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Survivor Series Thoughts! Meeting HBK! TLC Thoughts/Predictions! RAW Thoughts! Wrestlemania!

Well hello again! Long time no see. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving/Hanukkah. Well we have a lot of things to discuss. Since well I got lazy/forgetful and well like I said forgetful so there wasn't a post thingy on Survivor Series so you might see some of that tonight. Then also this past Monday night's RAW and much much more!

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Survivor Series Thoughts
It was terrible.

Does that answer any questions? Ok moving on.. 

No but seriously it was gah. Only match that stood out was only one at that was the Traditional Survivor Series Match. (Didn't get to see Bryan and Punk vs Wyatts due to well problemos) It seems for the past 3 years Survivor Series has just not been the best. (My opinion of course) Also just going to say I enjoyed the Divas 7 on 7. There! I admit it! Sunday should be fun live tweeting the match that we have seen to damn much..Cena vs Orton. I have plans that as soon as the main event starts I'm changing the channel and watch Total Divas..because that's what I do! (Mark Henry pun intended) It all depends on if I go somewhere to watch the PPV. I think if I do I'll leave when the match comes on.. Either way Survivor Series was terrible. 

My Rating On The Show Itself : 4/10 (Bret Hart Pun Intended) 

TLC Thought's and Predictions! 
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Well I'm glad then again I'm not that I didn't get tickets to this. (I made it up! I bought tickets to Smackdown) I know Mr.Heavy D will be in attendance. He's bragging a bit. Anyways. TLC could be a better PPV than the last what 3 we have witnessed sadly? I mean yeah we get to see sadly Orton vs Cena again but we have Nattie vs AJ (which one I hope is good and two AJ retains :P),Faaahhhn Daaaaan GoOoOoOo vs Mr.Ziggles. So we have a okay card. Also as I was looking over my Twitter feed just right now Cena was seen without the Championship during the Tribute To The Troops Taping so does that show the possible outcome on Sunday? Also I might add AJ was with the Championship from what I hear (then also she had it with her) so again does this bring the possible outcome? We just have to wait and see! So follow me on Twitter for probably a hilarious live tweeting. Also let's hope to god I don't get in Twitter Jail! 

Quick Predictions : 
AJ Retains
Bryan? I'm not too sure but I'm going with Bryan dammit! 
Orton (because god if Cena wins..) 
Cody & Goldie 

RAW Thoughts
So I am just going to go ahead and say it but RAW was not really good. It was average. Because I mean one some of the winners of the Slammy's clearly didn't deserve it (Bellas,Steph(maybe),Big Show,Cena & Rock). But what can we do? I mean Twitter and some of Facebook was beyond pissed off Bellas won 'Diva Of The Year', hell even the crowd was booing Bellas. WWE even had to edit out the reaction. Then with WWE putting up a poll asking "Who got the biggest snub at the Slammy's" and AJ still is in the lead. But moving on, lets talk about how Bryan won 'Superstar Of The Year' and Vince doesn't believe Bryan as an attraction. Boy Vince you sure dropped the ball on this one didn't ya! Either way Cena vs Rock winning 'Match Of The Year' really wasn't icing on the cake with Twitter and Facebook. Hell I even believe that match didn't deserved it. But to me the ending of RAW saved the show. The teases of Punk vs Hunter, and then people wishing HBK wasn't in retirement so we could see Bryan vs HBK. That was an awesome ending. Hunter pulling off Punk,Punk knocking him down with one punch,Shawn giving a SCM to Punk and Bryan giving HBK the Busaiku Knee and then with Randy being shoved into Stephanie. Hunter pissed off and gives Orton a Pedigree then with that tease making us wonder. Is Cena going to join the authority? Personally I don't know. But it made people talk. That was their final sell on TLC. Also the best part was the crowd chanting for Bryan and just stopping the segment for what 2 minutes?! But I'll give this Cena did a good promo. Also Cena doesn't seem to remember Bryan vs Punk.. 

AJ Styles Leaving TNA 
This news shocked the hell outta me. I never thought I'd hear that Styles was leaving. This really doesn't help TNA at all. Besides Hogan,Sting and Hardy, Styles was "the guy" (in my opinion) I guess you can say. With Hogan leaving people thought TNA was going to be good again. And that hasn't really happened. Of course there are some good shows but I haven't really heard many people say TNA has been great. Either way it makes me wonder just how much longer will TNA stay afloat.. 

But still now the question that is going through everyone's mind is, where does Styles go from here? ROH?Japan?Indies?WWE? Where does him leaving TNA take him? 

Meeting HBK!

Now this was just an absolute dream come true to any wrestling fan really. Meeting him was just amazing. 

Short Story : 
I found out like in September he was going to be doing a signing at an Auto Show in Houston (which is about 2-4 hours from where I live) and I was really thinking of going (which I did) and it was amazing. Had to wake up early but I didn't care because this was Shawn Michaels! So when I got there it was just a plain..long line. He had just started signing (started signing at 11 and I got in and everything about 11:15-11:30) and I was just hoping that I would be able to meet him. And 2 hours later I met him. I was like "Oh my god Shawn Michaels is in front of me". Didn't say much but got the autograph shook his hand and left. It really hasn't sinked in yet that I met him. Nice guy though. Probably would've had more of an experience meeting him. But either way he was a nice guy. :P 

AJ Went "Crazy" Backstage 

To be perfectly honest I never intended this to be in this blog thingy today. But since I've taken my time (Right now its Sunday as I type this part) typing this topic  up. I thought I might as well talk about the situation. If you haven't heard AJ went into her crazy character and got jealous of NBC Personality Michelle Beadle talking to her boyfriend (it's still rumored to everyone but that's what's being said) CM Punk and she went into her character (like I said) and Michelle herself thought it was a joke. The incident happened in front of officials (from what I heard) and she might be punished. Punk himself is upset at how WWE Officials are handling it. So this is a situation that might make AJ lose her title or just something. To me I think even if I don't think anyone want's it to happen is for AJ to lose her belt. Not tonight since AJ from what the pictures showed was with the Championship. So what if WWE let's her retain then when she is let's say a week or a few days before being the longest reigning champion and make her lose it? If WWE is going to punish her I think that and apologizing to Ms.Beadle could also be apart of it. I really don't want AJ to lose it but I think that should be a reasonable punishment. I wake up and I hear about this incident with a simple post just basically saying that due to the AJ incident they think she'll lose it tonight and such. So I look around and heard about the incident. It makes WWE look abit bad. But I mean people get jealous! Yeah she may have overreacted just a bit from what it sounds like but come on, she got jealous! 

 Also to be fair she is one of WWE's best divas so in the end she did screw up right there. I'll admit that. But again, she got jealous! :P

Wrestlemania News 

For one I was shocked yet not so much to hear that California is going to have Wrestlemania 31. I thought that was great! But the news coming out that Wrestlemania 32 is reportedly in Dallas from NBC Bay Area said. That to me is a must go if it's true. I'm just hear seeing people (not literally) talking about WM 31 being in California and how they plan on going, while I'm just here waiting to hear about WM 32 being in Dallas. I'm like that's cool. Either way Dallas to me is a must go. One it's about 4 hours from me two it could be the most attended Mania! Football alone can hold 100,000 people! Just imagine Wrestlemania! To me that is a must for me. I don't know about you guys but if WM 32 is indeed in Dallas you can count me in! Sucks I have to wait a few years but dammit this is Dallas! 

