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Bryan Getting Blamed?! First Movie Review! Meeting Devon! Hero Released! Part II

Aaaaaaand we're back with Part II of the blog thingy! Yaaa-no. We're going to be talking about some topics! We're also going to try and do a spoiler free movie review which I really think is impossible. We're just also going to do some great moments in 2013. I know, I know, the year is not over but gah there was so many great moments this year I had to. There will be a continuation of the great moments this year in December/January edition of the blog thingy but anyways lets go!

First Movie Review: Thor : The Black World (Spoiler Free) 
Credit: oneoftwo on deviantART
I got to say when I watched Thor on Friday I had some high hopes for the movie. And that's exactly what happened. I had high hopes and it was amazing. Just great. And let's just say this, you MAY have to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tuesday. I've watched it and its great. But anyways I really do recommend seeing it. You really get an amazing movie. Get a great ending.  

But in the end (like I said spoiler free so nothing really) go check it out so I don't have to ruin the movie for you! But here is a tip! STAY until the the credits are over. There are 2 scenes during the credits.There is one scene around midpoint and there is around the end of the credits also btw after the second scene with a little message about Thor.. ;)

Bryan Taking Heat For Low PPV Buyrate?
When I heard that there is reportedly blame (not technically heat) for the Summer Slam low buyrate I thought that was just plain stupid. I think its just plain a** BS. But if its indeed true I can just say this, it's stupid. Why is he being blamed? It makes no sense as to why he is being blamed. He is the most over superstar right now but yet now he's back into in the words of everyone.. he's back in the midcard. He along with CM Punk are in this feud with Wyatt's. I see this as helping Wyatt's with them feuding with Bryan and Punk but I still really think makes zero sense as to why he's taking the wrap for the low buyrate.

Survivor Series Championship Matches
Credit: theguilty300 on deviantART
I'm just going out of line to say that right now Survivor Series is looking plain terrible. I was looking forward to Survivor Series and now I'm just could care less for the PPV. So far we have Cena vs ADR (just asking when is Cena going to get his WWE Championship match? I'm going to guess he's going to wait as long as Rock for his rematch.) and that's just going to be terrible and we have Big Show vs Orton for the WWE Championship. I have never been so bored with this Corporation storyline. Its just the same thing every week now it's not even funny. We get to see RAW every Monday night end with Orton,Hunter and or Steph talking down the roster or Big Show. I am just frustrated with how very repetitive this storyline has been. And you can agree or disagree or hate me for saying it but that's my opinion. Also I know Destri (Level5) would be proud..

Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) Being Released 
It was quiet a shock for me when I heard the rumor then all of the pieces started coming together basically confirming the news. First with Hero being announced to face Hurricane at an event I believe in 5 days then also being announced to face Adam Cole for the PWG title in December,then also him changing his twitter handle to @thechrishero. He also changed his description, he no longer lists himself as NXT talent. He is also accepting bookings. So it all adds up to him being released. When news came out that it was indeed confirmed I saw nothing but upset tweets and posts on Facebook about his release. I also did see some "who cares" posts/tweets and also some hating tweets saying he deserved to get released. But it did came as a shock to me. I'm disappointed he got released but hey the indies need a Hero. ;)

WWE Focusing On "Bigger" Guys? 
I've heard that WWE is focusing on those six foot tall guys nowadays and such. And it really does worry me that we won't be focusing on the guys like Bryan for example. He will be focused on but not as much as guys currently like Big Show or Orton. I really don't see why they're doing it because there are also a lot of talents that aren't six foot tall guys for example like Tyson Kidd and Bryan. Both great and talented in the ring and with WWE reportedly focusing on "bigger" guys it really doesn't look that great..

