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Farewell Natural Dynamite

So yay I have the computer back, and I decided to go over AJ's career and my thoughts on her leaving.

I didn't honestly think I'd be typing this before the month of April was even up, but the time has come and AJ Lee is no longer apart of the main roster, so lets look back on the natural dynamite that is AJ Lee...

Goodbye Crazy Chick 

The tweet that shocked the world..
Well it's time to say goodbye to a one AJ Lee, like I mentioned I didn't expect to see that she left the WWE less than a week of her wrestling at Wrestlemania.

It came as a surprise of how she could be in the ring one minute and the next she's gone. We all realized that we had seen the last of AJ Lee just days ago. It came out of nowhere, it was shocking how she could have left the way she did. No goodbye, she wasn't fired on TV,etc. She just left. 

There's been speculation thrown around on why she left, some are blaming her husband for her leaving. Yet no one is blaming WWE. Yeah sure Punk left WWE, completely dragged their company in the mud. But who published on their website publicly supporting their doctor in the lawsuit with a video of close ups on his ass? Who took shots at Punk leaving? WWE did that, I'm not saying it's all WWE's fault but I would see why IF the reason why she left was because of Dr. Amann's lawsuit against her husband and friend.

AJ made a lot of history in the WWE whether you want to admit it or not. You could hate her and all but you can't deny that she made history. She was the longest reigning divas champion in history of the company, she defended the divas championship at Wrestlemania after so many years, she's tied with Eve with the most reigns. AJ accomplished a lot in the WWE in such a short time, she debuted on the main roster in 2011 and now 4 years later she's leaving WWE. 

She went from teaming up with Kaitlyn to everyone's girlfriend to divas champion. She probably seemed overrated to some and just flat out hated, always putting her down but she did a lot in such a small period of time it just goes to show that no dream it too big. 

One Last Time

I knew AJ would not last another year in the WWE, I was predicting after Mania. I was predicting end of April she'd be leaving. But nope, WWE announced she retired 4 days after Wrestlemania which surprised me how quickly she left. She had only came back a month prior to the announcement and she was gone after that. Her last match in the WWE will be Naomi, Paige and herself vs The Bellas and Nattie. 

It seemed that this was her plan all along, she reportedly didn't tell WWE officials until after her tag match at Mania. She wanted that memory, the feeling one last time before she left. She wanted Paige to have her moment, she wanted Paige to have her first of many Mania moments. It came as a surprise to everyone. We all knew her days were numbered, we all knew she was most likely leaving, but when was the question. That's why I think it came as a shock to some like myself at how quickly she left after Mania, like I mentioned earlier I was expecting the end of April for her to leave but in the end I'm not one bit surprised of how she left if I'm being honest. Her "leaving" was always in the dirtsheets, her status in the company was always questioned but when it actually happened no one suspected a thing and that was the best way for her to leave. 

AJ probably has more of a reason on why she left and we won't find out til she speaks more about her leaving which could be months after her leaving, her leaving was a surprise since she was just there on our TV screens and now she's gone. 

Divas Division Future

Since AJ left there is now a piece missing from the division, the division will not sink to the bottom of the ocean, no it's taken a hit but it can overcome this. It'll take some time since AJ was their top face diva and currently there isn't anyone to take the spot, yes Paige is a face and gets pretty big crowd pops but she's now currently written off to film a Christmas movie with The Miz and now Bellas are heels as well as Naomi it seems unless they turn Bellas face but currently there is no top face in the division which probably is not a good thing since now AJ is gone and Paige is off TV for a bit. 

The Divas Division will not suffer we got great talent on the main roster and down in NXT, it's going to be interesting to see what WWE does since they're reportedly reviving the division but now must change any plans that involved AJ like the rumor going around that Naomi's heel turn on Paige was originally AJ turning on Paige but obviously plans changed. It's going to be interesting to see how WWE is with the divas division since now AJ is no longer there and this is time for other divas to step up the plate. 

