Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CM Punk Sending A 22 Page Letter to WWE Over Royalties!

CM Punk Reportedly Upset Over Royalties!

Now if you haven't heard about this already, Punk has reportedly sent a 22 page LETTER to WWE/WWE Officials over his royalties. Now my thoughts on this is probably going to be short a sweet. So I'm going to try and drag this out a bit.. 

Does CM Punk Earn The Royalties?

In the words of Eva's dad (from Total Divas) "No! Flat No!"

My reasoning is due to the circumstances on how he left makes me believe he doesn't earn the royalties from WWE 2K15 (this is basically what it is all about, him being in the game). The roster was basically set while he was in the company and then he walks out of the company and the roster gets announced and Punk is in the game which leads us to where we are right now. 

Punk is basically asking for some money for being in the game. My reasoning on why he doesn't earn the royalties is how he left. If he had left when his contract was up I would perfectly understand why he would want royalties but the fact he walked out and is telling WWE I need something out of me being in the game is in my opinion not the best decision. Maybe (if it is indeed true) he thought this through but is it logical to basically demand royalties from a company you walked out on? Because they could turn this against him any second and do something due to him breaching his contract. 

In the end if Punk is threatening to sue or is suing or whatever is going on this can just be one big mess. WWE seem to either decided to be sending a message to Punk or did it for some reason you can currently get his documentary (blu-ray and standard) for 2.99 on WWE Shop right now. So if WWE is asking for royalties this is them saying "fuck you and your 22 page letter" , either way if this is a lawsuit or not this could get very messy between Punk and WWE.. 

WWE's Response To Punk's Letter?

His Current Merchandise Page as of 9/9/14
In an apparent response to the letter (as I mentioned above) WWE basically took whatever was left of his merchandise and only left (currently) 5 items. They had DVD yesterday for 2.99 (both standard and blu-ray), currently they have a figure,wrist sleeves,a pendant,standard DVD,and a DK Reader Book. It's basically their way of showing "fuck you and your royalties". They're dead set on getting rid of his merch. 

This is probably going to get messy,either way it's going to be something we have to keep on the lookout..

Could This Affect AJ Lee In The WWE? 

Now this is a interesting thing to talk about, could it affect AJ ? Maybe it will or maybe it won't but (if this is true) you have to wonder could they do something as a way to send a message? Could they do that?

Probably not since Vince is her biggest supporter right now, but at the same time you still have to have some inkling that it could happen and just put AJ in the middle. She's currently seen at the top diva today and it's basically out of the question that something like that would happen. CM Punk is probably currently the absolutely most hated guy in the locker room due to how he walked out. Hunter and Stephanie want to move on and Vince apparently didn't but now officially has to. Vince could be pissed off that he sent a letter (or a novel in this case due to is reportedly being 22 pages long) basically telling them he demands royalties if they're going to use his likeness. Which I would have to agree since he does own the "CM Punk" name technically but again due to how I stated above how I personally don't believe he earns the royalties and also does he really need the money? 

 But back to topic, I don't personally really see AJ being affected, maybe I'm wrong but I don't see anything happening to her (maybe her time is coming to an end (will talk about this later) or puts her in the middle). As long as she has Vince's support I don't expect Punk's lawyers reportedly sending a 22 page letter to WWE/WWE Officials to be an issue.. 

Now we got this done I got maybe 2 other things I have planned to type. So basically (in the words of Scar from The Lion King) BE PREPARED! 

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