Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paul Bearer In The WWE HOF,AJ Kept Off Of RAW,Chicago RAW Crowd +More!

Well well hello! It's me again. I'm here still trying to keep in schedule. So that's why I'm here again! Then also there has been some news lately and it was perfect timing! It's been pretty crazy with RAW in Chicago,no CM Punk,Mania Card, Twitter accounts being made to "hijack" the show, AJ Lee being kept of the show (which I'll explain why it was a smart thing to do),Paul Bearer in the WWE Hall Of Fame,and just probably randomness! So let's get started shall we!

Chicago RAW Crowd 
I got to admit this RAW was a "must see" just to see how the crowd would be. And it was interesting. They mentioned Punk,let the signs in and people were thinking "Could it be?" then his music and everything being played also really got the crowd going...that is until Paul Heyman came out INSTEAD of the one man they wanted. Which I think it was great. They finally "mentioned" him being absent with out saying why. It was smart then also to have Heyman (his real life pal) be the one to be on the mic talking about why he "isn't" there was great then only to use that heat to get more heat on him and Lesnar for their big match against Undertaker. I give my props to WWE. I applaud WWE for this. Then it was really a chant filled night some chants weren't needed at points but it still was a great show. The heat and chants at The Authority when they came out was amazing. Most crowds have been mixed but this one was just 100% hate for them. I can even imagine how loud it sounded in that arena. 

Then to go down to a terrible divas match was just yeah. Personally if there wasn't any divas on that show maybe just maybe they wouldn't have gotten just blown outta the building. There were numerous chants during that match. They chanted for Punk during Wyatt's vs Shield II which I think was just a big fat no. But in the end they kinda tried to get their message across but it didn't do much since everything will be the same whether you like it or not. Heck I'm not too fond of everything in WWE right now but I know we can't do anything. They're looking at things from a business standpoint not what makes us happy. Which is why their stock right now is at an all time high. In the end everything they do whether you like it or not is best for business.. 

Paul Bearer In The WWE Hall Of Fame 
Now this news didn't come as a shock but its going to be great to see on the Network such a legendary manager be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He is known for being the managers of talent like Mankind,Undertaker,Kane,etc. He was so iconic and legendary that you know when you hear that voice you knew who it was.

 He to me was one of the best mangers in the business. He was just so great. I loved how he was so different than any other manger you saw before hand. He wasn't like The Brain,or The Mouth Of The South. He was completely different. His "trademark" besides the voice was that ol' urn. It was used a lot during the career of Taker. I think this induction announcement was perfect timing due to the anniversary of his passing was yesterday (March 5th). He completely deserves this honor and I look forward to watching him get inducted. By who is the question but we just have to wait and see...

Wrestlemania XXX (30) 
You know it really hasn't felt like its the Road To Wrestlemania to be honest. Feels like the road to a regular PPV. Like it isn't going to be that good of a PPV. Like it will have its moments but nothing really too special. When it should be. This is the big guy (Ryback pun intended), it really doesn't feel like it's going to be Anniversary that's being celebrated. But you know WWE can surprise me and pull a fast one and actually have a stacked card. Lesnar vs Taker which I really never wanted to happen could be great but Batista vs Orton? Yeeeah no, if this match is the main event I imagine either the crowd leaving or people just chanting randomness. Still with Hogan as the guest host I smell something will go

AJ Being Kept Off Of RAW 
Now this was a shocker to some and there were people disappointed but in the end it was smart thinking. I mean it's no secret she's a certain someone's girlfriend. They were in his hometown at RAW so I really wasn't too shocked they kept her off since there could be chants just going all over the place for Punk, which WWE did not want to happen. It's a smart thing because I mean send in his girlfriend into a crowd that wants their hometown guy to come back. She then did wrestle the next night at the Smackdown tapings in a tag match with Tamina against Natalya and *cringes* Eva Marie. So in the end it was smart thinking and I'm not too shocked. But I do wonder how the crowd would've reacted though. Either way smart thing to do...
Note : AJ has surpassed Eve's and soon Maryse's (She will pass Maryse's combined number of days as champion on Friday (March 7th) combined Diva Championship days and I've seen people hate on it since she doesn't defend it enough. But I'll get to my thoughts on the next post on here.. 

Total Divas Returning
Eva looks like she found a bug or thought the
camera was on the floor..
Now I think I'm one of the only few people who are actually excited for the show coming back. I'm happy the show is back. Yeah even if it does give us terrible matches that happen every week and hearing Bellas and Cameron yell off the top of their lungs every time. Wait I forgot what's good about this? 