The NXT divas division is currently filled with tons of great divas that could become the next top diva, you got some amazing talent there from Becky Lynch to Sasha Banks to Charlotte to Bayley. You got so many potential top divas and they bring so much to the table that I can't wait to see what they could do on the main roster. The NXT divas division is currently on fire and I can't wait to see what they do next with the division. 

What's Next?

Now that's the million dollar question, no one really knows what is next for AJ, she currently is writing a book but what about after that? What about after her contract expires? Does she wrestle on the independents? Does she start a family? Time will tell on what AJ has her eyes on next but whatever it is it's going to get people talking. 

Well that is that I guess, the AJ Lee era is over and now it's time to move into a new era. Time to see who will step up to the plate. It's very shocking that out of everyone in NXT Season 3 that the only diva left from that season is Naomi. She now is currently getting her chance to shine and I can't wait. 

AJ Lee may be gone from WWE but that doesn't mean she didn't leave her mark in the WWE.

Farewell Natural Dynamite.. 

              Instead of Gifs/Memes I'll share a couple of my favorite AJ matches/moments



                                            Sadly couldn't find the whole match but enjoy


And in the end..


This moment obviously was going to be included

Hulk Smash

Poor Kaitlyn :/

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Now I'm currently typing this on a phone due to my computer being fixed, so bare with me on the typos and this entire thing. I wanted to post something about why I hadn't said anything on AJ leaving and Mania itself and pretty much why I haven't posted since November so here I am. Computer had a virus I think or something. But I'll talk about Mania and AJ leaving as soon possible when I get the computer back. 

Thank you all for your patience :)

- HeelTreesauce  (formerly HBKG)

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Thoughts On AJ Lee Losing The Divas Title At Survivor Series (Do I Think She's Leaving WWE?)

Soo I thought I'd type this due to the circumstances on how AJ lost and the criticism from some on AJ's fans reactions..

AJ Lee Losing The Divas Title In The Fashion That She Did:

Now I'm a fan of both divas (I probably don't make it obvious on me being a fan of Nikki right?). I was excited for this match since these divas have chemistry when they face off. Maybe because they don't like each other or something but they're great in the ring together. Now the expected Nikki to
win the title but if she didn't I expected Brie to distract Nikki or something. But obviously that didn't happen, Nikki won the Divas Championship in 35 seconds. Yes, you read that right, AJ lost the Divas Championship in 35 seconds. Now how you're wondering if you didn't catch the show or just you missed it since you blinked or went to the bathroom? Well let's just talk how it happened.. 

The 35 Second Match:

So match has started and Brie is on the apron with the Divas Championship and AJ is trying to get the Championship out of her hands and Brie kisses her and when AJ gets out of the kiss, Nikki hits a forearm and rack attack and 1,2,3. New Divas Champion!

Yeah so after that fans of the divas like myself were a bit upset (you can tell judging by my tweets) on how AJ lost. The idea apparently was supposed to be like Wrestlemania 28 when the same thing happened to Bryan. Brie sent out a tweet saying "Payback is a bitch" now that gives me the feeling that Brie did it because of what happened 2..almost 3 years ago? Like if it was I can't honestly understand it. Brie kissed AJ because of what AJ did to Bryan? 

If that's why she did it then Brie move on, you won, you're married to him.. If that isn't why then I'm absolutely confused.. 

Either way I just don't know what to expect honestly. I'm okay with Nikki winning just hate how it happened. They did this just days after "Report: AJ Lee Leaving WWE After Survivor Series" was on wrestling sites. This match made it seem like AJ is leaving. The speculation grew after that match ended. WWE probably did not want to get that speculation started up again, but it happened. Now RAW is later tonight. If AJ was to not show then...well that would give that speculation strength. I'm not saying AJ isn't going to be on but hypothetically if she wasn't going to it would not be pretty. 
Brie's Reaction To The Kiss..

I honestly am perfectly okay with Nikki winning. I only hate how it happened. They had 5 matches set (another match was later added early in the show) but they decided to have AJ and Nikki's entrances longer than the match? Yeah no I'm not okay with that. I fully expected AJ to lose to Nikki if it was at Survivor Series or on another show. I'm a fan of the divas and a huge fan of both. This honestly felt like a slap to the face. I was expecting a match..not a squash fest. Bryan fans (like myself) felt the exact way when Sheamus did it at Wrestlemania 28.. 

