until we found out what the match was. The match at Mania is going to be just one ) big cluster f*ck. It's basically a free for all brawl but you have to pin someone. It's just every diva like Emma,Summer (What did AJ do to Emma and Summer?)Layla,Foxana,and just more and more. Its basically 14 divas going against AJ.
Some which I believe never had to deal with AJ fully (Examples : Layla,Summer,Emma). But of course it's just WWE logic at it's finest. So according to the dirtsheets Naomi vs AJ in a Lumberjill match was the match we were going to have at Mania but then Aksana injures Naomi and that was off the card.So now we again have witness probably just an episode of Botchamania (aka a big cluster f*ck). I feel for people having to witness this. Would've been better organized if it was a gauntlet or something. But no WWE Creative Team went on to make a terrible match...

Wrestlemania XXX Predictions

I planned a separate post on here like on Friday or something but I thought I might as well get it over and done with and do my predictions. So I'll tell you my predicts and why I think they should/will win. *pulls up Wrestlemania card* 

Wrestlemania Pre-Show : WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs Los Na-Matadores vs Real Americans vs RyBaxel
Photo Credit : WWE
I predict Usos retaining only due to the fact Matadores well no one cares about and same goes for RyBaxel. I like Ryback but dammit no. And Real Americans would be good but yeah they're on the brink of splitting up soon, so what reason for them to get title reigns. Would I love if Cesaro and Swagger won? Hell yeah I would but no I'm going with Uso's retaining.. 

The Shield vs New Age Outlaws & Kane
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This match came outta nowhere really. NAO never got their tag team title rematch and the reason why is reportedly that NAO asked to work with Shield before they split. Which I think is cool but this match was just thrown randomly and I really don't know. Could be great,could suck,could just be eh. I don't know. The build for this match hasn't been great but its decent I guess. I'm intrigued on who will win. I honestly have no idea who I think will win. I think maybe Shield? But at the same time there is a part of me thinking this is where Shield splits and NAO and Kane steal the victory due to Shield splitting. So basically I'm stuck here. 

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 
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Gee, I again have no idea. I want several people to win it from Ziggles to Cody to Christian to Maddox. I just am stuck. I just really don't know. It's pretty obvious on WHO will win but it couldn't hurt for WWE to throw us a curveball and not give that person that is so obvious to win to actually win.. 

Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational 

Like I stated in the beginning this is just going to be a disaster. Most likely this will have its own Botchamania episode. It's just terrible. 14 divas in one match but one pinfall and its OVAH?! Makes no sense. Woo hoo. We have to witness this disastrous match. Either way this is a toughy on who will win. Total Divas well umm Nikki,Naomi and Tamina but mostly Tamina have been the ones WWE has teased that will win the title, and I have a scenario that would make AJ retain and I think its possible. One thing is for sure is I'm laughing how WWE expects us to cheer and want the other 13 divas to win but they're ganging up on someone. AJ is seen as the underdog in this random a** feud. And then with NOLA going for people WWE doesn't usually want us to. Like I mean for Christ sakes we're cheering Wyatt's. WWE is aware of it reportedly and it gearing up for stuff like that to happen. 
Photo Credit : WWE
I fully expect AJ to be cheered in NOLA and if AJ has to lose the title I say give it to someone promising not someone who hasn't earned it or came back from injury. And what I just said and my predict who I would want to win makes zero sense but I'm rooting for Naomi should AJ HAVE to lose it. I don't think Naomi earned it since she was out and shouldn't get a title shot and win the title immediately after coming back from injury but that is just me. If AJ doesn't have to lose it, I would like to see my scenario happen. Tamina is about to win and AJ or someone distracts Tamina and AJ steals the win. So basically I'm rooting for AJ and Naomi. But one thing though...WHY IN THE BLUE HELL IS EVA IN THIS MATCH?! Can we replace her with I don't know Paige? Heck what about Bayley? Believe it or not there are some people hoping Lita is a surprise entrant. I just don't know really about that..

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan 

This one is the Big E (see what I did there?), the one that everyone wonders if it will be good or not. Some are already saying this could be match of the night. Now this buildup has been a bit dragging since this has dragged out since August of last year and it all began at Summer Slam. Bryan defeated Cena (clean I might add) and then Orton's music hits and Bryan is just staring at Orton and tada pedigree to Bryan and 1,2,3 and Orton is our champ. Of course due to CM Punk leaving WWE (who Triple H was originally going to feud with) plans obviously changed and now here we are Hunter and Bryan fighting over one spot in the coveted (am I using the word right?) spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Orton and Royal Rumble Winner Batista. 