Okay no seriously it's coming back in diez days (10 days, I typed it in Spanish for no reason whatsoever) and I couldn't be as excited for the show to be back. But the downside is having to witness just terrible matches every freaking week. Also they're (the cast) is on the Arsenio Hall Show tonight (well in like 1 minute). There is probably going to be video of their appearance on youtube so yeah. I'm excited to see how Summer and everything is going to be. But one thing confuses me is that by the commercials she's going to be best buds with Eva who tried to "steal" her man. So explain me that.. 

So this one was basically a short one. There wasn't a lot of gossip or anything. So yep..

And new segment called Meme Of The Week! If I was there I probably would walk out if it is the main event :P but I ain't going so I'm probably going to close the App..

Now this is officially the end of this post and I have no sarcastic comment or anything. I was not prepared at all..



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meeting Matt Hardy and ACH, CM Punk Quitting (Part 2), Elimination Chamber Thoughts, NXT ArRival!

Well I just love insomnia, It's absolutely the greatest thing ever. It's currently 1:21am and I can't sleep so I though I might as well get started on this since I really have been putting this off for a few days, knowing me I'll type some of this and then continue writing in the morning/afternoon or take a few days. So some things might be maybe outdated? I really don't have a word or anything to describe it. So I thought I talk about some more topics going on in the 'rassilin world and everything like Lita getting inducted into the HOF,Batista Hate,etc. So let's get started shall we?

CM Punk Quitting WWE (Part 2)
So yeah I thought I share one of the photos
that got the internet talking. 

You know rumors still going crazy as hell but they've quieted down. But that's before he's been spotted so it's gotten a bit more back to where it used to be. RAW is in Chicago on Monday (March 3rd) and there are twitter accounts/tweets and FB posts about 'hijacking" the show. Now I personally think it's only going to end in disaster. But in the end WWE is worried and I can bet ya this is going to be dangerous territory for WWE. But now I just got to wonder what is WWE going to throw at us? They can't do any "filler" matches since that is where they'll begin. Knowing WWE they'll give us filler matches, then again they could surprise me. But still, WWE is entering a crowd who wants one person and that person most likely ain't ever coming back to WWE and that is CM Punk. Now I've kept my thoughts on everything concerning him basically locked up but I thought I might as well just say it.   

I'm a Punk fan, yes but guys he ain't coming back soon. Just accept it or in the words of Batista, deal with it. He is tired of everything,burnt out and just tired. His contract was up either way and he most likely wasn't going to resign. So stop with this revolution and spamming WWE with the "#WeWantPunk" or the "We want Punk back" comments/tweets. It isn't going to do ANYTHING. If he's unhappy well then we have to accept it. The company doesn't revolve around Punk. It revolves around Cena,Orton and Total Divas (bad joke). Okay no seriously it revolves around everyone they can.

It doesn't revolve around Punk. Do I want Punk to come back? Hell yeah I do but I ain't going to be posting about how I want him back. Now he was spotted like 3-4 times since he's been gone. He was recently as UFC I believe last weekend? Either way he's there. He isn't doing much but he's there. Now again let's just move on. I know you want Punk back (so do I) but we can't do anything about it. We don't run him or WWE or anything. We don't run his life. He does, it's his decision and it seems like he's sticking to it..whether you like it or not. 

Elimination Chamber Thoughts 

Design Credit : AliTaKeR on deviantART
Now I had some high hopes for this but it got a bit too cluttered. It was a good PPV but it was a bit cluttered. I mean we had like Cameron vs AJ, Darren vs Titus, Batista vs ADR. Just pointless matches or matches that probably would've been better for RAW or Smackdown hell even Main Event. But it was just a bit cluttered. Didn't really bother me but it did. In the end match of the night had to go to AJ vs Cameron. Okay I'm joking, match of the night went to Wyatts vs Shield. Amazing match and just wow. I can't describe it. Even better is that we're getting a rematch on RAW this coming Monday from Chicago. It's just going to be amazing. It's just I can't describe it. The match that came close went to the Elimination Chamber Match itself. Great and what a way to start it out (spoiler alert) with Sheamus and Cesaro.

Now the worst match of the night HAS to go to Batista vs ADR. The divas match was better (in my opinion) and for the people out there also probably enjoyed AJ mocking Cameron with her pom poms..

But either way Elimination Chamber had some up and downs. Some of the matches gave the crowd time to chant the most random things. From BooTista to CM Punk to We Want Lesnar,etc. Elimination Chamber is worth checking out for 2 matches really. It was a good show but again like I said there was ups and downs..

Ratings : 6.5/10

Kaitlyn Doing A Shoot Interview

Since it was announced that she left the company I was just waiting anxiously for the day I hear her do a shoot interview and that day finally came. When I heard she did the shoot interview I was jumping for joy. She left on good terms yes but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any gossip ;). She talks about her getting signed to her dropped storyline with Cody to the end of run in the WWE...for now. They released a 10 minute preview and on the ordering site they list all the questions they asked and she answered. It seems like it could be good. She talks tells her thoughts and maybe a story or two about people from Punk to Cena to Bellas. Now this just really grabs my attention since like I said I was waiting for the day this came out and it finally has. 