Our Divas Champion.,.who happened to be the one to
start the Total Divas Title Rumor..

AJ Lee Fan Criticism After Survivor Series

AJ fans are being criticized on their reactions after AJ lost last night.. 

Now I know there is some that are upset on Nikki winning the title last night, but honestly not EVERY AJ fan is upset she lost. I was not a fan of HOW she lost the title. But apparently that means I hate Nikki and is upset AJ lost the title.. 

I seriously hate how the AJ fans are labelled as crazy. I really do. Please people who are criticizing AJ's fandom, realize that not all of us are upset with Nikki winning. If you could do that, that would be great.. 

Note: I've seen so much criticism on their reactions and I'd thought I just say it, Honestly did not have any intentions on having this in here but all this criticism was getting on my nerves..

AJ Leaving WWE? Do I Think She Is? If So When?

Now this is the speculation going around.. "Was this a message to Punk?" to "Is AJ on her way out?" 

Do I honestly think this was a message to Punk? Now since we all know they're still not happy with him. If you mention him you probably will get struck by lightning. But do I think it was a message to Punk? Yeah it's possible. Given the circumstances with how they parted ways. I do hope it wasn't a message but it's all very possible it could be, and if they are this battle is not going to be pretty at all. It seems to be a "fuck you Punk" and they used AJ. I certainly hope that isn't the case. Either way it's very possible how they did it could have been a message...

Message was received if it was being sent..

Do I Think AJ Is Leaving WWE? 

Now I do have some feeling AJ might not be around much longer if I'm being honest. I've gotten the vibe since she's came back that she has had one foot out the door. She in my opinion seems bored. I hope I'm wrong but I just have that feeling she isn't sticking around. Last I heard and take this as a grain a salt since you know it's the internet. I heard she signed a 3 year contract around 2012, I've heard she signed in the spring then I've heard she signed in the fall. Either way those 3 years are up in 2015 (if it's true). So if her contract is up in the year 2015, do I honestly see her sticking around past that? No, I honestly don't. 

I don't want her to go but it's very possible we may not see her past 2015. The speculation has always been there since Punk has left. Now almost a year later since Punk has left and we are still speculating if she's going to stay with WWE.. 

Almost 24 Hours Later: 

RAW Preview For November 24th..
Brie is eyeing that title..
Well since it's now Monday, and almost 24 hours since AJ has lost. It's kinda settled on how AJ lost. Still feels like a slap to the face...well maybe almost as hard as it felt at first. I'm a bit okay with how it happened. Do I like it? Nope, but either way it's going to make for an interesting RAW later tonight. I would be more excited about this aftermath if WWE hadn't said "the real question is what will happen between her (Nikki) and her sister Brie?" in their RAW preview for tonight..

I also forgot to mention, When Nikki won, Brie looked happy when Nikki won. I first thought "is Brie a heel now?" Now if this was all for show and they were on the same page. I'd applaud WWE. I did hear a rumor but it was never mentioned again that said by the end of this Total Divas season that they would be back together.. 

Either way that fact that WWE put that in their preview worries me a bit if I'm being honest.. 

But let's see what happens on RAW tonight.. 

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One of these days Nikki..
One of these days..

Summer trying to impress Paige.. 
I'm still wondering if last night happened or not.. 

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Talking About Other Wrestling Product That Isn't RAW or Smackdown!

Decided to finally have a post up on here discussing some other wrestling besides the Main Roster. From ROH to hell NJPW! This is something I've had plans to do but I got lazy. As I'm typing this I also have another one being typed up. So multi typing! It's not a word but dammit I'll make it up..

Thought I do this since I've wanted to do this and also want to put some thoughts out there. Going to discuss a title change that happened in NJPW recently..

