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Survivor Series Thoughts! Meeting HBK! TLC Thoughts/Predictions! RAW Thoughts! Wrestlemania!

Well hello again! Long time no see. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving/Hanukkah. Well we have a lot of things to discuss. Since well I got lazy/forgetful and well like I said forgetful so there wasn't a post thingy on Survivor Series so you might see some of that tonight. Then also this past Monday night's RAW and much much more!

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Survivor Series Thoughts
It was terrible.

Does that answer any questions? Ok moving on.. 

No but seriously it was gah. Only match that stood out was only one at that was the Traditional Survivor Series Match. (Didn't get to see Bryan and Punk vs Wyatts due to well problemos) It seems for the past 3 years Survivor Series has just not been the best. (My opinion of course) Also just going to say I enjoyed the Divas 7 on 7. There! I admit it! Sunday should be fun live tweeting the match that we have seen to damn much..Cena vs Orton. I have plans that as soon as the main event starts I'm changing the channel and watch Total Divas..because that's what I do! (Mark Henry pun intended) It all depends on if I go somewhere to watch the PPV. I think if I do I'll leave when the match comes on.. Either way Survivor Series was terrible. 

My Rating On The Show Itself : 4/10 (Bret Hart Pun Intended) 

TLC Thought's and Predictions! 
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Well I'm glad then again I'm not that I didn't get tickets to this. (I made it up! I bought tickets to Smackdown) I know Mr.Heavy D will be in attendance. He's bragging a bit. Anyways. TLC could be a better PPV than the last what 3 we have witnessed sadly? I mean yeah we get to see sadly Orton vs Cena again but we have Nattie vs AJ (which one I hope is good and two AJ retains :P),Faaahhhn Daaaaan GoOoOoOo vs Mr.Ziggles. So we have a okay card. Also as I was looking over my Twitter feed just right now Cena was seen without the Championship during the Tribute To The Troops Taping so does that show the possible outcome on Sunday? Also I might add AJ was with the Championship from what I hear (then also she had it with her) so again does this bring the possible outcome? We just have to wait and see! So follow me on Twitter for probably a hilarious live tweeting. Also let's hope to god I don't get in Twitter Jail! 

Quick Predictions : 
AJ Retains
Bryan? I'm not too sure but I'm going with Bryan dammit! 
Orton (because god if Cena wins..) 
Cody & Goldie 

RAW Thoughts
So I am just going to go ahead and say it but RAW was not really good. It was average. Because I mean one some of the winners of the Slammy's clearly didn't deserve it (Bellas,Steph(maybe),Big Show,Cena & Rock). But what can we do? I mean Twitter and some of Facebook was beyond pissed off Bellas won 'Diva Of The Year', hell even the crowd was booing Bellas. WWE even had to edit out the reaction. Then with WWE putting up a poll asking "Who got the biggest snub at the Slammy's" and AJ still is in the lead. But moving on, lets talk about how Bryan won 'Superstar Of The Year' and Vince doesn't believe Bryan as an attraction. Boy Vince you sure dropped the ball on this one didn't ya! Either way Cena vs Rock winning 'Match Of The Year' really wasn't icing on the cake with Twitter and Facebook. Hell I even believe that match didn't deserved it. But to me the ending of RAW saved the show. The teases of Punk vs Hunter, and then people wishing HBK wasn't in retirement so we could see Bryan vs HBK. That was an awesome ending. Hunter pulling off Punk,Punk knocking him down with one punch,Shawn giving a SCM to Punk and Bryan giving HBK the Busaiku Knee and then with Randy being shoved into Stephanie. Hunter pissed off and gives Orton a Pedigree then with that tease making us wonder. Is Cena going to join the authority? Personally I don't know. But it made people talk. That was their final sell on TLC. Also the best part was the crowd chanting for Bryan and just stopping the segment for what 2 minutes?! But I'll give this Cena did a good promo. Also Cena doesn't seem to remember Bryan vs Punk.. 

