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Remembering A Legend,Randy Orton Becoming The Whiny Heel,The Mania Rumors!

Well hello again! This probably is the quickest update I've done for this. I'm typing this on the 16th. Just uploaded a picture teasing this. Yeah tonight I'm planning ahead! Woo. There will probably be date confusion and such since I'm typing it 2 days out of when I want to upload this so yeah enjoy the confusion! But tonight or today whenever I upload this, we are saying goodbye to such a legend. We have to say goodbye to the one we saw on our tv screens for years. Tonight(Today) we have to say goodbye to Mae Young..

Randy Orton Becoming The 'Whiny' Heel?
Credit To : AMJ07 on deviantART
Now to be perfectly honest I am getting alittle annoyed with Orton lately. I'm a fan of his but damn Orton just shuush. He's really taking this heel gimmick way to much and it also doesn't help that WWE is shoving him down our throats. I really don't think we can got one hour without Orton whining or something. He's getting the heat no doubt (since no one on the internet likes him) but it's just reminding me of Christian's heel run. Remember when he was annoying and really whining? Yeah that's how Orton is right now. It's great that he is getting the hate since it's great but yeah just no. I don't need to hear everyweek him saying that he is the face of the WWE and all that crap. 

Ryback's Twitter "Craziness" 
Now personally I thought he was hacked or something but seems to be that he is not hacked but is just going off on Twitter. Seems to be that WWE is incorporating that into a new gimmick so uhh yeah. I really don't have much to say about this but it's just weird. And to make it more interesting is that he deletes them by the end of the day. He was out during Main Event for no reason but in the end he's getting some support. But only due to his twitter. No other reason at that probably. This is going to be like another AJ crazy angle except no multiple boyfriends.


 So if you want to see his twitter craziness go on to his Twitter at this link:

Sting Rumors 
Yeah they're back again. Now if you hear these rumors you know its the Road To Wrestlemania! But seems like Sting could happen? I'm not sure but SPOILER ALERT TO ANY TNA FANS! 
Credit To: Originalzombie on deviantART

He loses the match. There saved yeah 90 minutes to watch such a slow paced 30 minute match. But anyways should note that Sting isn't on the roster list on TNA's site. Just putting that out there. But the latest rumor is that Sting has left TNA or didn't renew his contract with TNA and is in talks with WWE. Now if this is true I would rather see Sting vs Taker or just Bryan vs Taker. Just basically ANYTHING besides Lesnar vs Taker. Now this is my opinion. But don't really believe the rumors just yet since I have some doubt that Sting would leave TNA. That place has been his home for years do you really think he would leave it just like that? 

Stone Cold Rumors 
Yep they're back...again. Woo! Yeah so Stone Cold said that he would want to be involved in the big show ; Wrestlemania 30. Yeah so WWE most likely gave him a call when they heard the news because Vince probably heard the cha-ching when Stone Cold said that. Now I don't know if this could happen. Do I want it to happen? Hell yeah (pun intended) I do! This is Stone Cold! And him wanting to be involved in Mania somehow? Wow that would be awesome but how would he be involved is the question.. 

Bryan Leaving The Wyatt Family! 
Now this really disappointed me. I was all in for the idea of Bryan joining the Wyatt Family, I really was. The funny thing is that people were wanting or joking that Bryan should be in it (even when he was starting to get over) now it was "No get Bryan out of the Wyatt Family","WWE just buried Bryan" and all that. It was weird. But still I was all in for Bryan in the Wyatts. I was enjoying it. The story will go is that Bryan got kicked out but in reality Bryan left the group. So now you're wondering what will WWE do with him? He's the most over yet WWE *cough* Vince *cough cough* Hunter *cough* doesn't think he is "the" guy. So it's like what do you do? He can't go for a title run (god forbid) because he's "too short". Hell that was why (besides other reasons) Hunter didn't sign Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. WWE is really paying attention to people that the fans could care less about. I mean they're making us see Khali,Big Show,Cena,Orton so many times in one episode or for a week it's not even funny. Instead of listening to the fans (which they say they do which is a pure lie) they're pushing guys that were pushed 6 or 10 years ago. WWE get over it, let Bryan show you what he can do in that ring and you will get the response you probably haven't heard of in years (Cena isn't/wasn't as over as Bryan is. IMO).