Styles Losing The IWGP Championship To Tanahashi!
Credit To Sports Navi (Yahoo) Japan

This literally surprised me, honestly didn't expect Tanahashi to win. Not going to lie, but it's going to be an interesting twist now that Yoshitatsu prevented Jeff Jarrett to get involved and now set for "Power Struggle" is Yoshitatsu vs Styles. Should be an interesting match up taking place on November 8th or is it the 9th? Let's move on from that part.. 

Ah but don't count out Okada getting involved now, since he has the briefcase he will face Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 9 but at "Power Struggle" Tanahashi will team up with Ibushi to face the team of Okada and HASHI, being a "prelude" to the Wrestle Kingdom 9 main event this should be an interesting tag team match.. 

Jay Briscoe Winning The ROH World Championship/Elgin Quitting ROH! 

Now I'm late on this and to hear this happened again just surprised the hell out of me. Didn't expect Elgin to lose the championship. Then news came out with Elgin's issue and (reportedly other issues) it made sense technically. So now him winning the championship is going to be an interesting run since its Jay Briscoe ;)

Now this all started a chain of events and the outcome was Elgin quitting Ring Of Honor. There is speculation among some that it is an angle. Elgin seems to have deny that it is an angle. Either way Elgin quitting was a shocker but not surprising if that makes sense. It's interesting to see where Elgin goes now that he has seemed to have quit Ring Of Honor.. 

Should be interesting to see how it transpires to say the least.. 

World's Cutest Tag Team Wins Tag Team Gold At PWG Eleven! Which was a Bloody Good Match!

Yes, I made a poor pun.. 
Gif Credit to Wrestling-Giffer on Tumblr

Anyways WCTT won some gold! This match was just so great, loved every second of it and good Christ the stuff in that match.. 

Anyways this match honestly is just one of the best matches this year, was an amazing match. The thumbtacks, gummy bears,trash cans,the chairs,the superkicks,the shoe that had the the thumbtacks on the sole (that's how you spell it right? eh well..). This match was just so amazing. 

This is probably going to be a match I'll always watch and never get tired of it. Just props to all parties involved in this spectacular match up. I now can't wait to see WCTT defend at the next PWG event defending their tag team gold against Gargano and Taylor.. 

NXT: Neville Heel Turn Coming? Zayn vs Neville Feud Coming? Balor Debuts! Itami Ring Debut!

Now I said "Other Wrestling" and this is technically other wrestling. It's not talking about RAW or Smackdown and this is not talking about that so ;)

Neville Heel run coming? It seems to on its way! After saving his NXT Championship a second away from it going to Zayn who would have won the 'Big One' in a way that caused controversy. The tension between them is there. I mean the NXT after Takeover 2 they tried to out do each other. It's coming and I can not wait for it.. 

(Sorry for this not being dicussed a bit more, when what I feel the inevitable turn from Neville is made I will come back to this and discuss it more)


Balor has arrived! 

You see for yourself..
Body paint or an illusion?
Another of the newest signees to NXT has debuted at the last NXT tapings! Itami who currently has some beef with Ascension (someone please explain them to me, honestly), basically wants to fight Itami and Itami basically says she knows someone who will tag with him. I honestly expected Funaki since this past week Funaki was attacked by Ascenion right in front of the trapped Itami, but WWE surprises me and introduces Finn Balor. They both hit the ring (Also Balor's theme is awesome) and just destroy Ascension. 

His debut then leaked on YouTube (which currently I can not find due to it being taken down) and the debut alone was very impressive. Devitt keeps teasing the body paint and if you had the lucky chance to have seen it, if you looked closely in the video you would have seen his name on titatron or extrance video whatever its called, you would see (what I am assuming) a face and seems to be Balor with body paint.. 

Hideo Itami's In Ring Debut!

Itami made his in ring debut against Justin Gabriel and which I personally enjoyed. Itami showed just some of his moves in that ring and Itami already in his feud with Ascenion and is putting on great matches with Viktor at the NXT Live Events. Itami's goal right now is to win the NXT Championship but of course you have your road blocks and it will be interesting to see if Itami does reach his goal as NXT Champion. 
Now this was it for this "Other Wrestling "discussion, Hope you're enjoyed this, If you didn't well crap... but if you did yay! Either way I'll probably do this once a month if I'm not too lazy..