Meeting Devon!
It was really awesome to see Devon smile at the photo.
That really made the day (along with meeting him of course). 
This is a picture I took in kinda without him noticing which is why he looks like that but hey everyone else was doing the same thing! 
Now it was only for maybe 5-8 minutes but I will say that Devon is one of the nicest people (not that anyone I met was rude of anything) I've met. He was charging per autograph and photo (which kinda sucked due to me wanting to get 2 things signed but clearly that didn't work out.). But anyways I got a signed photo from him and got him to sign my WWE Encyclopedia, and just looking as he signed the book he was remember the times in WWE. He smiled at the photo that was with him and Bully. It was just amazing. Really the nicest guy you can meet. I know its not alot to really say how it was meeting him but nicest guy you could probably meet. He also dropped a little promo on Dixie and TNA (which I did record but I really don't know who to upload video so, sorry about that). But he did say he is NOT retiring but he's never going back to TNA and that he's coming...HOME.

Some Great Moments That Happened This Year (Part I)  My Opinion
Reason for this is to start this a month or two early due to it one being November two it will make it a special two part topic! So lets start shall we?

AJ's Pipebombshell 
Now boy was this a promo? This was just amazing. I still remember my reaction when that promo was over. I was literally giving her a round of applause. That was just amazing. I really can't describe it in any other words. But really I will admit that had to be one of the best promos by a diva in a looong time. (There might be something I missed/can't remember but until then I will say best promo by a diva in a long time.) But she was asked about the promo she said that Natalya,Cameron,Naomi,Bellas,Eva and JoJo had no idea what she was going to say. So right there were their actual reactions. Also I will point out that no one else knew what she was going to say. She is open that she was asked and turned it down to be apart of the show and she said that Vince was the one that basically said "Here tell us why you didn't want to be apart of the show" is basically how she described it. But anyways that promo was great and now I wonder when Slammy's come around will the "Kiss Of The Year" be replaced by "Pipebomb(shell) Of The Year?

 See AJ's Pipebombshell!

Daniel Bryan Winning The WWE Championship
Did you see/hear the reaction when Bryan won? Where I was seeing Summer Slam the crowd went NUTS when Bryan won. I can just imagine your reaction when he won. It was just an amazing moment that was ruined (is how some would describe it) when Orton cashed in after Hunter gave Bryan a pedigree. Even if it was for maybe 2-4 minutes Bryan was champion (and also 24 hours ) as champion that was an amazing moment and its going to be one that will be remembered..

Fandango Debuts 
Well I did explain this as my opinion. And this was an awesome moment. Fandango winning his first debut match at Wrestlemania and defeated a future Hall Of Famer? Now that's a great debut. Right now he probably would've been Intercontinental Champion if it wasn't for a concussion.(Amazing how one injury can just mess up plans?) Right now as Axel has been proving to not be a successful "Paul Heyman Guy" just imagine if Fandango didn't get a concussion and won the IC title? But anyways Fandango debut set of a phenomenal craze otherwise known as Fandangoing. (It's still happening believe it or not).

Watch Faaaannnn Daaaaaannn GoOoOoOo Make His Wrestlemania debut! (sorry for the bad quality)

Bully Ray Is Revealed To Be The President Of Aces & Eights
A photo from Lockdown that I took
Now,now,now you thought I wouldn't mention TNA? Well then here is a shocker! Yeah me mentioning TNA and also naming a controversial moment this year from TNA. And that was when Bully Ray was revealed to be all behind Aces & Eights. It really didn't shock me at all. It was basically the only logical option in my book. And the reaction of that crowd man. Wow it was loud! I remember just the crowd throwing trash into the ring and boy I've never seen that happen in a long time. Also to the person who threw their light toy that cost 15 bucks! But in the end who would've thought that the most heated moment would end up being the worst decision to happen? Now Aces & Eights is basically over (there going NWO from what I hear). It just got so stale,repetitive it wasn't even the same anymore.

Why The Weird Posts On My Admin Page? 
You may have wondered with the weird posts going on and I can assure you I WAS NOT HACKED. I can promise you that..

Now we say au revoir! Part II is now finished! Only took me a looong time like maybe umm about 20 hours? To complete it! Anyways thanks everyone for reading! Really hoped you liked it! NOW TIME FOR MONDAY...NIGHT...RAW "live" from Manchester, England! Yeah I just plugged RAW.

Also watch Total Divas every Sunday Night (except on PPV nights then thats when you record it!) on E!
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Ok,ok enough plugging..

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