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Adam Rose Debut A Flop? Diva Evaluation Results Poor? +More

Well hello everyone. After a long troubling day on working on the background and trying to get the picture to fit and not look like an 8bit or look awkward. I finally fixed it. Now the background is a Adam Cole picture I took during Supercard and the header is a Triple H picture I took as well. Took some time but I got it! Now I've picked the topics for this blog on the second half of May/Early June (remember there are about 2 blogs a month).

UPDATE (6/9/14) : Due to how long it has been since I've been typing this and since a lot of things have happened lately there will be another post on here to discuss other topics due to how long its taken me to type this.

Adam Rose Debut A Flop? Any Future At All?
Photo Credit: DarkVoidPictures on deviantART

Now being as Rose is kinda the talk of the internet because of his catchy theme that WWE remade since they couldn't get the rights to use the first theme that Rose debuted with in NXT (I have it on my phone and I listen to it a ton of times). Now if you haven't heard. There was some talk in the company that Rose's debut was considered a flop or just a fail. Which is kinda sad. Since he is like Fandango. He's a comedy gimmick but he gets the crowd and kids to love them...or hate them. But I want to know why they considered it a flop? Was it the crowd singing along? What was it? I think it's Cole dancing. :P

NJPW and ROH Shows

Global Wars and War Of Worlds were excellent shows. A must see for wrestling fans around. If you only watch WWE or just TNA. You're missing out big time. ROH and NJPW put on great stuff and it hurts that there is some that just watch WWE or TNA. I loved matches like Cole vs Steen to Tanahashi vs Bennett to Cole vs Liger. Just so many great matches that took place at both of the events. It was surreal to believe that this was actually happening. ROH vs NJPW  was actually happening. I enjoyed both of these shows. These two shows are without a doubt something that all wrestling fans need to see. 

Paige's Problem On Getting Over 

Now you can't deny the fact Paige is having trouble getting over to the crowd. You can't deny it. You want to say she gets a reaction? Yeah no, she doesn't. 90% of the time she gets little to none of a reaction. It saddens me since WWE is obviously keen on pushing her but it's kinda making me feel like she's Cena a bit. You know? Screams,takes a beating, win, repeat. Nothing against Paige. I don't have anything against her. She's a great talent and great in the ring. But WWE just isn't quite showing that. Then also I think with now WWE slowly making Paige break out of the Anti Diva character is disappointing. I mean from running and screaming off the top of her lungs with Kane to her dancing to Funkadactlys. It seems like they're moving away from her and the "Anti-Diva" gimmick. She will probably say she is not like any diva but she won't have the "Anti Diva" gimmick as strong as it was back in NXT. She isn't showcasing her skill and that is very disappointing.

I think maybe due to the main audience that goes to shows don't really watch NXT since its on Hulu Plus and on the WWE Network. I think that has a factor into why no one knows her. Then also the chance they didn't build her up. I think that could have a factor as to why she isn't really getting over with the crowd. Like I said, I have nothing against her. But I think due to how nowadays people that watch RAW or SD are casual fans a good percent of the time it's hard to get them to take Paige seriously. This is what I was afraid of when she won the title from AJ. That and that AJ would lose terribly which she did. But WWE for the love of god let Paige show us what she can do please... 

P.S  Get Emma away from Santino...

CM Punk And AJ : Wedding Confirmed

At this point in time I should have an entertainment section and just have news of their engagement or gossip about relationships because I've brought up their relationship a lot. Not that it's an issue but.. umm. 

Hey guy on the left we know what you're staring at..
So does Punk..
Moving on. CM Punk himself has confirmed he is indeed getting married to AJ during a Cubs game (ironic isn't it?) and he said he's getting married sometime in the next month (June) and then the camera showed AJ. If you haven't heard the rumors on them being engaged I got to ask you one thing. Where the heck have you been? The speculation if you don't remember  began on Twitter around the end of March that an airport worker saw AJ with a ring on the ring finger and according to the guy's story she said she was engaged and showed the ring will quickly. He even spotted Punk at the same airport. So he tweeted that out and there was everything going crazy on Twitter. That is of course til during a match with Naomi just not so long after the rumors began. She wrestled with the ring and that was basically confirming the rumors. But of course you have to have your non believers. So now Punk has confirmed it himself shippers around the world were excited. It really is great to see Punk happy with everything in life even how he retired and everything. It seems like he's absolutely happy with everything.

I think how happy he's been and her sticking by him through everything made him change his mind and asked her to marry him. But we'll never know how it happened. Just assumptions going everywhere on how and when he did it. 

But congratulations to the happy couple! And I wish them all the happiness!

Diva Evaluation Results Poor? 

Well if you haven't heard this then let me break it down. Since AJ is gone for the time being WWE has taken a look at it's divas like Aksana,Alicia,Tamina,etc. Reason is to see I guess if they can prove themselves with the chance they have now that AJ is again gone for the time being. But supposedly the results so far have been poor. And I want to know WHY they're poor. Is it because they don't "fit in?" Or is it because they're making them lose most of the time to Paige or the rare chance we see a Total Diva wrestle. My assumptions is they're not being able to prove that they're worth something since they're losing 95% of the time or they're not being able to show off. I mean Alicia has been impressive and showing she can take that little sliver of opportunity and have all of our attentions...

Since these results have been poor supposedly AJ's stock continues to rise and when she returns she will come back to retain her top spot. But due to Paige also 90-95% (percentage is in my opinion and guessing since she has debuted) of the time not getting a reaction it's supposedly worrying officials. Which I could see why but the issue is as well is they're not trying to get her over at all. They have basically failed at the Anti-Diva gimmick. Then also with the fact HOW she debuted wasn't the best way. I'm not saying she shouldn't have debuted since it was perfect but her coming out to congratulate AJ and saying she wasn't ready when just days ago she tweeted out she wanted to be in the Divas Invitational. I mean it's not liked she sent a message to all the divas...including AJ. Oh wait she did. I hated the fact they didn't use THAT to help get her over and the fact HOW she won. But I'll get into that later since this is about the Diva's themselves. 

I think the issue is WWE is not putting in a lot of effort for them to prove themselves. I think we have some good diva's on the roster but they haven't been able to prove themselves. I just wish WWE would book the divas like how they're booked in NXT. One can wish..

AJ's Return 

Now I did say this was a Diva talk filled one this time. Now this is a big question mark to some people. Like when is she going to return? How is she going to return? Just a million of questions are going crazy about AJ. It's interesting to me that there is this big speculation on her return. I mean she is getting married sometime this month. For all we know she could be getting married today. But I seriously wonder. I mean since Alicia kinda has taken over the "crazy" gimmick or whatever you want to call it (they're similar but very different) and now since Tamina seems to be out for several months I got to question. Does this keep AJ in limbo when she actually wants to return? I mean let's say she is ready to come back after the wedding and such let's say in July. How are they going to write her as? Face? Heel? How are they going to explain Tamina being gone? 

I had an idea and she doesn't even have to be there to do this. Paige or whoever she is feuding with when she returns keeps getting strange messages and things happening. Like let's say whoever it is like won a match and like her theme plays randomly but she doesn't show. Just kinda weird things happening. Like messages like lets say in spray paint to Paige or whoever she's feuding with saying stuff like "Love Bites..but so does I". You get the idea. But you know freaky things happening to them. But you know it's my idea that probably could work or probably can't. Either way whenever she returns it will most likely be a surprise and probably talked about for a bit. Well I think..

So yay, I finally finish this after like 2 and a half weeks. But due to that I now have to type another one so. Woo. But I hope you enjoy. If not okay. I really have no sarcastic remark prepared at all. Except for this..



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