Next up that should be on its way is "Should WWE Give Up On The Authority Angle?"


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Credit To : Scumbag McMahons

Credit To: WWE Memes

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CM Punk Sending A 22 Page Letter to WWE Over Royalties!

CM Punk Reportedly Upset Over Royalties!

Now if you haven't heard about this already, Punk has reportedly sent a 22 page LETTER to WWE/WWE Officials over his royalties. Now my thoughts on this is probably going to be short a sweet. So I'm going to try and drag this out a bit.. 

Does CM Punk Earn The Royalties?

In the words of Eva's dad (from Total Divas) "No! Flat No!"

My reasoning is due to the circumstances on how he left makes me believe he doesn't earn the royalties from WWE 2K15 (this is basically what it is all about, him being in the game). The roster was basically set while he was in the company and then he walks out of the company and the roster gets announced and Punk is in the game which leads us to where we are right now. 

Punk is basically asking for some money for being in the game. My reasoning on why he doesn't earn the royalties is how he left. If he had left when his contract was up I would perfectly understand why he would want royalties but the fact he walked out and is telling WWE I need something out of me being in the game is in my opinion not the best decision. Maybe (if it is indeed true) he thought this through but is it logical to basically demand royalties from a company you walked out on? Because they could turn this against him any second and do something due to him breaching his contract. 

In the end if Punk is threatening to sue or is suing or whatever is going on this can just be one big mess. WWE seem to either decided to be sending a message to Punk or did it for some reason you can currently get his documentary (blu-ray and standard) for 2.99 on WWE Shop right now. So if WWE is asking for royalties this is them saying "fuck you and your 22 page letter" , either way if this is a lawsuit or not this could get very messy between Punk and WWE.. 

WWE's Response To Punk's Letter?

His Current Merchandise Page as of 9/9/14
In an apparent response to the letter (as I mentioned above) WWE basically took whatever was left of his merchandise and only left (currently) 5 items. They had DVD yesterday for 2.99 (both standard and blu-ray), currently they have a figure,wrist sleeves,a pendant,standard DVD,and a DK Reader Book. It's basically their way of showing "fuck you and your royalties". They're dead set on getting rid of his merch. 

This is probably going to get messy,either way it's going to be something we have to keep on the lookout..

Could This Affect AJ Lee In The WWE? 

Now this is a interesting thing to talk about, could it affect AJ ? Maybe it will or maybe it won't but (if this is true) you have to wonder could they do something as a way to send a message? Could they do that?

Probably not since Vince is her biggest supporter right now, but at the same time you still have to have some inkling that it could happen and just put AJ in the middle. She's currently seen at the top diva today and it's basically out of the question that something like that would happen. CM Punk is probably currently the absolutely most hated guy in the locker room due to how he walked out. Hunter and Stephanie want to move on and Vince apparently didn't but now officially has to. Vince could be pissed off that he sent a letter (or a novel in this case due to is reportedly being 22 pages long) basically telling them he demands royalties if they're going to use his likeness. Which I would have to agree since he does own the "CM Punk" name technically but again due to how I stated above how I personally don't believe he earns the royalties and also does he really need the money? 

 But back to topic, I don't personally really see AJ being affected, maybe I'm wrong but I don't see anything happening to her (maybe her time is coming to an end (will talk about this later) or puts her in the middle). As long as she has Vince's support I don't expect Punk's lawyers reportedly sending a 22 page letter to WWE/WWE Officials to be an issue.. 

Now we got this done I got maybe 2 other things I have planned to type. So basically (in the words of Scar from The Lion King) BE PREPARED! 

                                               Meme(s) And Or Gif(s) For This Post..

Dean Ambrose Joins Metallica
Hunter Strikes Back!

Paul Bella?
Nikki Heyman?

Vince Didn't Screw Punk
Well you know how this goes..
Red vs Heyman

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AJ and Paige Joining The Bella Twins Feud! Good Or Bad For Them?