Well I think that just about covers it for this blog. Expect another one (if don't get lazy) around Christmas - New Years. But yeah I really took my time (like a week) and I hope you guys liked it. I don't think this is the exact best but I think it's good enough for you guys to read. So tonight during TLC expect some live tweeting going on! Also when the main event starts it's time to switch gears and live tweet the Total Divas Season Finale! You got Bryan proposing to Brie which alone to me is a must watch. I also might to double live tweeting. Which is live tweet TLC and live tweet Total Divas. Which could land me in twitter jail. Either way! Or if I go somewhere to watch it instead of ordering it  no Total Divas most likely.

Also one thing.. Smackdown here I come! *waits until Wednesday*

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Bryan Getting Blamed?! First Movie Review! Meeting Devon! Hero Released! Part II

Aaaaaaand we're back with Part II of the blog thingy! Yaaa-no. We're going to be talking about some topics! We're also going to try and do a spoiler free movie review which I really think is impossible. We're just also going to do some great moments in 2013. I know, I know, the year is not over but gah there was so many great moments this year I had to. There will be a continuation of the great moments this year in December/January edition of the blog thingy but anyways lets go!

First Movie Review: Thor : The Black World (Spoiler Free) 
Credit: oneoftwo on deviantART
I got to say when I watched Thor on Friday I had some high hopes for the movie. And that's exactly what happened. I had high hopes and it was amazing. Just great. And let's just say this, you MAY have to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tuesday. I've watched it and its great. But anyways I really do recommend seeing it. You really get an amazing movie. Get a great ending.  

But in the end (like I said spoiler free so nothing really) go check it out so I don't have to ruin the movie for you! But here is a tip! STAY until the the credits are over. There are 2 scenes during the credits.There is one scene around midpoint and there is around the end of the credits also btw after the second scene with a little message about Thor.. ;)

Bryan Taking Heat For Low PPV Buyrate?
When I heard that there is reportedly blame (not technically heat) for the Summer Slam low buyrate I thought that was just plain stupid. I think its just plain a** BS. But if its indeed true I can just say this, it's stupid. Why is he being blamed? It makes no sense as to why he is being blamed. He is the most over superstar right now but yet now he's back into in the words of everyone.. he's back in the midcard. He along with CM Punk are in this feud with Wyatt's. I see this as helping Wyatt's with them feuding with Bryan and Punk but I still really think makes zero sense as to why he's taking the wrap for the low buyrate.

Survivor Series Championship Matches
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I'm just going out of line to say that right now Survivor Series is looking plain terrible. I was looking forward to Survivor Series and now I'm just could care less for the PPV. So far we have Cena vs ADR (just asking when is Cena going to get his WWE Championship match? I'm going to guess he's going to wait as long as Rock for his rematch.) and that's just going to be terrible and we have Big Show vs Orton for the WWE Championship. I have never been so bored with this Corporation storyline. Its just the same thing every week now it's not even funny. We get to see RAW every Monday night end with Orton,Hunter and or Steph talking down the roster or Big Show. I am just frustrated with how very repetitive this storyline has been. And you can agree or disagree or hate me for saying it but that's my opinion. Also I know Destri (Level5) would be proud..

Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) Being Released 
It was quiet a shock for me when I heard the rumor then all of the pieces started coming together basically confirming the news. First with Hero being announced to face Hurricane at an event I believe in 5 days then also being announced to face Adam Cole for the PWG title in December,then also him changing his twitter handle to @thechrishero. He also changed his description, he no longer lists himself as NXT talent. He is also accepting bookings. So it all adds up to him being released. When news came out that it was indeed confirmed I saw nothing but upset tweets and posts on Facebook about his release. I also did see some "who cares" posts/tweets and also some hating tweets saying he deserved to get released. But it did came as a shock to me. I'm disappointed he got released but hey the indies need a Hero. ;)

WWE Focusing On "Bigger" Guys? 
I've heard that WWE is focusing on those six foot tall guys nowadays and such. And it really does worry me that we won't be focusing on the guys like Bryan for example. He will be focused on but not as much as guys currently like Big Show or Orton. I really don't see why they're doing it because there are also a lot of talents that aren't six foot tall guys for example like Tyson Kidd and Bryan. Both great and talented in the ring and with WWE reportedly focusing on "bigger" guys it really doesn't look that great..

Meeting Devon!
It was really awesome to see Devon smile at the photo.
That really made the day (along with meeting him of course). 
This is a picture I took in kinda without him noticing which is why he looks like that but hey everyone else was doing the same thing! 
Now it was only for maybe 5-8 minutes but I will say that Devon is one of the nicest people (not that anyone I met was rude of anything) I've met. He was charging per autograph and photo (which kinda sucked due to me wanting to get 2 things signed but clearly that didn't work out.). But anyways I got a signed photo from him and got him to sign my WWE Encyclopedia, and just looking as he signed the book he was remember the times in WWE. He smiled at the photo that was with him and Bully. It was just amazing. Really the nicest guy you can meet. I know its not alot to really say how it was meeting him but nicest guy you could probably meet. He also dropped a little promo on Dixie and TNA (which I did record but I really don't know who to upload video so, sorry about that). But he did say he is NOT retiring but he's never going back to TNA and that he's coming...HOME.

Some Great Moments That Happened This Year (Part I)  My Opinion
Reason for this is to start this a month or two early due to it one being November two it will make it a special two part topic! So lets start shall we?

AJ's Pipebombshell 
Now boy was this a promo? This was just amazing. I still remember my reaction when that promo was over. I was literally giving her a round of applause. That was just amazing. I really can't describe it in any other words. But really I will admit that had to be one of the best promos by a diva in a looong time. (There might be something I missed/can't remember but until then I will say best promo by a diva in a long time.) But she was asked about the promo she said that Natalya,Cameron,Naomi,Bellas,Eva and JoJo had no idea what she was going to say. So right there were their actual reactions. Also I will point out that no one else knew what she was going to say. She is open that she was asked and turned it down to be apart of the show and she said that Vince was the one that basically said "Here tell us why you didn't want to be apart of the show" is basically how she described it. But anyways that promo was great and now I wonder when Slammy's come around will the "Kiss Of The Year" be replaced by "Pipebomb(shell) Of The Year?

 See AJ's Pipebombshell!

Daniel Bryan Winning The WWE Championship
Did you see/hear the reaction when Bryan won? Where I was seeing Summer Slam the crowd went NUTS when Bryan won. I can just imagine your reaction when he won. It was just an amazing moment that was ruined (is how some would describe it) when Orton cashed in after Hunter gave Bryan a pedigree. Even if it was for maybe 2-4 minutes Bryan was champion (and also 24 hours ) as champion that was an amazing moment and its going to be one that will be remembered..