Photo Credit : WWE
This has been again dragged build up but its great. And now we're here. Now I'm excited. I can't even imagine a whole stadium filled with 70,000+ (estimation as of right now on how many will be in attendance) chanting YES alongside Bryan. Man that is going to be such an amazing moment to witness. Either way this match can basically make Bryan even more than he already is and with this strong building with Hunter (WWE PPV logic) and I've said this from the beginning since the feud began..again and the person I'm going with is the leader of the Autho-I'm kidding I'm rooting for Bryan here because I mean if WWE actually lets Hunter in the match I think that crowd might riot..

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Gee what can I say about this amazing feud? Just great buildup and this is the match I'm excited for the most (does being nervous about the Divas match count?). I think (in my opinion) could be match of the night and I just think these two can hopefully put on a good match given the right amount of time. If it sucks well that would be a huge letdown but I'm keeping some hope up and I'm just excited. Wyatt's are just messing with Cena's mind in an excellent way. His promos during this feud have been amazing. Cena is supposed to be the scared veteran and on RAW (March 31st) he tricked the Wyatt's. May have gotten a little bit inside their heads and great way to do that. I'm just pumped for this match then plus Eminem's Legacy being used? Fit's it so well.
Photo Credit : WWE
I for one can not wait and now the big question you're probably wondering is who am I rooting for and that is the man himself, the one who has the fire lit up and that person is Bray Wyatt. Just imagine what this win can do for his career? Bray has a bright future in this company and it's just going to be amazing. Let's all hope and pray to the dear wrestling gods that Cena doesn't kick out at 2... 

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

This built up for this feud that everyone has wanted to see has been terrible. Am I looking forward to this match? Yeah I am. But not as excited to see it. Due to Lesnar not having a full time schedule it makes this feud very hard to work with. Heyman gets the heat but to me it looks like Lesnar gets nothing. There isn't much of a spark for this highly anticipated match now. This was the big reason as to why I didn't want Lesnar vs Taker to happen. Weak buildup + Lesnar out + No Heat = Not as exciting. It's going to be a good match no doubt but not as anticipated as Taker vs Punk or any other match in recent memory. 
Photo Credit : WWE

It's really hard to make Lesnar look like he will and can break the streak when the guy is hardly ever there during this feud. But Heyman has tried his best and I give him props to trying to make this feud build up with out Lesnar by his side for most of it. This is also the reason why I am rooting for Taker to keep the streak alive. He always finds a way and he will win. I've heard over the years that Taker and Lesnar do not like each other. They have the respect but they just don't like each other. Which is why I doubt Taker would actually be okay with Lesnar ending it. But either way I'm going for Taker to keep the streak alive and for the beast to REST...IN...PEACE

Randy Orton vs Batista vs ???

Now my prediction is kinda based on who wins between Hunter and Bryan. If Bryan makes it I see either Randy retaining or Bryan winning. WWE needs to fix their mistakes. They drove one of their top guys to leave and they need Bryan more than ever. I think Batista will get a reign soon. But not now. If Batista wins on Sunday I fully expect that crowd to riot. I really do. WWE needs to choose wisely on who wins this match. If Hunter wins well I can bet your a** a single f*ck won't be given for this match. If Flair was to be ref should Hunter win would be awesome to be honest. I mean all of Evolution in the ring. Come on that sounds awesome. :P
Photo Credit : WWE

But really I'm rooting for Bryan or Orton here. I like Batista. I really do but he just doesn't deserve the title right now..


Wrestlemania Predicts are done!  Now we got a couple more topics to go through. This is the big Mania post. It's going to be a long read. Hope you're enjoying it so far if you aren't well I'm sorry..

AJ and CM Punk Engagement Rumors 

If you haven't heard these rumors well then where have you been. This has been everywhere on the internet. Just the news that they're possibly engaged. It all started when a Airport worker spotted Punk (then later on AJ) at the Tampa Airport and according to the guy she said she was engaged after he told her that he was going to New Orleans for Mania. She flashed the ring will quickly and he asked if it was Punk she said yes. Then he said how she isn't in as much of a rush as she was last time and she said that it was the last time she was flying out from Tampa. 
Photo Credit : @AntiDiva4Life10 on Twitter

Guy later tweeted that story and people and shippers over the world heard about it and went crazy over it. People were either not believing it or actually believing it. It was then until later on the same day, someone finds a tweet from a Tampa based reporter saying that AJ was engaged. Everyone was either hesitant or not 100% sold. They believe the story but not 100% sold. That is until Monday Night RAW (March 31st). It was Naomi vs AJ in a Lumberjill match. Everyone on twitter noticed the ring and was talking about it, questioning if she is actually engaged. Then it was later confirmed but still a rumor at the same time. 