Well hello everyone! Long time no see, I decided to take a break since I was stressing on just typing one of these, I basically was typing up the RAW after AJ and Jericho returned then I just kept delaying and delaying and decided to use this as a break from everything. So I decided to talk about this one topic that has just come out of nowhere, it's the only thing I'm talking about since I got to give you my take on this topic, and that is AJ and Paige's feud being combined with the Bella vs Bella feud..

Warning : I lost it in the first part (the good behind it section) so basically if you do want to read this please skip to the Bad Behind It Section so you don't have to witness my messiness.. 

AJ and Paige Joining The Bellas Feud : The Good Behind It + RAW Segment Recapped

I absolutely can't think of ANYTHING good about them joining this, I really don't understand WHY they were added into this feud only just to save the Bella vs Bella feud. I admit the heel Nikki is better than Brie and very entertaining, but seriously WHERE the hell were they going? I mean this is bringing back the Taker and Kane feud, when Kane debuted. Remember? When Kane just kept going after Kane but taker would't fight back or anything because that was his brother, his flesh and blood? Then Kane pushed Taker to the edge and Taker then started fighting back? Well yeah I'm assuming that's how it's going to go with them.

I'm surprised no one noticed the similarity, but anyways I really don't see ANYTHING good happening, I mean so far it seems they're leading up to Nikki being champion thanks to Stephanie which she announced on RAW last night ( September 1st) that Nikki is getting a title shot, and the Brie comes out basically just like "WTF IT WAS ABOUT A TITLE SHOT?!" but kept it all inside and said "You did this,you betrayed your flesh and blood just for a title shot?" and to be fair Brie ther have been things just as bad betrayals.. like Seth turning back on his brothers to name one.. 

Oh don't deny you knew shit got real..
But either way AJ then proceeded to come out basically getting up in 'boss lady's' personal space which was wonderful since I think just that alone has been better than this Bella feud.. (but I never told anyone) Then AJ's little crumpet...Paige comes out to say she is "the bloody diva's champion" then AJ and Paige argue then Nikki calls them immature 2 year olds (ironic coming from her) and Brie attacks Nikki (by pushing her into Paige who also fell) after Nikki was BEGGING and screaming for her to quit (she then later said she was sorry on Twitter the next morning). Then AJ skips and Stephanie steps in her way and stare down and asks for the Divas Championship.. 

It's obvious AJ vs Stephanie NEEDS to happen soon because we can't take these teases okay! I'm wondering when is the day they decide to make it happen. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they face off at Mania 31. I mean it would be awesome.. 

Queen  Of Queens vs The Best Diva In The World

Sounds nice to be honest.. 

AJ and Paige Joining The Bellas Feud : The Bad Behind It

You guys probably are thinking I'm not having any faith in this, but I am. I am trying hold out hope. But due to what happened on Smackdown and the report of why this Bella split happened, it's a mess of a feud for possibly all for nothing (since a report says that The Bellas might be back together by the end of Total Divas's current season).

The fact that this mess of bad acting and terribly funny segments are making this a "main event" attraction just absolutely pisses me off. There are more talent that could do more in this Bella saga.
I mean look at the Ambrose and Rollins feud, that was a mid card feud and it was better than everything that was going on (excluding the Cena vs Lesnar feud). The WWE are trying to make us care about The Bella Twins and it is not working, no matter how much they want to shove them down our throats no one cares about them. 

I mean during that segment on RAW people were talking about AJ,Paige and Stephanie. I didn't hear anything about The Bellas besides the "But I Never Told Anyone" memes. 

There is a report that people backstage are not fond of the storyline and feel it shouldn't have the spot it is in due to the bad acting,etc. But they won't say anything because of Stephanie being involved and also because of who they're dating/married too. If this is true (let's say it is in this case) the fact that this is happening is basically out of our hands. If this is true it makes sense as to why Paige and AJ were there it does make sense as to why they acted bored and just were hilarious during that segment. 

In the end if the report is true (that Total Divas producers wanted the Bella split and that they will PROBABLY get back together by the end of Season 3) then basically don't expect anything and probably Nikki as champion.. 


Also I don't see Nikki winning the title (should she win it) from Paige due to the fact they're both heels. Either AJ wins or Paige retains and they all go their separate ways.. 