Fandango Debuts 
Well I did explain this as my opinion. And this was an awesome moment. Fandango winning his first debut match at Wrestlemania and defeated a future Hall Of Famer? Now that's a great debut. Right now he probably would've been Intercontinental Champion if it wasn't for a concussion.(Amazing how one injury can just mess up plans?) Right now as Axel has been proving to not be a successful "Paul Heyman Guy" just imagine if Fandango didn't get a concussion and won the IC title? But anyways Fandango debut set of a phenomenal craze otherwise known as Fandangoing. (It's still happening believe it or not).

Watch Faaaannnn Daaaaaannn GoOoOoOo Make His Wrestlemania debut! (sorry for the bad quality)

Bully Ray Is Revealed To Be The President Of Aces & Eights
A photo from Lockdown that I took
Now,now,now you thought I wouldn't mention TNA? Well then here is a shocker! Yeah me mentioning TNA and also naming a controversial moment this year from TNA. And that was when Bully Ray was revealed to be all behind Aces & Eights. It really didn't shock me at all. It was basically the only logical option in my book. And the reaction of that crowd man. Wow it was loud! I remember just the crowd throwing trash into the ring and boy I've never seen that happen in a long time. Also to the person who threw their light toy that cost 15 bucks! But in the end who would've thought that the most heated moment would end up being the worst decision to happen? Now Aces & Eights is basically over (there going NWO from what I hear). It just got so stale,repetitive it wasn't even the same anymore.

Why The Weird Posts On My Admin Page? 
You may have wondered with the weird posts going on and I can assure you I WAS NOT HACKED. I can promise you that..

Now we say au revoir! Part II is now finished! Only took me a looong time like maybe umm about 20 hours? To complete it! Anyways thanks everyone for reading! Really hoped you liked it! NOW TIME FOR MONDAY...NIGHT...RAW "live" from Manchester, England! Yeah I just plugged RAW.

Also watch Total Divas every Sunday Night (except on PPV nights then thats when you record it!) on E!
Get your Wrestlemania 30 tickets THIS SATURDAY at 11am EST!

Ok,ok enough plugging..

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Hell In A Cell Thoughts! Shawn Turning! TNA Up For GRABS! Hogan Returning? Part I

Well,well,well,well, hello again.We have a quiet of list of things to discuss in the world of wrestling today! We have topics like Hogan possibly returning brother! and TNA up for grabs,Shawn Turning and so much more! On my list here we have about 8 topics to talk about! Might do one or two surprise ones that aren't on the list but we have about 8 topics to talk about! So lets get started! BUT before we start its time for the weekly (you know what I mean :P ) edition of mention someone! Yay! Yeah so anyways we're mentioning 2 people this time! You know them (well one I've mentioned once or twice..*cough* more like several *cough*) as The Crow and Level 5! Good friends of mine but still can't trust..100% (joking.. :p I am trust me) and yeah. They're great admins! *links to their admin pages at the end*

Hell In A Cell Thoughts
Photo Credit: AbdullahDesigns On deviantART
Well here is an easy way of saying it. First hour was great but the second hour was well dragging but then it picked back up at the third hour. So that's an easy way of describing it. The second hour was very hard to sit through. Yeah there was some cool moments like Summer Rae debuting and the Cesaro swing. But that's really just about it for the second hour. And I got to say MATCH of the night for me has to go to Cody and Goldust vs Usos vs Shield. Amazing opening match. I really think after all the hype it was ok. I expected a tad more but the second hour just was plain utterly terrible. Not really going to do a Pros & Cons this time due to me having so much topics. So but yeah Hell In A Cell was decent but I recommend skipping hour 2.

Shawn Michaels Turning Heel
Now to be completely honest, I didn't expect Shawn to turn. And I really don't think he is still even how he left things. And to be honest Shawn was ( I say 'was' due to him being retired) an A+ player. I really don't see HBK the heel role in the feud. I mean if you were to look at the ending you can clearly see how broken up he was about it. Yeah he was well..alittle rough on Bryan the next night. But still I really don't see Shawn as a heel. Plus I can just bet when Shawn comes back he's going to be cheered and everything with Bryan will be all forgotten..

Bryan Out Of The Title Picture
Photo Credit: DarkVoidPictures on deviantART
Well to be honest I can bet tons of people are pissed about this. I'm upset too but I can see why. It continues on the "Authority" storyline. Yeah the storyline right now is getting some..and by some I mean A LOT of hate. I can see why because we've have had the same ending and the same story being shown every week and there is nothing really making it to be exciting or a chance to see it end (which it won't due to it being a Wrestlemania Storyline). We all thought Bryan could have maybe put a pause at the storyline but clearly that didn't work and he's now in a storyline with Punk and Wyatt's. So now Big Show  is now getting a big reaction/pop (for god knows when the last time it happened). So could he be the one that can stop The Authority? Probably...probably not. The one person who could stop them is Vince. But anyways we're talking 'bout Bryan! Not Authority...yet. But Bryan is up there and (dare I say it) could be the next Cena except he won't (hopefully) get on our nerves and annoy the hell out of us. But either way Bryan out of the title hunt is good but I can bet when HIS time comes it will be the moment that everyone will talk about.

Cesaro Turning? 
Photo Credit: kapaeme on deviantART
There have been rumors that WWE has planned Cesaro turning thus ending the team of the Real Americans. And it seems that it could be soon because the rumored turn was to happen after the feud with Los Matadores which seems to be over. So could it be that soon we will see the end of the Real Americans? To be honest I have no idea if it that's in the books still but if it is Survivor Series seems the perfect place for Cesaro to turn. Have you noticed that mostly Swagger is the one getting pinned? It would make sense for Cesaro to be fed up at how they keep losing and lets say that since it seems Real American's could have a title shot at the PPV, lets say Swagger gets pinned and Cesaro gets fed up and starts the feud between Swagger and Cesaro. Cesaro or Real Americans themselves would have to turn due to the fact of the Cesaro Swing. And due to Cody and Goldie being over alot it wouldn't make sense for them to turn so Cesaro turning seems to be the only I guess you can say logical(?) option in my books. Because a heel team can't keep getting people to say "We The People" and big pop for them and when Cesaro swings his or their opponent.

Photo Credit: Mr-iGFX on deviantART
Boy Christian's concussion must've been bad if they haven't mentioned or given up any sort of update. I mean this must be a bad concussion. Ok, ok, I'm not joking on the no update on him (sorry if I offended anyone with the two first sentences). I mean it's been what 2 months? Since we've last seen him? I'm just wondering what's going on and where is he? Also I'm still on support for the #OneMoreMatch. So Cena I beg of you to give Christian a chance when this feud with ADR is over? (which I hope is soon).

Damien Sandow Cashing In And Failing
Photo Credit: DarkVoidPictures on deviantART
Well I'm upset. I see that it showed Sandow well but to be honest would've been better if Sandow won to be honest which I think almost everyone would agree. I was very excited when Sandow cashed in but nervous that WWE would make his cash in and lose which in the end happened...sadly. I was upset that Super Cena couldn't just lose. I understand he just won it but it's happened before! *cough* Big Show *cough* So I'm upset dammit!