AJ Styles Leaving TNA 
This news shocked the hell outta me. I never thought I'd hear that Styles was leaving. This really doesn't help TNA at all. Besides Hogan,Sting and Hardy, Styles was "the guy" (in my opinion) I guess you can say. With Hogan leaving people thought TNA was going to be good again. And that hasn't really happened. Of course there are some good shows but I haven't really heard many people say TNA has been great. Either way it makes me wonder just how much longer will TNA stay afloat.. 

But still now the question that is going through everyone's mind is, where does Styles go from here? ROH?Japan?Indies?WWE? Where does him leaving TNA take him? 

Meeting HBK!

Now this was just an absolute dream come true to any wrestling fan really. Meeting him was just amazing. 

Short Story : 
I found out like in September he was going to be doing a signing at an Auto Show in Houston (which is about 2-4 hours from where I live) and I was really thinking of going (which I did) and it was amazing. Had to wake up early but I didn't care because this was Shawn Michaels! So when I got there it was just a plain..long line. He had just started signing (started signing at 11 and I got in and everything about 11:15-11:30) and I was just hoping that I would be able to meet him. And 2 hours later I met him. I was like "Oh my god Shawn Michaels is in front of me". Didn't say much but got the autograph shook his hand and left. It really hasn't sinked in yet that I met him. Nice guy though. Probably would've had more of an experience meeting him. But either way he was a nice guy. :P 

AJ Went "Crazy" Backstage 

To be perfectly honest I never intended this to be in this blog thingy today. But since I've taken my time (Right now its Sunday as I type this part) typing this topic  up. I thought I might as well talk about the situation. If you haven't heard AJ went into her crazy character and got jealous of NBC Personality Michelle Beadle talking to her boyfriend (it's still rumored to everyone but that's what's being said) CM Punk and she went into her character (like I said) and Michelle herself thought it was a joke. The incident happened in front of officials (from what I heard) and she might be punished. Punk himself is upset at how WWE Officials are handling it. So this is a situation that might make AJ lose her title or just something. To me I think even if I don't think anyone want's it to happen is for AJ to lose her belt. Not tonight since AJ from what the pictures showed was with the Championship. So what if WWE let's her retain then when she is let's say a week or a few days before being the longest reigning champion and make her lose it? If WWE is going to punish her I think that and apologizing to Ms.Beadle could also be apart of it. I really don't want AJ to lose it but I think that should be a reasonable punishment. I wake up and I hear about this incident with a simple post just basically saying that due to the AJ incident they think she'll lose it tonight and such. So I look around and heard about the incident. It makes WWE look abit bad. But I mean people get jealous! Yeah she may have overreacted just a bit from what it sounds like but come on, she got jealous! 

 Also to be fair she is one of WWE's best divas so in the end she did screw up right there. I'll admit that. But again, she got jealous! :P

Wrestlemania News 

For one I was shocked yet not so much to hear that California is going to have Wrestlemania 31. I thought that was great! But the news coming out that Wrestlemania 32 is reportedly in Dallas from NBC Bay Area said. That to me is a must go if it's true. I'm just hear seeing people (not literally) talking about WM 31 being in California and how they plan on going, while I'm just here waiting to hear about WM 32 being in Dallas. I'm like that's cool. Either way Dallas to me is a must go. One it's about 4 hours from me two it could be the most attended Mania! Football alone can hold 100,000 people! Just imagine Wrestlemania! To me that is a must for me. I don't know about you guys but if WM 32 is indeed in Dallas you can count me in! Sucks I have to wait a few years but dammit this is Dallas! 

Well I think that just about covers it for this blog. Expect another one (if don't get lazy) around Christmas - New Years. But yeah I really took my time (like a week) and I hope you guys liked it. I don't think this is the exact best but I think it's good enough for you guys to read. So tonight during TLC expect some live tweeting going on! Also when the main event starts it's time to switch gears and live tweet the Total Divas Season Finale! You got Bryan proposing to Brie which alone to me is a must watch. I also might to double live tweeting. Which is live tweet TLC and live tweet Total Divas. Which could land me in twitter jail. Either way! Or if I go somewhere to watch it instead of ordering it  no Total Divas most likely.

Also one thing.. Smackdown here I come! *waits until Wednesday*

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