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Hell In A Cell Thoughts! Shawn Turning! TNA Up For GRABS! Hogan Returning? Part I

Well,well,well,well, hello again.We have a quiet of list of things to discuss in the world of wrestling today! We have topics like Hogan possibly returning brother! and TNA up for grabs,Shawn Turning and so much more! On my list here we have about 8 topics to talk about! Might do one or two surprise ones that aren't on the list but we have about 8 topics to talk about! So lets get started! BUT before we start its time for the weekly (you know what I mean :P ) edition of mention someone! Yay! Yeah so anyways we're mentioning 2 people this time! You know them (well one I've mentioned once or twice..*cough* more like several *cough*) as The Crow and Level 5! Good friends of mine but still can't trust..100% (joking.. :p I am trust me) and yeah. They're great admins! *links to their admin pages at the end*

Hell In A Cell Thoughts
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Well here is an easy way of saying it. First hour was great but the second hour was well dragging but then it picked back up at the third hour. So that's an easy way of describing it. The second hour was very hard to sit through. Yeah there was some cool moments like Summer Rae debuting and the Cesaro swing. But that's really just about it for the second hour. And I got to say MATCH of the night for me has to go to Cody and Goldust vs Usos vs Shield. Amazing opening match. I really think after all the hype it was ok. I expected a tad more but the second hour just was plain utterly terrible. Not really going to do a Pros & Cons this time due to me having so much topics. So but yeah Hell In A Cell was decent but I recommend skipping hour 2.

Shawn Michaels Turning Heel
Now to be completely honest, I didn't expect Shawn to turn. And I really don't think he is still even how he left things. And to be honest Shawn was ( I say 'was' due to him being retired) an A+ player. I really don't see HBK the heel role in the feud. I mean if you were to look at the ending you can clearly see how broken up he was about it. Yeah he was well..alittle rough on Bryan the next night. But still I really don't see Shawn as a heel. Plus I can just bet when Shawn comes back he's going to be cheered and everything with Bryan will be all forgotten..

Bryan Out Of The Title Picture
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Well to be honest I can bet tons of people are pissed about this. I'm upset too but I can see why. It continues on the "Authority" storyline. Yeah the storyline right now is getting some..and by some I mean A LOT of hate. I can see why because we've have had the same ending and the same story being shown every week and there is nothing really making it to be exciting or a chance to see it end (which it won't due to it being a Wrestlemania Storyline). We all thought Bryan could have maybe put a pause at the storyline but clearly that didn't work and he's now in a storyline with Punk and Wyatt's. So now Big Show  is now getting a big reaction/pop (for god knows when the last time it happened). So could he be the one that can stop The Authority? Probably...probably not. The one person who could stop them is Vince. But anyways we're talking 'bout Bryan! Not Authority...yet. But Bryan is up there and (dare I say it) could be the next Cena except he won't (hopefully) get on our nerves and annoy the hell out of us. But either way Bryan out of the title hunt is good but I can bet when HIS time comes it will be the moment that everyone will talk about.

Cesaro Turning? 
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There have been rumors that WWE has planned Cesaro turning thus ending the team of the Real Americans. And it seems that it could be soon because the rumored turn was to happen after the feud with Los Matadores which seems to be over. So could it be that soon we will see the end of the Real Americans? To be honest I have no idea if it that's in the books still but if it is Survivor Series seems the perfect place for Cesaro to turn. Have you noticed that mostly Swagger is the one getting pinned? It would make sense for Cesaro to be fed up at how they keep losing and lets say that since it seems Real American's could have a title shot at the PPV, lets say Swagger gets pinned and Cesaro gets fed up and starts the feud between Swagger and Cesaro. Cesaro or Real Americans themselves would have to turn due to the fact of the Cesaro Swing. And due to Cody and Goldie being over alot it wouldn't make sense for them to turn so Cesaro turning seems to be the only I guess you can say logical(?) option in my books. Because a heel team can't keep getting people to say "We The People" and big pop for them and when Cesaro swings his or their opponent.

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Boy Christian's concussion must've been bad if they haven't mentioned or given up any sort of update. I mean this must be a bad concussion. Ok, ok, I'm not joking on the no update on him (sorry if I offended anyone with the two first sentences). I mean it's been what 2 months? Since we've last seen him? I'm just wondering what's going on and where is he? Also I'm still on support for the #OneMoreMatch. So Cena I beg of you to give Christian a chance when this feud with ADR is over? (which I hope is soon).

Damien Sandow Cashing In And Failing
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Well I'm upset. I see that it showed Sandow well but to be honest would've been better if Sandow won to be honest which I think almost everyone would agree. I was very excited when Sandow cashed in but nervous that WWE would make his cash in and lose which in the end happened...sadly. I was upset that Super Cena couldn't just lose. I understand he just won it but it's happened before! *cough* Big Show *cough* So I'm upset dammit!

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Well I figured we would see this day coming soon enough (incoming hardcore TNA fans). And if I get hate for it so be it. I'm very surprised it didn't happen earlier. But I still had some hope but gah that hope is loooong gone. I've seen how bad attendance is and man that is just plain terrible. I feel bad for them but kinda hope they can pass through this but right now and so far it doesn't look like it. They're barely standing. If any TNA fans (who happen to be WWE haters) you can't DENY they are having very very bad times and money troubles. You can't deny it. Attendance also proves that as well. I'm no TNA or WWE hater (no matter how much they can piss me off :P ) either way it seems (even if TNA wants to deny it) they're in trouble. Also btw during like the last hour or half an hour someone or someones was messing with the TNA Wikipedia page by changing the "Owner of TNA". The names were Billy Corgan,Katie Vick,Owen Hart,Nancy and Chris Benoit,David Arquette among others.

Is Hulkamania Returning To The WWE or TNA Brother?! 
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Well Hulkamania ain't going to be runnin wild in Because it seems TNA and Hogan are done. But reports are coming out that WWE and Hogan are talking about a return. So it seems soon we could see Hulkamania back home in the WWE! (waits for incoming hate about Hogan) Look I'm going to be completely I'm a Hogan fan and actually respect him. THERE! I said it! Anyways yes Hogan returning to the WWE is coming.. brother. So don't be surprised to see him at anytime on RAW,SD,PPV. Well wait RAW or PPV since I mean come on when has someone returned to Smackdown after a while? (you know what I mean. :P ). But yeah so remember everyone. HULKAMANIA is possibly coming back to WWE. *waits for hate*

So yeah brother! That's it! This is just Part ONE! Of the double special thingy! Next blog thiny should be up very..very soon. So enjoy this for a few days as I try and think of topics. ALSO we're going to do something or try somethign at least. I want to try and do a small Q&A on here. You can just tweet me (@RealHBKG)  and or message me on my admin page your questions. If I get enough (which I hope) I'll answer a few! So that could be coming up. But if I don't get enough questions I probably won't even have the Q&A. But anways. Ask away! I hope you guys enjoyed this. It took me from Monday to Wednesday just to type all this so really hope you guys liked it. :) Also thought I say good luck to anyone going to by Mania tickets (which go on sale in 10 days)! AND also don't forget to watch the return of Total Divas on E! this Saturday right after the Kardashians. So yeah I plugged Total Divas and Mania Ticket sale. Don't

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