Photo Credit:
Well I figured we would see this day coming soon enough (incoming hardcore TNA fans). And if I get hate for it so be it. I'm very surprised it didn't happen earlier. But I still had some hope but gah that hope is loooong gone. I've seen how bad attendance is and man that is just plain terrible. I feel bad for them but kinda hope they can pass through this but right now and so far it doesn't look like it. They're barely standing. If any TNA fans (who happen to be WWE haters) you can't DENY they are having very very bad times and money troubles. You can't deny it. Attendance also proves that as well. I'm no TNA or WWE hater (no matter how much they can piss me off :P ) either way it seems (even if TNA wants to deny it) they're in trouble. Also btw during like the last hour or half an hour someone or someones was messing with the TNA Wikipedia page by changing the "Owner of TNA". The names were Billy Corgan,Katie Vick,Owen Hart,Nancy and Chris Benoit,David Arquette among others.

Is Hulkamania Returning To The WWE or TNA Brother?! 
Photo Credit: DarkVoidPictures on deviantART
Well Hulkamania ain't going to be runnin wild in Because it seems TNA and Hogan are done. But reports are coming out that WWE and Hogan are talking about a return. So it seems soon we could see Hulkamania back home in the WWE! (waits for incoming hate about Hogan) Look I'm going to be completely I'm a Hogan fan and actually respect him. THERE! I said it! Anyways yes Hogan returning to the WWE is coming.. brother. So don't be surprised to see him at anytime on RAW,SD,PPV. Well wait RAW or PPV since I mean come on when has someone returned to Smackdown after a while? (you know what I mean. :P ). But yeah so remember everyone. HULKAMANIA is possibly coming back to WWE. *waits for hate*

So yeah brother! That's it! This is just Part ONE! Of the double special thingy! Next blog thiny should be up very..very soon. So enjoy this for a few days as I try and think of topics. ALSO we're going to do something or try somethign at least. I want to try and do a small Q&A on here. You can just tweet me (@RealHBKG)  and or message me on my admin page your questions. If I get enough (which I hope) I'll answer a few! So that could be coming up. But if I don't get enough questions I probably won't even have the Q&A. But anways. Ask away! I hope you guys enjoyed this. It took me from Monday to Wednesday just to type all this so really hope you guys liked it. :) Also thought I say good luck to anyone going to by Mania tickets (which go on sale in 10 days)! AND also don't forget to watch the return of Total Divas on E! this Saturday right after the Kardashians. So yeah I plugged Total Divas and Mania Ticket sale. Don't

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Bunch Of Topics: HIAC,Bella Rumor,Orton/Bryan Feud Becoming Personal! PLUS MUCH MORE!!

Well hello again! Well I hope you all are enjoying this little blog here. I have fun typing even if Mr.Dylan here sometimes SOMETIMES is so excited for it he tells me to hurry up. (There again Dylan. I'm letting people know who you are!) Yeah he's known as The Crow. Eh Ok guy/admin. But hey go like his admin page. ;) (link at the end of this) So let's get on to something important and that's fun! No no no but seriously he is a great admin. Joking! I don't have any "beef" with anyone like Christoff or anything. I still get that actually.. :P

Hell In A Cell
I'm actually excited for this PPV. And it's only 8 days away! This is a good card actually even if it has Cena involved.. (let someone else get a title shot please Cena!)  But they aren't advertising any other matches except what 2 matches? And like I said there is 8 days. I haven't heard any other matches besides the WWE and World title so WWE come on make other matches. Please just hurry up with the card. But from what I've heard this PPV isn't even selling out which is a shame. But if you're in the Miami or Florida area and a wrestling fan and think you can go well go! I'm not saying you should go but if you can go ahead since I heard its not in the 'selling out' pace. Bu- wait did I just plug WWE?

Brie Bella Rumor
 Photo Credit: WWE's Instagram
Well if this rumor is true I wouldn't be surprised if WWE was puzzled. If you haven't heard the rumor says that WWE are confused on why Brie isn't getting a big reaction or the sympathy while AJ is
getting a 'pop' so like I said I can see WWE wondering and scratching their heads but I don't think its true (but if it is..well then) since I mean if WWE was puzzled Brie probably wouldn't be in the title scene still so. But if it is well like Mr.Arrow Heart  said a way to maybe get her over is that she comes to the ring and chants Yes! and that isn't a bad idea. It would help he get over maybe. But still I thought I put my two cents into this rumor. Also WWE if you're wondering why AJ is getting a 'pop' (if it's true) well everyone well ALMOST everyone likes her.

The Shield Losing Momentum? 
Ok the reason why I am talking about Shield is well on everywhere (except die hard Shield fans well even some die hard Shield fans but I hope you understand what I mean) was happy Shield lost the tag team gold. I mean Shield are losing momentum. They're hated yeah but I mean they're not as fresh as champs right now. I mean I was glad when Shield won but now I will admit they are a big stale. But what comes after this guessing Ambrose loses the US Championship? Do they stay together? Or they go their separate ways? We don't know but time will tell.

Shawn Michaels Guest Ref. in Bryan/Orton HIAC Match
Photo Credit: SameerDesigns On DeviantArt
 I for one was excited when Shawn was made the guest ref. He has history with both of them and I think it's also going to be interesting if HBK will help out his 'best friend' Triple H. And I do expect something to happen between these two if HBK was to play fair and Bryan wins. I do expect a confrontation and I can't wait. But I do expect something to happen since WWE has been going to great lengths to keep (well I hope for TV and not behind the scenes) Hunter and HBK apart. Since they know it's anticipated and going to be huge when they are face to face. I do think something between them COULD happen on Monday but we have to wait and see.

Goldust Returning To WWE 
I got to admit I was excited when Goldie and Cody won at Battleground. I was excited since now Goldust was back in the WWE. And now with Goldie's contract rumored to be up until Wrestlemania. I think this could be the time we get Cody vs Goldie. Brother vs Brother. The match a good portion of the world wants to see. And with them now Tag Team Champs? It's better to start the feud there. And if anything this could be a great Goldust return. Goldust has shocked many that he still has it. But when I saw him last November I don't think he ever lost it. I'm loving how Goldie is now full character mode in a segment/interview and in the ring. Amazing. This is the year of The Rhodes Brothers and I guarantee that next year one of the topics talked about is the Rhodes Brothers..

Brie Involved In The Bryan/Orton Feud
I got to admit I think I'm the only one liking her in this feud. I've seen alot of people post/tweet how they don't think Brie is needed. But see I beg to differ. Her being engaged to Bryan who is in a feud with this Orton who is now back to dangerous and ruthless and cold and well wants to 'date' him. It adds a great personal feud since Triple H is now losing his cool with Big Show and everything. And with Steph now in Hunter's place in this feud I think it's perfect for Brie involved in this feud. And who's to say Brie could be turnin- I'm kidding even though that would be interesting she is feud with AJ so it really wouldn't make sense. But still I'm liking Brie involved in this feud.