And now that is completed, I have a couple more of these one subjected posts from my thoughts on Punk reportedly sending a 22 page letter to WWE over royalties and how it could affect AJ's future to how this Bella feud may affect Paige!

If all goes well and I don't procrastinate expect these posts all being published throughout the week!

But if I do procrastinate expect them all up by the end of next week!

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Credit To : Jericho Invented That
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Adam Rose Debut A Flop? Diva Evaluation Results Poor? +More

Well hello everyone. After a long troubling day on working on the background and trying to get the picture to fit and not look like an 8bit or look awkward. I finally fixed it. Now the background is a Adam Cole picture I took during Supercard and the header is a Triple H picture I took as well. Took some time but I got it! Now I've picked the topics for this blog on the second half of May/Early June (remember there are about 2 blogs a month).

UPDATE (6/9/14) : Due to how long it has been since I've been typing this and since a lot of things have happened lately there will be another post on here to discuss other topics due to how long its taken me to type this.

Adam Rose Debut A Flop? Any Future At All?
Photo Credit: DarkVoidPictures on deviantART

Now being as Rose is kinda the talk of the internet because of his catchy theme that WWE remade since they couldn't get the rights to use the first theme that Rose debuted with in NXT (I have it on my phone and I listen to it a ton of times). Now if you haven't heard. There was some talk in the company that Rose's debut was considered a flop or just a fail. Which is kinda sad. Since he is like Fandango. He's a comedy gimmick but he gets the crowd and kids to love them...or hate them. But I want to know why they considered it a flop? Was it the crowd singing along? What was it? I think it's Cole dancing. :P

NJPW and ROH Shows

Global Wars and War Of Worlds were excellent shows. A must see for wrestling fans around. If you only watch WWE or just TNA. You're missing out big time. ROH and NJPW put on great stuff and it hurts that there is some that just watch WWE or TNA. I loved matches like Cole vs Steen to Tanahashi vs Bennett to Cole vs Liger. Just so many great matches that took place at both of the events. It was surreal to believe that this was actually happening. ROH vs NJPW  was actually happening. I enjoyed both of these shows. These two shows are without a doubt something that all wrestling fans need to see. 

Paige's Problem On Getting Over 

Now you can't deny the fact Paige is having trouble getting over to the crowd. You can't deny it. You want to say she gets a reaction? Yeah no, she doesn't. 90% of the time she gets little to none of a reaction. It saddens me since WWE is obviously keen on pushing her but it's kinda making me feel like she's Cena a bit. You know? Screams,takes a beating, win, repeat. Nothing against Paige. I don't have anything against her. She's a great talent and great in the ring. But WWE just isn't quite showing that. Then also I think with now WWE slowly making Paige break out of the Anti Diva character is disappointing. I mean from running and screaming off the top of her lungs with Kane to her dancing to Funkadactlys. It seems like they're moving away from her and the "Anti-Diva" gimmick. She will probably say she is not like any diva but she won't have the "Anti Diva" gimmick as strong as it was back in NXT. She isn't showcasing her skill and that is very disappointing.

I think maybe due to the main audience that goes to shows don't really watch NXT since its on Hulu Plus and on the WWE Network. I think that has a factor into why no one knows her. Then also the chance they didn't build her up. I think that could have a factor as to why she isn't really getting over with the crowd. Like I said, I have nothing against her. But I think due to how nowadays people that watch RAW or SD are casual fans a good percent of the time it's hard to get them to take Paige seriously. This is what I was afraid of when she won the title from AJ. That and that AJ would lose terribly which she did. But WWE for the love of god let Paige show us what she can do please... 

P.S  Get Emma away from Santino...

CM Punk And AJ : Wedding Confirmed

At this point in time I should have an entertainment section and just have news of their engagement or gossip about relationships because I've brought up their relationship a lot. Not that it's an issue but.. umm. 

