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Talking About Other Wrestling Product That Isn't RAW or Smackdown!

Decided to finally have a post up on here discussing some other wrestling besides the Main Roster. From ROH to hell NJPW! This is something I've had plans to do but I got lazy. As I'm typing this I also have another one being typed up. So multi typing! It's not a word but dammit I'll make it up..

Thought I do this since I've wanted to do this and also want to put some thoughts out there. Going to discuss a title change that happened in NJPW recently..

Styles Losing The IWGP Championship To Tanahashi!
Credit To Sports Navi (Yahoo) Japan

This literally surprised me, honestly didn't expect Tanahashi to win. Not going to lie, but it's going to be an interesting twist now that Yoshitatsu prevented Jeff Jarrett to get involved and now set for "Power Struggle" is Yoshitatsu vs Styles. Should be an interesting match up taking place on November 8th or is it the 9th? Let's move on from that part.. 

Ah but don't count out Okada getting involved now, since he has the briefcase he will face Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 9 but at "Power Struggle" Tanahashi will team up with Ibushi to face the team of Okada and HASHI, being a "prelude" to the Wrestle Kingdom 9 main event this should be an interesting tag team match.. 

Jay Briscoe Winning The ROH World Championship/Elgin Quitting ROH! 

Now I'm late on this and to hear this happened again just surprised the hell out of me. Didn't expect Elgin to lose the championship. Then news came out with Elgin's issue and (reportedly other issues) it made sense technically. So now him winning the championship is going to be an interesting run since its Jay Briscoe ;)

Now this all started a chain of events and the outcome was Elgin quitting Ring Of Honor. There is speculation among some that it is an angle. Elgin seems to have deny that it is an angle. Either way Elgin quitting was a shocker but not surprising if that makes sense. It's interesting to see where Elgin goes now that he has seemed to have quit Ring Of Honor.. 

Should be interesting to see how it transpires to say the least.. 

World's Cutest Tag Team Wins Tag Team Gold At PWG Eleven! Which was a Bloody Good Match!

Yes, I made a poor pun.. 
Gif Credit to Wrestling-Giffer on Tumblr

Anyways WCTT won some gold! This match was just so great, loved every second of it and good Christ the stuff in that match.. 

Anyways this match honestly is just one of the best matches this year, was an amazing match. The thumbtacks, gummy bears,trash cans,the chairs,the superkicks,the shoe that had the the thumbtacks on the sole (that's how you spell it right? eh well..). This match was just so amazing. 

This is probably going to be a match I'll always watch and never get tired of it. Just props to all parties involved in this spectacular match up. I now can't wait to see WCTT defend at the next PWG event defending their tag team gold against Gargano and Taylor.. 

NXT: Neville Heel Turn Coming? Zayn vs Neville Feud Coming? Balor Debuts! Itami Ring Debut!

Now I said "Other Wrestling" and this is technically other wrestling. It's not talking about RAW or Smackdown and this is not talking about that so ;)

Neville Heel run coming? It seems to on its way! After saving his NXT Championship a second away from it going to Zayn who would have won the 'Big One' in a way that caused controversy. The tension between them is there. I mean the NXT after Takeover 2 they tried to out do each other. It's coming and I can not wait for it.. 

(Sorry for this not being dicussed a bit more, when what I feel the inevitable turn from Neville is made I will come back to this and discuss it more)


Balor has arrived! 

You see for yourself..
Body paint or an illusion?
Another of the newest signees to NXT has debuted at the last NXT tapings! Itami who currently has some beef with Ascension (someone please explain them to me, honestly), basically wants to fight Itami and Itami basically says she knows someone who will tag with him. I honestly expected Funaki since this past week Funaki was attacked by Ascenion right in front of the trapped Itami, but WWE surprises me and introduces Finn Balor. They both hit the ring (Also Balor's theme is awesome) and just destroy Ascension. 

His debut then leaked on YouTube (which currently I can not find due to it being taken down) and the debut alone was very impressive. Devitt keeps teasing the body paint and if you had the lucky chance to have seen it, if you looked closely in the video you would have seen his name on titatron or extrance video whatever its called, you would see (what I am assuming) a face and seems to be Balor with body paint.. 

Hideo Itami's In Ring Debut!

Itami made his in ring debut against Justin Gabriel and which I personally enjoyed. Itami showed just some of his moves in that ring and Itami already in his feud with Ascenion and is putting on great matches with Viktor at the NXT Live Events. Itami's goal right now is to win the NXT Championship but of course you have your road blocks and it will be interesting to see if Itami does reach his goal as NXT Champion. 
Now this was it for this "Other Wrestling "discussion, Hope you're enjoyed this, If you didn't well crap... but if you did yay! Either way I'll probably do this once a month if I'm not too lazy..

Next up that should be on its way is "Should WWE Give Up On The Authority Angle?"


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