Taker? Where are ya?
Now it's Mania season so I'm wondering when or where is Taker? He hasn't been seen since Shield power bombed him through the announcer table. So I'm wondering when will Taker appear? Could it be Rumble? EC? Where? Where 'o where is Taker. Okay so now the rumored people right now are *cringes* Lesnar,Cena,Sting (Those rumors are around every year people), and Bryan. Now the question is who does Taker (reportedly) want to face at the big show? Simple answer and that is Daniel Bryan. Taker has a huge part on who he should face and last year he said CM Punk and that happened (the match of the night at Mania) and now it's now possible that we could see Bryan face Taker. I really would be interested since Punk vs Taker was a good match so just imagine Bryan vs Taker. Woah right? Yeah my ideal storyline or how it comes about is that Bryan wants to prove that he is NOT a B+ player and he wants to prove he is a A+ player and to prove that he wants to face the biggest of them all and that is Taker. Now of course they will probably put Bryan in a match with other people who also want to face Taker and tada Bryan wins and there you go. Bryan vs Taker at Mania. Of course this is my thoughts of how it should start it but either way I think Bryan is an excellent choice and I hope it happens at Mania. 

Ultimate Warrior Going To The WWE Hall Of Fame 
Now there were suspicions about Warrior being in the HOF. So it didn't come as a shock but it was a shock that it happened. Never thought I would see Warrior going into the HOF but it's happening! April 5th he is getting inducted. There is no doubt Warrior accomplished so much in his time with WWE. But now the question is who inducts the Ultimate

AJ And Maryse Confusion
I've noticed a lot of people talking how AJ still hasn't passed Maryse but she has believe it or not. Now I know its not known and the topic was dropped yesterday but I thought I clear it up for anyone that is confused as to why WWE "cut" Maryse's reign. Well for one WWE didn't. Maryse won a Smackdown taping so WWE isn't counting it on the Tuesday she won it they were counting it from when she won it. So AJ is at the I guess you can say real record of Maryse's reign but either way she is going to pass it. She already did in WWE's books but probably to anyone else Maryse's reign is 216 and AJ hasn't passed it yet. So either way AJ is the longest reigning Divas Champ. Hope it clears up any confusion as to why WWE is saying Maryse's reign is 213 days instead of 216 days. 

Kaitlyn Leaving WWE : Part 2
Now I didn't originally plan on making a part 2 but I thought I might as well kinda reflect on the memories and discuss her departure ever more. 

I have memories of Kaitlyn like title wins,matches,deleted heel turns,etc. Kaitlyn had a great career for the short time she was in the WWE. From winning NXT and bringing in AJ they were the ChickBusters which in all honesty were such a great team. They were great if you don't believe me well go back to when Kaitlyn and AJ were just starting out. To me they were something. Kaitlyn had the power/strength and AJ had the quick high flying and technical strength. They were something that was great. Really wanted to see more come out of it but due to WWE planning on making Kaitlyn heel and join the "Pin Up Strong" schmuck. That ended due for absolutely no reason. I guess maybe WWE thought Kaitlyn should stay the face or that the Pin Up Strong didn't need anyone else or something. I really don't know. But either way it kinda started the separating them and tada they dropped them like that. Really confuses me how they just stopped but in the end with AJ dealing with Bryan,Punk and Kane love triangle, Kaitlyn was focusing on one thing at that was the butterfly belt ; The Divas Championship. Now some say they started going their separate ways some say Kaitlyn abandoned AJ when AJ needed her most. Either way the Chick Busters were great but do to the collapse of their friendship we all knew one thing was inevitable and that was a feud between the former best friends. It was coming but when was the question.. 