Hey guy on the left we know what you're staring at..
So does Punk..
Moving on. CM Punk himself has confirmed he is indeed getting married to AJ during a Cubs game (ironic isn't it?) and he said he's getting married sometime in the next month (June) and then the camera showed AJ. If you haven't heard the rumors on them being engaged I got to ask you one thing. Where the heck have you been? The speculation if you don't remember  began on Twitter around the end of March that an airport worker saw AJ with a ring on the ring finger and according to the guy's story she said she was engaged and showed the ring will quickly. He even spotted Punk at the same airport. So he tweeted that out and there was everything going crazy on Twitter. That is of course til during a match with Naomi just not so long after the rumors began. She wrestled with the ring and that was basically confirming the rumors. But of course you have to have your non believers. So now Punk has confirmed it himself shippers around the world were excited. It really is great to see Punk happy with everything in life even how he retired and everything. It seems like he's absolutely happy with everything.

I think how happy he's been and her sticking by him through everything made him change his mind and asked her to marry him. But we'll never know how it happened. Just assumptions going everywhere on how and when he did it. 

But congratulations to the happy couple! And I wish them all the happiness!

Diva Evaluation Results Poor? 

Well if you haven't heard this then let me break it down. Since AJ is gone for the time being WWE has taken a look at it's divas like Aksana,Alicia,Tamina,etc. Reason is to see I guess if they can prove themselves with the chance they have now that AJ is again gone for the time being. But supposedly the results so far have been poor. And I want to know WHY they're poor. Is it because they don't "fit in?" Or is it because they're making them lose most of the time to Paige or the rare chance we see a Total Diva wrestle. My assumptions is they're not being able to prove that they're worth something since they're losing 95% of the time or they're not being able to show off. I mean Alicia has been impressive and showing she can take that little sliver of opportunity and have all of our attentions...

Since these results have been poor supposedly AJ's stock continues to rise and when she returns she will come back to retain her top spot. But due to Paige also 90-95% (percentage is in my opinion and guessing since she has debuted) of the time not getting a reaction it's supposedly worrying officials. Which I could see why but the issue is as well is they're not trying to get her over at all. They have basically failed at the Anti-Diva gimmick. Then also with the fact HOW she debuted wasn't the best way. I'm not saying she shouldn't have debuted since it was perfect but her coming out to congratulate AJ and saying she wasn't ready when just days ago she tweeted out she wanted to be in the Divas Invitational. I mean it's not liked she sent a message to all the divas...including AJ. Oh wait she did. I hated the fact they didn't use THAT to help get her over and the fact HOW she won. But I'll get into that later since this is about the Diva's themselves. 

I think the issue is WWE is not putting in a lot of effort for them to prove themselves. I think we have some good diva's on the roster but they haven't been able to prove themselves. I just wish WWE would book the divas like how they're booked in NXT. One can wish..

AJ's Return 

Now I did say this was a Diva talk filled one this time. Now this is a big question mark to some people. Like when is she going to return? How is she going to return? Just a million of questions are going crazy about AJ. It's interesting to me that there is this big speculation on her return. I mean she is getting married sometime this month. For all we know she could be getting married today. But I seriously wonder. I mean since Alicia kinda has taken over the "crazy" gimmick or whatever you want to call it (they're similar but very different) and now since Tamina seems to be out for several months I got to question. Does this keep AJ in limbo when she actually wants to return? I mean let's say she is ready to come back after the wedding and such let's say in July. How are they going to write her as? Face? Heel? How are they going to explain Tamina being gone? 

I had an idea and she doesn't even have to be there to do this. Paige or whoever she is feuding with when she returns keeps getting strange messages and things happening. Like let's say whoever it is like won a match and like her theme plays randomly but she doesn't show. Just kinda weird things happening. Like messages like lets say in spray paint to Paige or whoever she's feuding with saying stuff like "Love Bites..but so does I". You get the idea. But you know freaky things happening to them. But you know it's my idea that probably could work or probably can't. Either way whenever she returns it will most likely be a surprise and probably talked about for a bit. Well I think..

So yay, I finally finish this after like 2 and a half weeks. But due to that I now have to type another one so. Woo. But I hope you enjoy. If not okay. I really have no sarcastic remark prepared at all. Except for this..



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