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Bunch Of Topics: HIAC,Bella Rumor,Orton/Bryan Feud Becoming Personal! PLUS MUCH MORE!!

Well hello again! Well I hope you all are enjoying this little blog here. I have fun typing even if Mr.Dylan here sometimes SOMETIMES is so excited for it he tells me to hurry up. (There again Dylan. I'm letting people know who you are!) Yeah he's known as The Crow. Eh Ok guy/admin. But hey go like his admin page. ;) (link at the end of this) So let's get on to something important and that's fun! No no no but seriously he is a great admin. Joking! I don't have any "beef" with anyone like Christoff or anything. I still get that actually.. :P

Hell In A Cell
I'm actually excited for this PPV. And it's only 8 days away! This is a good card actually even if it has Cena involved.. (let someone else get a title shot please Cena!)  But they aren't advertising any other matches except what 2 matches? And like I said there is 8 days. I haven't heard any other matches besides the WWE and World title so WWE come on make other matches. Please just hurry up with the card. But from what I've heard this PPV isn't even selling out which is a shame. But if you're in the Miami or Florida area and a wrestling fan and think you can go well go! I'm not saying you should go but if you can go ahead since I heard its not in the 'selling out' pace. Bu- wait did I just plug WWE?

Brie Bella Rumor
 Photo Credit: WWE's Instagram
Well if this rumor is true I wouldn't be surprised if WWE was puzzled. If you haven't heard the rumor says that WWE are confused on why Brie isn't getting a big reaction or the sympathy while AJ is
getting a 'pop' so like I said I can see WWE wondering and scratching their heads but I don't think its true (but if it is..well then) since I mean if WWE was puzzled Brie probably wouldn't be in the title scene still so. But if it is well like Mr.Arrow Heart  said a way to maybe get her over is that she comes to the ring and chants Yes! and that isn't a bad idea. It would help he get over maybe. But still I thought I put my two cents into this rumor. Also WWE if you're wondering why AJ is getting a 'pop' (if it's true) well everyone well ALMOST everyone likes her.

The Shield Losing Momentum? 
Ok the reason why I am talking about Shield is well on everywhere (except die hard Shield fans well even some die hard Shield fans but I hope you understand what I mean) was happy Shield lost the tag team gold. I mean Shield are losing momentum. They're hated yeah but I mean they're not as fresh as champs right now. I mean I was glad when Shield won but now I will admit they are a big stale. But what comes after this guessing Ambrose loses the US Championship? Do they stay together? Or they go their separate ways? We don't know but time will tell.

Shawn Michaels Guest Ref. in Bryan/Orton HIAC Match
Photo Credit: SameerDesigns On DeviantArt
 I for one was excited when Shawn was made the guest ref. He has history with both of them and I think it's also going to be interesting if HBK will help out his 'best friend' Triple H. And I do expect something to happen between these two if HBK was to play fair and Bryan wins. I do expect a confrontation and I can't wait. But I do expect something to happen since WWE has been going to great lengths to keep (well I hope for TV and not behind the scenes) Hunter and HBK apart. Since they know it's anticipated and going to be huge when they are face to face. I do think something between them COULD happen on Monday but we have to wait and see.

Goldust Returning To WWE 
I got to admit I was excited when Goldie and Cody won at Battleground. I was excited since now Goldust was back in the WWE. And now with Goldie's contract rumored to be up until Wrestlemania. I think this could be the time we get Cody vs Goldie. Brother vs Brother. The match a good portion of the world wants to see. And with them now Tag Team Champs? It's better to start the feud there. And if anything this could be a great Goldust return. Goldust has shocked many that he still has it. But when I saw him last November I don't think he ever lost it. I'm loving how Goldie is now full character mode in a segment/interview and in the ring. Amazing. This is the year of The Rhodes Brothers and I guarantee that next year one of the topics talked about is the Rhodes Brothers..

Brie Involved In The Bryan/Orton Feud
I got to admit I think I'm the only one liking her in this feud. I've seen alot of people post/tweet how they don't think Brie is needed. But see I beg to differ. Her being engaged to Bryan who is in a feud with this Orton who is now back to dangerous and ruthless and cold and well wants to 'date' him. It adds a great personal feud since Triple H is now losing his cool with Big Show and everything. And with Steph now in Hunter's place in this feud I think it's perfect for Brie involved in this feud. And who's to say Brie could be turnin- I'm kidding even though that would be interesting she is feud with AJ so it really wouldn't make sense. But still I'm liking Brie involved in this feud.

John Cena Returning. Woo Freaking Hoo!
Photo Credit: WWE
Well as you can tell by the title I'm not really happy for Cena to be returning. When Vickie made the announcement I think I might've again scared  my neighbors but they got back at me for screaming for no reason. But that's not important. I for one still mad since I mean come on why does Cena get a World Title shot? Yeah I understand because of ratings but I mean they could've just made it a surprise when he returned. But either way we're getting another Cena World Title reign. It's better that ADR as champ. But I kinda hope and pray Sandow cashes it. Because I mean JUST imagine the heat Sandow would get? But WWE of course then turns Sandow. So thanks for that. But still Cena returning this quickly does worry me abit since he pushes himself to the point that as long as he's cleared even if he's not exactly 100% he returns and that could catch up with him. But still I GUESS Welcome Back Cena.. -_-

Well I'm done for now! I really hoped you liked today's little blog. I had fun actually. Really really hoped you enjoyed it! Ok now I'm babbling. But I did believe I covered all the topics I had planned I think *checks list of topics* Ok we're good. But thanks for reading! And there Dylan. Another finished blog thing.

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