First Taste As A Champion 
During her drama with AJ she was focusing on who ruined her chance at facing her friend Layla for the Divas Championship. Turned out Eve was the one who set it all up (Who was actually shocked it was Eve?) and Eve kept finding ways to get out of the matches until Booker T on the 20th anniversary of RAW put in a stipulation that if Eve was to get DQ'd or counted out on purpose she would lost the Championship. So after a back and forth action and one mysterious,unknowing move by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn won the Divas Championship in her hometown. It was great to see Kaitlyn achieve the Championship but we knew that a certain someone was lurking around. In time Kaitlyn had everything right. Friends,Divas Championship and the fans. Of course it did come crashing down due to the feud between AJ and herself began. AJ using those mind tricks and in the end helped her win the Championship. Kaitlyn and AJ had good matches and great chemistry but it went right down the toilet when WWE just pulled the plug on the feud. AJ then moved on to Total Cen-Divas..

The End 
When her feud with AJ just was done with no "solid" ending. In the end it was good since everytime they were in the ring you knew there was still hatred towards one another. Now AJ was moving on with feuding with Total Cen-Divas and dropped the Pipebombshell. During all of this Total Divas drama, Kaitlyn was no where to be found. If you saw her she was on Superstars or something. She went from having one of the best matches of the year to hardly ever on TV. It was a head scratcher as how Kaitlyn can go from being on top to just down. She was at rock bottom or as I say it was rock bottom, 50 feet of crap then her. She was just buried down. She was just gone. Like a ghost. She poof gone. Now then Kaitlyn got fed up (reportedly) and asked for her release. WWE said hold on they have something for her and it never happened. So she got tired of doing nothing or having these storylines never happen for me. She left. It was sad for any fans of hers and ironically her last match was with her best friend, in ring enemy AJ. That was a sad thing to watch. But either way she was great. 

Farewell Kaitlyn.. 

Remembering A Legend.. 
Well we heard the reports and everything. But we lost Mae Young this week. Such a legend, someone who the passion and love for this business. She was the best. We saw her on our TVs for years. It always was great to see her on our TVs. She was just hilarious,took better bumps then the rest of the division,had just funny and memorable moments. From getting put through a table to ending up in bed with Mark Henry to appearing in a Team Hell NO! Segment. She was always there and just was involved in the perfect way. We say goodbye to a woman who was a champion in many aspects. Someone who again had the passion and love for this business. Today we're going to remember the moments we all saw and will never..forget. 

                       Here she is facing The Fabulous Moolah for the Womans Championship.. 

                       Here is Vince and Hunter presenting Mae with a Divas Championship Replica

                                                 Here is Mae in well a school uniform..

Here is Mae and Moolah on TV Talk Show..

This was just weird but it was memorable..

He's all grown up! 

                                     We now say good bye to a legend,someone who made us laugh..

We will miss you Mae,you will never be forgotten...
Well that about does it for this blog thingy. Next time we will talk about me meeting WGTT,Christian York and maybe...just maybe my ROH Trip in Feb?

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TLC Thoughts! Styles Returns To ROH! Can AJ Become The Longest Reigning Divas Champ?

Well as you can tell I got lazy. This was supposed to go up on New Years Eve and its 8 days after. Also didn't help was that I got sick and then this cold snap. Either way it's time for another blog thingy! Ya-okay I'm just gong to start the blog thingy..

Photo Credit : Chirantha on deviantART
TLC PPV Thoughts
I really had some high hopes for this PPV, but boy could I have been any more wrong? It really just sucked. It wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best so it just sucked. For me AJ vs Nattie and the Tag Team Match was good. Other than that I really wasn't really actually paying attention. I already had plans to change the channel (or go back and forth) to Total Divas Season Finale when Cena vs Orton started. And apparently other people had the same idea since there was no drop in viewership. But either way I wasn't really happy with the PPV when the show ended. Just really not the best but not the worst. I really personally think this Authority storyline is just bringing down WWE altogether. 

AJ Styles Returns To Ring Of Honor

This came as a shock since I heard Styles was in talks with TNA and they reportedly fell through, it was a complete shock. Either way it was amazing to all ROH and wrestling fans to hear this news. It was awesome. When I first heard of course I was shocked but then I thought "wow, first Hero now Styles? ROH is on a roll". This was my thoughts exactly. It really is great to hear Styles was welcomed back with open arms which was expected but still great to hear. But then there was a botch move between Strong and Styles and Strong could've seriously been injured. He had a close call there. Either way it's going to be awesome seeing Styles back with ROH. I'm hearing a rumor that Styles and TNA are back in talks. Don't know if it's true but if it is then I guess (if a deal between Styles and TNA was to be made) don't expect Styles on your TV or with ROH for not that long if the rumor is indeed true. 