John Cena Returning. Woo Freaking Hoo!
Photo Credit: WWE
Well as you can tell by the title I'm not really happy for Cena to be returning. When Vickie made the announcement I think I might've again scared  my neighbors but they got back at me for screaming for no reason. But that's not important. I for one still mad since I mean come on why does Cena get a World Title shot? Yeah I understand because of ratings but I mean they could've just made it a surprise when he returned. But either way we're getting another Cena World Title reign. It's better that ADR as champ. But I kinda hope and pray Sandow cashes it. Because I mean JUST imagine the heat Sandow would get? But WWE of course then turns Sandow. So thanks for that. But still Cena returning this quickly does worry me abit since he pushes himself to the point that as long as he's cleared even if he's not exactly 100% he returns and that could catch up with him. But still I GUESS Welcome Back Cena.. -_-

Well I'm done for now! I really hoped you liked today's little blog. I had fun actually. Really really hoped you enjoyed it! Ok now I'm babbling. But I did believe I covered all the topics I had planned I think *checks list of topics* Ok we're good. But thanks for reading! And there Dylan. Another finished blog thing.

Go like Dylan's admin page! He's a *lies through teeth* great admin! I'm joking ok! :P


Monday, October 7, 2013

Battleground Thoughts (Pros & Cons) and Meeting Mick Foley!

Well hello again! It's time for ANOTHER blog? Or post? Whatever again that's not important. I'm here to talk about some topics about Battleground and just some topics today. So let's begin shall we?

Battleground Thoughts *Pros & Cons List In The End* 
I'm actually going to say this PPV was decent. But we all KNEW it was going to be a filler. In the end it basically was just another "RAW" we payed 40-60 bucks. I'm not going to bad mouth the PPV saying "It was terrible!" "I'm never going to order/watch WWE AGAIN" yada yada all that stuff. I'm just flat out saying it was decent. Don't bad mouth a PPV just BECAUSE of the ending. I'll admit the ending did get me mad to the point I scared my neighbors.. (Sorry neighbors I'm going to make some oatmeal cookies...going to go get them out of the store *cough* oven I mean) but I actually was like "Big Show stay out of the ring" mode. I literally was like screaming. I guess that also happens when you watch wrestling right after watching a soap ope-. Moving on, but it was a good PPV for me. Also the Divas Match wasn't as bad as everyone said. I liked it. It did get me with those 2 counts. And the WHC I wasn't really interested in since again the World Title really means nothing sadly all thanks to Alberto. I'm not a hater on ADR but not a fan of him I do believe he is great in the ring but he just injured too many people this year alone. So I'm not really a fan of his but not a hater to the point I bash everything on him and believe it or not that's coming from me (since WWE is going with ADR trying to make him the hero for people who are hispanic. Which I am so its coming from me that's why it might be a shock :P Wait that doesn't matter so just completely ignore this ). But moment of the night for ME would have to be Goldie (see ya in November hopefully!) and Cody vs Shield. Excellent match. Bravo. So for ME the ones that stole the show were the Rhodes Family, AJ,Ziggler (he made the best out of being in the preshow) and there is probably Bryan and Orton and Cesaro aswell. But yeah..

Cesaro Swing! That's all that needs to be said!
Photo Credit: WWE

AJ Retaining, I was very worried that WWE was going to give the Championship to Brie. No offence to them but I think we need someone new and to me that would be like one of the NXT divas. But I just think we need someone new. I'm glad AJ is still champ but she shouldn't drop it to 'Total Divas' but that's just me.

Photo Credit: WWE
The Inconclusive Ending,
I know 'big shock' that this was a pro and NOT in the cons. I've admitted I was mad but I KNEW they would do something to make the feud last until Hell In A Cell. And that's just EXACTLY what they did. I mean yeah some *cough* a lot *cough* are pissed off because of the ending and WWE is probably losing money due to the refunds. But I mean THAT is what they wanted to do and NOT want to do. They wanted the EXCITEMENT, they wanted us mad at the finish but they didn't (and never) want refunds. So in the end it was good but it came at a price. 
Photo Credit: WWE

Credit: Chris Jericho Invented This Page (on Facebook)
Wyatt Family Looking Strong, Yeah it was a not the best opponent but still Bray proved why they should not be messed with.
Photo Credit: WWE
Rhodes Family Standing Strong and Back With Their Jobs, Ok I promise this is the last pro. And start with the con list. But I mean their match was awesome even if it was for like what 15 minutes? Amazing. I figured Rhodes Family would win but I still didn't know HOW they would win. And they didn't fail to live up the hype. Just amazing match. Bravo and see ya in November Goldie hopefully! 
Photo Credit: WWE 

WWE Loses PPV Feed, That pissed off everyone in the world. The world went crazy saying they can't see the PPV and everything. My twitter and facebook went crazy when the feed cut out. And bunch of people probably have/are calling for a refund as I type this and as you're reading this. 

The Inconclusive Ending, Ahh you thought I wasn't going to mention this didn't you ;). Hehe well like I said earlier it was good but came at a price. I'm not going to really say WHY I put this in the Cons list since I basically said why on the Pros list. But it did come at a price and is probably costing WWE money because of the refunds. And everyone is still talking how upset they are.

No Cash In. (No more photos right now) I mean it was hyped which then we all knew Sandow wasn't going to cash in but to be honest it would've made it an exciting moment. 

Meeting Mick Foley 
Ok so after that Looooooong discussion on Battleground we have now moved on to our next topic (won't be as long I promise) I got to admit if Foley is going to do a show near you, GO to it. I had a great time even if I had to drive 2 hours. But it was fun. Just amazing. He was hilarious just plain amazing. And of course he was so excited to have been Corpus Christi (see what I did there ;) ) He was just plain amazing. And then also to have Mr. Terry Funk there was awesome. I even walked next to him on the street and I didn't even know. He had his hat like covering up his eyes and face so I couldn't tell. But it was awesome. Shame I didn't get to meet him but still was awesome. He also was hilarious during the Q&A. He kept taking the mic from Mick. :P 

He is just amazing to meet. It was just plain awesome to meet him. I really recommend going to his show. 

Ok so I had more topics but I didn't want this to be too long but I did fail so I'm just going to leave it here. But I hope you guys enjoyed it! I will be live tweeting tonight during RAW so go follow me on twitter @RealHBKG and might post some things on WTM. Not sure but I will be live tweeting. ;) 

There Dylan. Did you like that? 


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Update? I Really Don't Know What to Call This...

Well hello again, long time no see. Wait can you count maybe 2 weeks a long time? Umm...That's not important. Anyways hello! This is an update on everything such as the I guess big news I announced.

The Big News
It's huge news I guess but to me I just see it as something I announced. But if you didn't see it. I'm no longer running WNQ. Thundercat runs it now, I'm like Triple H. I'm in the ring but not alot. I've taken a more behind the scenes thing. So I'm still Owner,Co Creator (There is actually someone that helped me create page! Can't you believe that? :P ). I'm just taking a more behind the scenes job. But I'm only taking this break for a bit. I always thought that some of the bests posts were when I was an admin. Not an Owner posting because it has to be. I'm looking back as I'm running errands and just living life and seeing WNQ the most active I've seen it in a loooooooong time.I'm happy its now back to where its at. It's gaining attention and getting more people interested. And remember its the Quality of the posts not the quantity. That's how view WNQ now. It's the most active I've seen it and I'm glad. But you never know when I'll come back ;). Hehe..

