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Thoughts On AJ Lee Losing The Divas Title At Survivor Series (Do I Think She's Leaving WWE?)

Soo I thought I'd type this due to the circumstances on how AJ lost and the criticism from some on AJ's fans reactions..

AJ Lee Losing The Divas Title In The Fashion That She Did:

Now I'm a fan of both divas (I probably don't make it obvious on me being a fan of Nikki right?). I was excited for this match since these divas have chemistry when they face off. Maybe because they don't like each other or something but they're great in the ring together. Now the expected Nikki to
win the title but if she didn't I expected Brie to distract Nikki or something. But obviously that didn't happen, Nikki won the Divas Championship in 35 seconds. Yes, you read that right, AJ lost the Divas Championship in 35 seconds. Now how you're wondering if you didn't catch the show or just you missed it since you blinked or went to the bathroom? Well let's just talk how it happened.. 

The 35 Second Match:

So match has started and Brie is on the apron with the Divas Championship and AJ is trying to get the Championship out of her hands and Brie kisses her and when AJ gets out of the kiss, Nikki hits a forearm and rack attack and 1,2,3. New Divas Champion!

Yeah so after that fans of the divas like myself were a bit upset (you can tell judging by my tweets) on how AJ lost. The idea apparently was supposed to be like Wrestlemania 28 when the same thing happened to Bryan. Brie sent out a tweet saying "Payback is a bitch" now that gives me the feeling that Brie did it because of what happened 2..almost 3 years ago? Like if it was I can't honestly understand it. Brie kissed AJ because of what AJ did to Bryan? 

If that's why she did it then Brie move on, you won, you're married to him.. If that isn't why then I'm absolutely confused.. 

Either way I just don't know what to expect honestly. I'm okay with Nikki winning just hate how it happened. They did this just days after "Report: AJ Lee Leaving WWE After Survivor Series" was on wrestling sites. This match made it seem like AJ is leaving. The speculation grew after that match ended. WWE probably did not want to get that speculation started up again, but it happened. Now RAW is later tonight. If AJ was to not show then...well that would give that speculation strength. I'm not saying AJ isn't going to be on but hypothetically if she wasn't going to it would not be pretty. 
Brie's Reaction To The Kiss..

I honestly am perfectly okay with Nikki winning. I only hate how it happened. They had 5 matches set (another match was later added early in the show) but they decided to have AJ and Nikki's entrances longer than the match? Yeah no I'm not okay with that. I fully expected AJ to lose to Nikki if it was at Survivor Series or on another show. I'm a fan of the divas and a huge fan of both. This honestly felt like a slap to the face. I was expecting a match..not a squash fest. Bryan fans (like myself) felt the exact way when Sheamus did it at Wrestlemania 28.. 

Our Divas Champion.,.who happened to be the one to
start the Total Divas Title Rumor..

AJ Lee Fan Criticism After Survivor Series

AJ fans are being criticized on their reactions after AJ lost last night.. 

Now I know there is some that are upset on Nikki winning the title last night, but honestly not EVERY AJ fan is upset she lost. I was not a fan of HOW she lost the title. But apparently that means I hate Nikki and is upset AJ lost the title.. 

I seriously hate how the AJ fans are labelled as crazy. I really do. Please people who are criticizing AJ's fandom, realize that not all of us are upset with Nikki winning. If you could do that, that would be great.. 

Note: I've seen so much criticism on their reactions and I'd thought I just say it, Honestly did not have any intentions on having this in here but all this criticism was getting on my nerves..

AJ Leaving WWE? Do I Think She Is? If So When?

Now this is the speculation going around.. "Was this a message to Punk?" to "Is AJ on her way out?" 

Do I honestly think this was a message to Punk? Now since we all know they're still not happy with him. If you mention him you probably will get struck by lightning. But do I think it was a message to Punk? Yeah it's possible. Given the circumstances with how they parted ways. I do hope it wasn't a message but it's all very possible it could be, and if they are this battle is not going to be pretty at all. It seems to be a "fuck you Punk" and they used AJ. I certainly hope that isn't the case. Either way it's very possible how they did it could have been a message...

Message was received if it was being sent..

Do I Think AJ Is Leaving WWE? 

Now I do have some feeling AJ might not be around much longer if I'm being honest. I've gotten the vibe since she's came back that she has had one foot out the door. She in my opinion seems bored. I hope I'm wrong but I just have that feeling she isn't sticking around. Last I heard and take this as a grain a salt since you know it's the internet. I heard she signed a 3 year contract around 2012, I've heard she signed in the spring then I've heard she signed in the fall. Either way those 3 years are up in 2015 (if it's true). So if her contract is up in the year 2015, do I honestly see her sticking around past that? No, I honestly don't. 

I don't want her to go but it's very possible we may not see her past 2015. The speculation has always been there since Punk has left. Now almost a year later since Punk has left and we are still speculating if she's going to stay with WWE.. 

Almost 24 Hours Later: 

RAW Preview For November 24th..
Brie is eyeing that title..
Well since it's now Monday, and almost 24 hours since AJ has lost. It's kinda settled on how AJ lost. Still feels like a slap to the face...well maybe almost as hard as it felt at first. I'm a bit okay with how it happened. Do I like it? Nope, but either way it's going to make for an interesting RAW later tonight. I would be more excited about this aftermath if WWE hadn't said "the real question is what will happen between her (Nikki) and her sister Brie?" in their RAW preview for tonight..

I also forgot to mention, When Nikki won, Brie looked happy when Nikki won. I first thought "is Brie a heel now?" Now if this was all for show and they were on the same page. I'd applaud WWE. I did hear a rumor but it was never mentioned again that said by the end of this Total Divas season that they would be back together.. 

Either way that fact that WWE put that in their preview worries me a bit if I'm being honest.. 

But let's see what happens on RAW tonight.. 

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I'm still wondering if last night happened or not.. 

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