Batista Returning To The WWE 

Now this was leaked out by accident. But it got the world talkin! It was a shocker to say the least. I was like the Lesnar Guy when Lesnar returned when I heard the news. Either way, I'm excited. He's also been announced to compete in the Rumble match and may already have a feud all lined up. If it is indeed a feud. It seems Batista and ADR are not the best and things will get heated if they are in the ring together. Either way I'm excited and can not wait for the Animal Batista to return! 

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Returns

This was a big ol' shocker for me and everyone else. No one suspected it at all. I think I would've had a bigger reaction if Triple H hadn't ruined the surprise. Either way it was a complete surprise. Jake looks great! It really took me by surprise when he returned. Also did you see how Dean was smiling? Oh that was funny. Either way welcome back Jake! Hope to see ya more often! 

Can AJ Become The Longest Reigning Divas Champion

Now this will most likely happen seeing as she is 10 days shy from tying Maryse's reign. She is currently the second longest reigning Divas Champion in history right now. That alone is a huge accomplishment. If you follow me on Twitter or like my FB page you know I'm a fan of AJ and I'm intrigued as to who will be AJ's next opponent. She has beaten the whole cast of Total Divas (exclude Eva and JoJo) several times. So it's kinda a question as to who's next? Either way she is going to be the longest reigning Divas Champion by Rumble.. 

My Smackdown Trip - Dec. 18th

Now I personally never have had a bad show yet I never had a great show. So this SD taping took me by surprised and I enjoyed every bit. Now I if you heard anyone screaming off the top of their lungs then it was either us or the people in the front row. But really great show. Really was awesome to see Wyatt's live. Amazing thing to see in person. Now I might add that I couldn't take any pictures at all during their entrance which was a HUGE letdown. But either way great show and basically lost my voice! Now enjoy some pictures from the SD Show.. 

Godust's and Cody's Entrance

One of many Orton photo's I took

Very weird to see AJ skip like no one's business to Tamina's theme

Really felt bad for them since SA didn't really give them any love.. 

The only good photo I could take during Wyatt's entrance

This was during Lillian's entrance. They were all dancing. It was plain hilarious. 

I had to get the butt wiggle because I mean come on! It's Ziggles!

We The People.. 

Couldn't Randy had pose on the damn turnbuckle just once?

This was after Nattie vs Aksana and there is a reason why it was filmed for Superstars..

Now I got this one for a friend but I thought I share it for anymore 3MB fans so enjoy!

Kaitlyn Leaves WWE 

 This personally was a huge shocker for me today. I wake up to find out Kaitlyn left and I was completely shocked to hear about this. I was having umm allergies when I found out. I just could not believe she was leaving. It was a shock. No one suspected it. She gave no indication at all she was leaving. No site (aka the so called dirtsheets) never reported it. Which I think is impressive. Everytime anything that isn't leaked out is a surprise. So I give props to Kaitlyn and WWE for really keeping it tight lipped. But now we fans have to say goodbye to a great diva,great matches with AJ,just a great talent overall (yet we're stuck with Eva). So you know some know this some don't but I met Kaitlyn a couple of years ago and she was the nicest person you could meet. I proudly have her autograph still (because I mean come on it's a possession) but she was great to meet. And it's weird for me now knowing that the first two people I met (from this current wrestling period) are gone from WWE. It's weird. If that makes sense. But either way we will probably never (well it could happen) a Chickbuster reunion. Also we can count out Kaitlyn replacing JoJo (since WWE is reportedly replacing JoJo from Total Divas). But either way us fans of Kaitlyn or Chickbusters need to stick together! 

Now this blog thingy has now ended. Now as I prepare to leave in like 20-40 minutes to a Spurs's game (Go Spurs Go) I hope you guys enjoyed this. Worked majority of the afternoon on this. Hoped you enjoyed the few pics from SD from a few weeks back so I now shall rush. So hope you enjoyed this and let's hope Spurs win!