Wrestlemania 30 Update?
Well still nothing. I'm not even 10% sure I'm even going to Mania and I'm very very sad that I'm not since its the 30th anniversary. I loved Wrestlemania 20. It is one of my favorite Mania's. You had matches like Eddie vs Kurt,Taker vs Kane,Christian vs Jericho, Triple H vs HBK (See what I did there ;) ). It had amazing matches. I really hope WWE can have a good card. I know it will never be AS good as Mania 20 but just hearing the rumors of Taker's next Mania opponent I'm glad I'm not going. :p Because if Ryback or Lesnar was to break the streak I would literally walk out of the Superdome. I would spend like maybe hell a thousand bucks for a the streak ending :p. NO thank you :P. But anyways I would still go if I could but this year...doesn't look like it.

Meeting Anyone Update 
I'm actually planning on meeting people. I meet people everyday. Random strangers who I hold the door for them. No no but seriously I'm not sure who I'm meeting anytime soon. Mick is going to be a couple hours from me then Goldust is doing another meet and greet thing here in November but really nothing. I hope to meet Goldie again if I can and same goes for Mick. I hope to meet him on Friday. I'm not sure after that. But I do meet people everyday. ;)

Well I think that covers the short list of topics I had. This is just another update not really anything special but still hoped you enjoyed it. :)

There Dylan. Was that good? This is your ONLY mention..


Friday, September 13, 2013

Night Of Champions,AJ Losing The Divas Title,Edge's RAW Return,Goldust vs Orton and MANY MORE Topics!

Well hello again! Today we got a BUNCH of topics to talk about to the point I couldn't fit them all in the title! The title lists a FEW of the topics we have today and I'm here sicker than a dog and thought what a PERFECT time to write something. So lets go! :P

AJ Losing The Divas Championship
To be honest I just want to bet on AJ for NOC and lose. I know more or less AJ is going to lose the title on Sunday to Brie. Which to be honest I hope not. I have nothing against the Bellas at all. It's just that I believe a feud would be interesting with Natalya and AJ since their submission moves has gotten them victories. But I know not every title reign lasts forever. But that is just my opinion. Either way I'm going AJ retaining or Natalya winning even though I figure WWE is going to give the title to Brie.

Edge's RAW Return
I didn't know what to expect with Edge's return. I figured he would say something about this "Corporate Champion and Corporate" storyline. And got to admit Edge had some good ones. Enough to the point that this was needed.
It had to be done ladies and gents..

Goldust vs Orton
Wow what can I say about this match? It was an amazing match. I do think it should've been the main event in my opinion but they did need to have the regular Shield beating down Bryan so this was the third to last match. But either way it was an amazing match. Very sad it was a One Night Only return for Goldie though. I just really have no words for that match except Excellent match,all on the line was for this one match. 

Well I didn't see last week's TNA but this week I saw it and it was just amazing. There is difference between TNA and WWE. Don't understand why people hate on the company. Only reason I could see why they hate TNA is because their big big WWE fans/marks and just hate any other company. I for one love just plain wrestling itself. I can never get enough. And I always have a moment or a match that got me intrigued and just wanted to continue watching it and I'm sure you have that match/moment. ;) But they have made some bad decisions but you can admit that WWE does make some bad decisions. But for what it's worth don't hate TNA just because. Watch their show and tell me then if you still hate them.

I understand everyone does have opinions but I don't understand why some people hate TNA just for no reason or just the fact it's not WWE.

Christian's Future In The WWE 
Well I'm a big fan of Christian and absolutely can not understand why WWE can't give him the big one. He deserves it and WWE only give him 2 reigns, one that lasted 2 days (In TV Time its 5 days) and then another one for what a month and won it by DQ? I for one was excited when they gave Christian the big one and thought THIS is going to be a great reign and just can't wait to see what happens. Then Christian lost it within 2 days. And you can bet I was mad. I like Orton I'm a fan of his but did they REALLY have to give it to Christian? To me it was unfair but we have to move on and just remember the great feud they had. The great matches, the promos. Just everything. But now I look back and wonder what the hell happened. I understand this time is for newcomers in the spotlight (Move over Cena its Bryan's turn!). But we also need those veterans to be there and also be at the top or just at least close enough. And with Cena and Sheamus gone this is the PERFECT time for everyone to step up. I would love to see Christian win the IC or US championship. Just something since Axel well he's just there and Ambrose he's just (no offense I'm a big fan of him and The SHIELD) but he's also just there. Those two aren't going anywhere really anymore. I do believe Christian could get there but for now he's just stuck with a concussion,getting attacked by The SHIELD..

Night Of Champions
Well I really have no words for this PPV but all I can say is what happened? WWE you were on such a good roll with PPVs and then Nigh Of Champions came. This is probably going to be a terrible PPV. But I still have my hopes that it will prove me wrong. So lets cross our fingers.

AJ Styles 
Well I don't know really what to say about Styles but the only real question for him is "Will he resign with TNA?" And I've stated before that it would be great to see Styles come to the WWE but I just don't know about the travel for him. Then you got the pay cut,the name change,new gimmick. Just other factors. But I'm still wondering with his future with TNA in question..

Mr. Anderson (Kennedy)'s No Longer In TNA?
I did hear about Anderson's contract expiring and that they're working on getting a new contract but nothing as of late. Then now with his basically being written of TV. It doesn't look good for now. They can always resign him later on. Then some fans (like me) hope to see him in WWE. I know he'll probably never go back since of the rumors of Orton basically sending bad word to WWE and getting Kennedy fired and everything. But if Anderson was to come back I think it would be great but I think he might stay in TNA or just take a break for a bit. But until then his future is in question..

I got more topics but I don't want to make a very,very,very,very, long blog or anything so the topics I didn't get to talk about here will be in the next one... (if I remember the topics :P )
                                         Please enjoy random photos from
To be fair this is true. But glad they don't chant 'Husky Harris' anymore.

Hehe :P
 Well I guess this is it for now. But Sunday watch Twitter since some vine reactions will be coming your way! Just can't imagine the reaction for the matches so it should be fun.. :P 

Anyways goodnight/good morning/good afternoon to everyone that read this! I hope you enjoyed reading and everything and maybe some pictures from the Fozzy concert coming up? Or just a random blog next time so see ya! But do enjoy these completely random Mania pictures. (They are not mine) all credits for these to Mania photos to WWE. 


The UNDERTAKAHH! Ok..Ok I'll say it correctly.. The UNDERTAKERR!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

AJ Styles TNA/WWE Rumors, Generico & Cesaro, Who Needs A Push,Thoughts on AJ's "Pipe Bombshell"

Well hello again. Today or Tonight we have a bunch of topics and this is going to be a long read so brace yourselves. But before I get started since he has been bugging me.. Hi Dylan. There, there is your mention. No but seriously. Dylan is an admin you might've seen/heard of called "The Crow". He is bugging me to mention him. So go like his admin page (Link at the end of the blog or post whatever you call it). Moving on to something important.. :P

AJ Styles Leaving TNA
Well I've been reading any kind of update or any bit of news on this story since I know how big he is and important I guess you can say he is to and in TNA. To be honest I'm not entirely shocked on the money becoming an issue. Since TNA is in a slump which no one really knows if they can pass through. And to be honest I COULD see AJ leaving TNA for WWE. But then again I can see WWE putting Styles in NXT for a year or so before being brought up to the main roster then imagine the name they give him? Geesh, then the pay cut he would take? Nope. I can't see Styles going through that and also..There can only be ONE AJ. :P

Note: I'm not a that type of fan who bashes TNA. I do watch it time to time.