My take is that if it's true well congratulations to them both and hope for the best. If it isn't well then AJ you should'nt have worn a ring. But I noticed in the beginning of the match with Naomi was that she kissed the ring. No one has talked about it so I thought I share that. She kisses the ring trying to make it look like she's kissing the title. I'm surprised no one picked up on that. Either way if it's true Congrats. 

Somewhere Destri  is crying asking WHY?! to the sky.. 

My RAW Trip - March 17th,2014

This was a RAW I was super excited for. Always wanted to see the Mania 30 sign lit up and everything and this was my chance to see the sign for the first time. To be perfectly honest it was lower than I expected. Since on TV it looks so high up in the arena. But actually again lower than I expected. But I was very close to the Pre-table and it was very cool. I actually had planned on listening to the pre-show as the Superstars tapings happened. But I was just spending time on Twitter and instagram. But as I was making my way into the arena and getting food and everything and I bumped into him actually but I met the ol' famous Sign Guy. I got a picture with him and everything. But really cool to have FINALLY meet him. Either way back to Superstars, the show no one really gives a damn for. 

I don't think the crowd even gave one single damn about
The Bella's
The pop for the Sharpshooter here was pretty loud. Then we got Slater and RyBaxel? I don't know. I vaguely remember this match. I just know there was an small area behind the announcer table that were chanting "Slater Sucks" Very funny. Then after and just before we went live I believe they showed the Miami Heat getting WWE Championship Replicas and the crowd just booed big time. Does WWE not know we love the SA Spurs (GO SPURS GO) and that Miami Heat is a rival of the Spurs? Or did they forget that? Either way crowd booed the hell outta that for sure. There was a couple CM Punk chants and I was the only one chanting he isn't coming back. Got some strange looks I'll tell ya that much. 

But also my mark out moments were 3 things. One my bad luck;curse; whatever you want to call it ended,the Wyatt promo and just the crowd clapping along to Wyatt's theme, and of course Taker coming out after RAW went off the air. 

But I had fun. I completely lost my voice just for screaming when Taker came out. Just the greatest thing. I'll tell ya this. WWE made a lot of errors though. I mean showing the Miami Heat not once but twice,them advertising Taker on Main Event. We all thought Taker wasn't coming out since they advertised him locally, then WWE airing the "WWE Returns  to ____" video during the commercial. They aired the Houston video and the crowed booed big time. Again WWE the city you were in was SAN ANTONIO, NOT Houston. I even believe we chanted "Houston Sucks" for a few seconds. I love Houston but dammit WWE why did you do this?  Either way great night. I lost my voice, bad luck/curse whatever ended,Wyatt's plastic girlfriend comment. I think this was a very solid good RAW. 

Crowd loved AJ though..
I might add that AJ seemed very pissed off when she walked to the back. After the match ended and they were showing like a video or something everyone was already on their way to the back and AJ was still in the ring and it seems that she yelled or something to give the title to her and then she walked back with everyone just leaving as well but she was alone. I found it very strange for that to have happened. I mean I wonder what was going on or what. Did she not like the performance? Is she getting tired of WWE's bullsh*t? I still wonder. But either way I thought I should just mention that...

 But for those wondering WWE returns to Houston in July. Thanks for rubbing in the fact we ain't seeing ya for a while WWE. 

 You could tell the crowd was eating up this feud. We were chanting for Cena but we were just loving Bray. I got to say can Bray's line about the plastic girlfriend be line of the year? Either way I do know this match on Sunday will be a great one and one that hopefully lives up to the hype..

It's Faaaaahhhhnnn Daaaaannn GoOoOoOoO. If you don't know I just love Fandango. I'ved liked Fandango when he was Johnny Curtis then Weird Curtis to now Fandango. I think he's great and if he had another gimmick maybe he could win a world title but if he stays with this gimmick I can only seem him as IC or US. But either way give this man a god damn title shot..

Well I think this is the end for now of this blog. I had a lot of topics I wanted to go through but I decided very last minute to include the Mania predictions and clearly that took a lot of space and well probably your patience. So now I shall finish trying to prepare for this trip I'm taking next week. Wish me luck. But either way when this is posted on again I'll tell ya that it will be great with tons of things on there.

Why the hell is Eva in the title match please someone? Anyone?

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