Below is the 10 minute preview I was talking about...

Interesting right? Yeah so am I. But in the end I'm excited and can't wait to see it. Now I shall wait when I decided to order the interview...

If you want to order this shoot interview the following link takes you where you can order it yourself and enjoy this interview..
NXT ArRIVAL Thoughts
Design Credit : BullCrazyLight on deviantART

Now this was just such a anticipated thing you could only catch on the new WWE Network. And this show alone sold the Network to me. I was very hesitant to order the network itself but now after this amazing show I don't regret anything now. Match of the night had to go to Cesaro vs Zayn. Great match and man it I was just drawn into the match. It was great. Now the second best match to me had to go to Paige vs Emma. After that match I'll never look at any divas match the same again. I've seen their matches before but this one just really was just amazing. Great ending and now it seems like Charlotte is going to face Paige which I'm not sure about. Haven't seen Charlotte in the ring or anything but I've heard she still needs some work on the mic and in the ring so I really have to check Youtube now. But and again 3 matches were the selling point for this show and those were Cesaro vs Zayn,Paige vs Emma,and Neville vs Dallas. It was great. 

If you don't have the network well I don't know where you can see it but either way it was a great show and it proves that NXT right now is probably better than RAW and SD combined. Just great matches and I really can't wait to see Zayn and Paige come up to the main roster. I really can't. There were some downs those a random CJ Parker and Mojo match I believe and a Xavier Woods vs Tyler Breeze that never started. In the end though it was a great show again with its some downs.. 


Rating 8.5-/10

Lita Being Inducted In The WWE Hall Of Fame

I was very shocked to hear Lita going into the HOF. I heard rumors but never they died down so I never really assumed it but in the end it's really great to see her getting inducted. Had such an amazing career  in the WWE. Her career was just great. Having a child with Kane, feuding with Matt Hardy well Edge and her feuding with him,becoming Woman's Champions 4 times I believe? It's going to be interesting to see who inducts her into the HOF. My money is betting on Trish but if it would to be someone I'll be shocked but I fully expect it to be Trish. But we just have to wait and see until April 5th to see who it is if she doesn't announce who it is.. 

Also I do know there are some people out there wanting AJ to do it but it would make zero sense really. She had nothing to do with her career or anything. If it was okay cool but I again fully expect it to be Trish.. 

Can someone real quick explain to me with that package with divas talking about Lita not include AJ? Okay time to move on before I go on explaining why I'm wondering.. 

Batista Hate 

I really don't get 100% why he's getting hated on. Is it because he's back or because he's in the ma-oh okay now I see the issue. Like I said I'm a bit upset and don't fully expect Batista vs Orton to sell Mania, But be thankful again he's in it for the long haul and not for a 6 months or anything. Look I like Batista a bit and everything though I'm not too keen on the idea of him main eventing but in the end it's business. I have mixed thoughts on Batista and everything. I never fully understand why he's getting hate. 

I mean I laughed at the BooTista chants at Elimination Chamber and the Better Than Batista chants at Emma during NXT ArRival because of a powerbomb. But still like I said. I will never understand why he is getting hate. There were people here wanting him to come back then when he does you guys want him to go away. Either way I'll never understand why he's getting so much hate. If it has to do with his personal life well I lost respect if it's true (never seen any proof). 

Meeting Matt Hardy and ACH

Okay so this time I didn't make a stupid mistake like last time with Maria. I actually met them. :P After a scare with ACH (will explain in a bit) I met him and messed up my name almost but yeah. He almost spelled my name wrong but got it all fixed and everything. Reason why I didn't expect to meet him was because earlier in the show he was wrestling and he landed bad (I do have video of this moment. I will not upload it due to it's just a scary moment). I really didn't expect him to come out but they checked on him and everything and he was helped to the back. He came out limping but he seemed okay. Though he most likely felt it the next day. Either way really great guy as well. He liked my shirt :3 (it was a Lethal shirt). 

Matt also was great guy, Got the only (well that I saw) Hardy Boyz Picture. That was cool. He also put on a great match against Ray Rowe. He said after the mic that he Rowe has earned his respect. Really cool to see. Now that's pretty much it with this meeting. So... umm *cough* potato.. 

Well I think that really covers about everything I can think of. Lately these have been not planned about what I type about here and this is another one of those. Next we'll talk about umm.... maybe the WWE Network? I really don't know. There ain't any PPVs coming up that gets my interests so I really going to have to think of something for the next post on here. Wish me luck on that one.

RIP Viscera..

Also here is something I got to tell ya and I've been bottling up this for weeks..