Generico & Cesaro NXT 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match 
I watched it as SOON as I saw the tweet from Hulu saying that the weeks NXT was added. I watched it like at 2am - 3am watching it and I literally skipped everything to see the match. And my god. That was awesome. I loved the finish. Just the very quick reversal into the neutralizer. Amazing. And my thoughts after watching it was.. "And Cesaro is still stuck in the question mark?!" There is really nothing else I can say except. WATCH the match if you haven't or just watch it again..

I used to watch NXT every week but for some reason I stopped watching it and I only watch it every so often. I don't watch it really that much anymore. But I'm trying to get back into it. Slowly but surely. :P

Who Needs A Push 
I can name a good amount of people. Here is a list which I will not explain why I believe they deserve a push since it would take too long and I'm too lazy to write it all. But I will name a few since I can't name EVERYONE who needs a push. :P

Alex Riley (What you're shocked this guy still has a job? :O )
Zack Ryder (I'm a big fan and saddens me to see a guy who I think is talented and not doing anything)
Tyson Kidd (When he returns)
Drew McIntyre (WWE just please cut the crap with this damn 3MB gimmick)
Natalya (Do I need to say anything?)
AJ (She really has nothing to do right now so why not a push or just something to lead her somewhere)
Ziggler (Same as AJ. Nothing to do)

There is my short list of people who need a push. Shall we move on? :P

AJ's "Pipe Bombshell
All I can say really is wow. She told the truth but Natalya nope. But the others she did. Like Bellas with that "I didn't get here because I was cute, or because I came from some famous wrestling family, or because I SUCKED... up to the right people." (Its the last line) but I got to admit what a great way to "own" The Bellas and the other divas. Just amazing. Like they say, She learned Wrestling from Bryan and learned to talk from Punk. ;) But in all honesty it was an amazing promo. I also loved how when she dropped the mic it looked like Punk when he drops a "Pipebomb". It saddens me that even AFTER that promo she STILL isn't considered the TOP diva..

Well I think I covered all the topics I had planned. :P But here Dylan here is ANOTHER bonus mention. But yep. I hoped you enjoyed this blog or post or seriously whatever you call it. (Someone tell me what do you call them?). This time it wasn't an update like the last one but still. I really did hope you enjoy this. And hope to come back after my busy September but JUST before Night Of Champions. So look forward to that if you will. :P

But until NEXT times my friends. But I need helpers here. What can I call ya. I know there are admins who have fans and I know there are some. So what can I call ya? :p


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WWC, Plans For WNQ, Wrestlemania 30, Summer Slam Next Year? TLC 2013?

Well long time no see! Sorry for a blog/post whatever its called for Summer Slam predictions. I've been busy and feeling terrible lately, very sorry for that. So lets go on...shall we? ;)

World Wrestling Community - WWC
As you may or may not know I have left WWC again. Reason is just like last time.. differences. And if you want to know why lets just say it is a long story. But long story short Prodigy is back which the decision I completely disagree with. Me and the owner kinda had it out and I said I'm done. I don't want to be on the same page with an admin who got fired for a reason. I don't even think I'll ever return to WWC..again. I'm sticking behind the scenes. No posting from me on the page or anything just sticking around watching it run. Also the owner has even said I've overreacted on Prodigy coming back and I might have but I believe he shouldn't be there. And it was one vote through the admins that got him back. I'm not happy and I'm open about it. I've open about issues that goes behind the scenes on pages. My admin page and twitter show that ;) . But I'm no longer on WWC and that is that..

Wrestling Truly Matters 
As you may notice.. WTM is having limited posting. And very sorry about that. I'm running WNQ and was dealing with the WWC problem. But lets just say an admin caused some other admins  (including myself) were arguing over that. We're trying our best to make sure you love seeing the posts on WTM. Thats all I will say. I might talk about the argument abit more later on my admin page or Twitter. (Pulling a Immortal HD) Go follow me on Twitter @RealHBKG ;)

WWE News & Questions 
As you may also notice is that WNQ is in a slump right now. We're also trying to get that page to prestige again. We're getting there slowly but surely and your support is helping big time! Just thought I say thank you and get your party hats on November 11th! WNQ will be 2 Years old and we hope to celebrate it in some way on the page. :)

Summer Slam 2014
Well I'm planning on going to California next year.. But when is the question. I'm think Summer but it could be Thanksgiving.. But if I do go in to California next year during Summer... could it mean....Summer Slam? Well I'm not sure but if I will keep you updated. ;)

Wrestlemania XXX
As you know Mania tickets go on sale VERY soon. And I've been teasing for a good while (I think since right after Mania this year :P ) about me going to Mania next year. And with Prophet POSSIBLY going and my not so good friend Heavy D also seems to be going it kinda remains to see if I , HBKG is going to Mania.. I've posted/tweeted saying "Houston Y U So Expensive to Go to New Orleans #HoustonWeHaveAProblem" I tweeted that being as me looking for hotels/travel and its alot of $$$ so.. I'm not entirely sure if I am.. #LooksLikeNoManiaForHBKG :/

                                              But do enjoy a random RVD picture from RAW in July ;)

TLC 2013
Seeing as Houston is getting TLC this year and everything. I'm thinking about going to Houston for the PPV. I'm not sure and if I don't I'm going to the RAW after the PPV. And if and hope and pray to god that WWE keeps up this streak I can't wait to see TLC  (if I go and if I don't go where I see PPVs and have fun :P ) and hopefully go to RAW after TLC. So its a teaser. But no RAW in Austin next night.. Nope.. (WWE is doing 4 tapings in Texas again) reason being why I won't go to Austin is being that its the Christmas show taping and no offense to anyone that likes the shows, its always terrible.. Even if they give out things.. (I still want my Punk Santa Hat WWE... )

Well I think I covered the topics I had plan in this blog/post. So I hope you enjoy reading and everything. Thanks for reading! (Next post/blog which I hope is next week or just soon :P I'll talk about the Cesaro vs Generico 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match)

Ole Ole Ole

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Money In The Bank Predictions

Well hello everyone! It's almost tine for MITB! I'm excited! :) Today we are going through my predictions and everything. Lets start!

Pre Show: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs The Usos
I am completely shocked The Shield are in the pre show. But I think maybe WWE is doing this to see if we would tune into the pre show? I don't know who to go for in this match. I'm a BIG fan of both but I think I have to say.....Shield retaining. I could see Usos winning the Tag Team Go-sorry Tag Team Bronze but I don't think they are the tag team to take the titles off of the Shield's shoulders.

