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TLC Thoughts! Styles Returns To ROH! Can AJ Become The Longest Reigning Divas Champ?

Well as you can tell I got lazy. This was supposed to go up on New Years Eve and its 8 days after. Also didn't help was that I got sick and then this cold snap. Either way it's time for another blog thingy! Ya-okay I'm just gong to start the blog thingy..

Photo Credit : Chirantha on deviantART
TLC PPV Thoughts
I really had some high hopes for this PPV, but boy could I have been any more wrong? It really just sucked. It wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best so it just sucked. For me AJ vs Nattie and the Tag Team Match was good. Other than that I really wasn't really actually paying attention. I already had plans to change the channel (or go back and forth) to Total Divas Season Finale when Cena vs Orton started. And apparently other people had the same idea since there was no drop in viewership. But either way I wasn't really happy with the PPV when the show ended. Just really not the best but not the worst. I really personally think this Authority storyline is just bringing down WWE altogether. 

AJ Styles Returns To Ring Of Honor

This came as a shock since I heard Styles was in talks with TNA and they reportedly fell through, it was a complete shock. Either way it was amazing to all ROH and wrestling fans to hear this news. It was awesome. When I first heard of course I was shocked but then I thought "wow, first Hero now Styles? ROH is on a roll". This was my thoughts exactly. It really is great to hear Styles was welcomed back with open arms which was expected but still great to hear. But then there was a botch move between Strong and Styles and Strong could've seriously been injured. He had a close call there. Either way it's going to be awesome seeing Styles back with ROH. I'm hearing a rumor that Styles and TNA are back in talks. Don't know if it's true but if it is then I guess (if a deal between Styles and TNA was to be made) don't expect Styles on your TV or with ROH for not that long if the rumor is indeed true. 

Batista Returning To The WWE 

Now this was leaked out by accident. But it got the world talkin! It was a shocker to say the least. I was like the Lesnar Guy when Lesnar returned when I heard the news. Either way, I'm excited. He's also been announced to compete in the Rumble match and may already have a feud all lined up. If it is indeed a feud. It seems Batista and ADR are not the best and things will get heated if they are in the ring together. Either way I'm excited and can not wait for the Animal Batista to return! 

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Returns

This was a big ol' shocker for me and everyone else. No one suspected it at all. I think I would've had a bigger reaction if Triple H hadn't ruined the surprise. Either way it was a complete surprise. Jake looks great! It really took me by surprise when he returned. Also did you see how Dean was smiling? Oh that was funny. Either way welcome back Jake! Hope to see ya more often! 

Can AJ Become The Longest Reigning Divas Champion

Now this will most likely happen seeing as she is 10 days shy from tying Maryse's reign. She is currently the second longest reigning Divas Champion in history right now. That alone is a huge accomplishment. If you follow me on Twitter or like my FB page you know I'm a fan of AJ and I'm intrigued as to who will be AJ's next opponent. She has beaten the whole cast of Total Divas (exclude Eva and JoJo) several times. So it's kinda a question as to who's next? Either way she is going to be the longest reigning Divas Champion by Rumble.. 

My Smackdown Trip - Dec. 18th

Now I personally never have had a bad show yet I never had a great show. So this SD taping took me by surprised and I enjoyed every bit. Now I if you heard anyone screaming off the top of their lungs then it was either us or the people in the front row. But really great show. Really was awesome to see Wyatt's live. Amazing thing to see in person. Now I might add that I couldn't take any pictures at all during their entrance which was a HUGE letdown. But either way great show and basically lost my voice! Now enjoy some pictures from the SD Show.. 

Godust's and Cody's Entrance

One of many Orton photo's I took

Very weird to see AJ skip like no one's business to Tamina's theme

Really felt bad for them since SA didn't really give them any love.. 

The only good photo I could take during Wyatt's entrance

This was during Lillian's entrance. They were all dancing. It was plain hilarious. 

I had to get the butt wiggle because I mean come on! It's Ziggles!

We The People.. 

Couldn't Randy had pose on the damn turnbuckle just once?

This was after Nattie vs Aksana and there is a reason why it was filmed for Superstars..

Now I got this one for a friend but I thought I share it for anymore 3MB fans so enjoy!

Kaitlyn Leaves WWE 

 This personally was a huge shocker for me today. I wake up to find out Kaitlyn left and I was completely shocked to hear about this. I was having umm allergies when I found out. I just could not believe she was leaving. It was a shock. No one suspected it. She gave no indication at all she was leaving. No site (aka the so called dirtsheets) never reported it. Which I think is impressive. Everytime anything that isn't leaked out is a surprise. So I give props to Kaitlyn and WWE for really keeping it tight lipped. But now we fans have to say goodbye to a great diva,great matches with AJ,just a great talent overall (yet we're stuck with Eva). So you know some know this some don't but I met Kaitlyn a couple of years ago and she was the nicest person you could meet. I proudly have her autograph still (because I mean come on it's a possession) but she was great to meet. And it's weird for me now knowing that the first two people I met (from this current wrestling period) are gone from WWE. It's weird. If that makes sense. But either way we will probably never (well it could happen) a Chickbuster reunion. Also we can count out Kaitlyn replacing JoJo (since WWE is reportedly replacing JoJo from Total Divas). But either way us fans of Kaitlyn or Chickbusters need to stick together! 

Now this blog thingy has now ended. Now as I prepare to leave in like 20-40 minutes to a Spurs's game (Go Spurs Go) I hope you guys enjoyed this. Worked majority of the afternoon on this. Hoped you enjoyed the few pics from SD from a few weeks back so I now shall rush. So hope you enjoyed this and let's hope Spurs win!

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