Winner:  The Shield

WWE Divas Championship Match 
AJ vs Kaitlyn 

I already have a general idea on who is going to win and how they are going to win so my predicted winner is......AJ. She was right when she said no cared about the divas division until she won the title at Payback and she is 100% correct. I got to admit I lost hope for it. But now it's alive again because of AJ. Kaitlyn was just making the title look boring,like it didn't matter. I for one can see how AJ is going to retain and that is by DQ. How I see AJ retaining is that lets say she pushes Kaitlyn one step too far and Kaitlyn unloads on her and continues after the 5 count which would then probably be a DQ. I can see that happening. Also I can see Natalya and or Cameron and Naomi costing her the match. I could see it happening. So my prediction is AJ.

Winner : AJ via DQ

Chris Jericho vs Ryback
We already know who is going to win. Ryback. He needs his first PPV win and also plus Jericho is leaving very soon for his tour with Fozzy. Then plus Jericho has been putting people over so I see Ryback winning the match.

Winner: Ryback

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Curtis Axel vs The Miz
I'm not really looking forward to this match. I still wondering how come Barrett hasn't gotten his rematch (right?) Either way I'm going for Axel here to retain.

Winner: Curtis Axel 

World Heavy Weight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler
I'm liking this feud. It was a shocker (which I'm still alittle upset with) when Ziggler lost. But we also witnessed a double turn. But I'm going with Ziggler coming back and becoming a 3 TIME WORLD Champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

WWE "All Star" Money In The Bank Ladder Match for a Shot at the WWE Championship
CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Christian vs ??? vs ROB...VAN....DAM
This is a very hard one to go with. Even though Daniel Bryan is most likely to win I'm going with Punk,Bryan,Christian.

Winner: I really don't know who I want to win. I'm just going with Punk,Bryan Christian. Either one was to win I'm happy. 

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs Mark Henry
I for one would LOVE if Henry wins but seeing as Cena is "great" and all I'm sadly going with Cena retaining but I see Henry winning by count out of something so that Henry wins but yet Cena retains so I'm going with that.

Winner: Mark Henry via Count Out

WWE World Title Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Dean Ambrose vs Faaahnnn dannn goOoOo vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro
This is another hard one to predict but I'm going with 2 people and they are.....Barrett and Cesaro. I'm rooting for them to win.

Winner: Cesaro or Barrett. If one of them wins I'm a happy camper. :P :) 

Well those are my predictions, I hoped you enjoyed reading. But tell me some of your predictions! (going to pull a WWE) Follow me on twitter @RealHBKG !

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Payback Thoughts w/RAW Thoughts,RVD's Return and More!

Hello everyone.It's been along time since I last posted something on here. Trying to update as much as I can and since its like 95 degrees outside and nothing to do for a bit I thought I might get this done for the game tonight. So let's get started shall we....

Payback Thoughts....
Well after the PPV was over I didn't know really what to think. Alot of the winners I predicted to win did so I'm pretty much happy with that. But one match made me mad. I didn't get the winner correct. I for one am upset and now I'm just wondering....WHY?! The match I'm talking about is Ziggler/ADR that match was just stupid in my opinion. WWE wants to be very cautious now with concussions even more and they make ADR go after Ziggler with kicks and more aimed at the head. That's just stupid. They want to be more cautious with concussions because look Fandango and Tamina. Out with a concussion.. And they make ADR aim at the head. Then one kick and 1 2 3. ONE move and ADR is the new champ. Freaking Stupid. Anyways moving on. We witnessed a double turn. And for anyone that doesn't know what that means it means both participants turned. See ADR was a face and Ziggler was a heel going into the match now its the complete opposite. ADR is now a heel and Ziggler is now a face. Roles reversed. Last time that happened before Sunday was at Wrestlemania 13 which also happened to happen in Chicago. Anyways now Axel and AJ are now champions. I'm glad. I was just applauding when those they won. Axel won in a interesting way. AJ won in a great way. I got to say if you were to ask me (besides Punk vs Jericho) which match stole the show. I got to admit in my opinion AJ/Kaitlyn stole the show. Ziggler/ADR was just hard to look at. AJ and Kaitlyn put on a great match. Better (and longer) than I expected. It was just surreal to actually see such a good divas match. I've yet to see a divas match that long in a LONG time. It was just a amazing match. You just have to order the replay or wait for it on YouTube. Now Punk/Jericho stole the show they always put on great matches. They are always amazing matches. Nothing really to say now. So I guess we should move on to the next topic...

RAW Thoughts....
RAW was just great last night. You had alot of stuff happening. Tons of good stuff. There wasn't really a match to say that stole the show last night. Punk/ADR last night was just freaking pointless. Nothing really happened in the match. In the end Punk won by count out. ADR was being the classic heel wuss in the match. So nothing there. But Ziggler attacked ADR when he was leaving. Good stuff it furthered the feud. While Punk was in the ring celebrating something BIG happened. It was totally a surprise. I didn't know,it wasn't on any of the news sites I check out. Nothing. But here is a hint....

Yes you read correctly Lesnar returned. It was a mark out moment. Both of Heyman's clients well wait Punk said he is not Heyman's client so let me rephrase that. Both Paul Heyman Guys (there we go) face to face. It was awesome. It looked like we were going to hear from Lesnar since he grabbed a mic then F5 to Punk to close out the show. Just amazing moment there. Now in the books and the ink is almost dried...we seem to be getting Lesnar vs Punk. After ALL this time we are actually going to have it happened. It's not clear on when. It looks as of right now it's going to happen at Summer Slam. So lets move on to another thing about RAW. AJ and Stephanie. In the same ring going back and forth. Great segment between these two. When Steph was coming down I was like "Oh here comes one of AJ's obsessions" If you don't know AJ has this weird thing with the McMahon family. She says she might hug Steph or Hunter maybe Vince I believe alittle too long. But anyways these two just put on a fantastic segment.  AJ tooks shots at her being married to Hunter. Even went after the younger card. Just watch it below to see what I mean.. I'll wait for you to finish. Stop reading and see the video...
It was good right? These two were just amazing. If Steph could step back in the ring I would love to see these two go at it. What I found amazing and WWE needs to pay attention to this. We got Lita and KHARMA trending during this segment. Of course WWE only mentioned Lita. But still WWE take the hint. We want Kharma back! Let's move on to another topic....shall we?

RVD's Return To The WWE....
I for one was shocked when a promo popped up during Payback. I was just shocked. I was clapping my hands and just screaming. I probably scared my neighbors. Anyways it was such a shock to see RVD coming back, I thought he was going to go back to TNA but boy was I wrong. He's coming back to WWE.
Below is the promo that aired during Payback.....
I am excited but now I wonder who is going to be his first feud back in the WWE. That is the remaining question...

Money In The Bank
I am alittle excited now for this PPV. Can't wait to see who will get a champion shot at anytime. It's going to happen SOON. Who could it be? That's the remaining question. Nothing really much to talk about besides Cena vs Henry for the WWE Title. So nothing much. ;)

Well we are done for now. Thanks everyone for tuning in and also WNQ is back up. So news is up there everyday. So we're baaaaccck. ;)
I leave you guys for now with this

Wrestlemania 30?

Thanks for reading,
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