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Extreme Rules Predictions, Goldberg Coming Back, Ambrose Longest Reigning US Champion

Well hello again. This is probably going to be a short and simple blog post or whatever you call it on here today. Since really lately nothing has been big news and well news has been quiet slow since the Mania rush is over. I had a hard time coming up with topics to discuss here and so bare with me today since this is probably really going to be terrible..

Goldberg Coming Back?

Well on the latest gossip mill is that WWE is interested in bringing back Goldberg who also is interested. I really don't know what to say about that because I mean his time with WWE was short but I don't know really if he would spark interest in my eyes really. I don't know really to be honest. I mean what would be the best match for him. I mean I know there are people who want Ryback vs Goldberg heck Goldberg probably wants that but I fear it will be just like Lesnar vs Goldberg at WM 20. Remember how utterly terrible that was? All that hype for just nothing. I don't know who would be a good match for him. 

Should he come back I'm not really going to be excited. I have nothing against Goldberg but his return will not get my interest really.. 

Dean Ambrose : Longest Reigning US Champion

It's sad that creative has really made this title reign to be just kinda sad. I was all for Ambrose winning last year but then now it's kinda just an accessory, no longer a championship. I think if the writers can actually let Dean defend it more no one would complain. I've kinda complained about it because of the fact again it's no longer a championship in my eyes. It's just something to make Shield/Ambrose look pretty. I know he can't control how often he defends it and everything but I just really want WWE to either make him defend it more or just take the championship off of him. I have nothing against Ambrose. I just think WWE needs to do something with the championship. 

Kenta and Prince Devitt Coming To The WWE? 

Now these two have been rumored to have been offered a WWE contract and from what I hear
supposedly Kenta is very close to signing. I am not believing it 100% because you can never trust the internet. So I've very hesitant believing this. I hear Kenta is leaving NOAH. And they're speculation he's coming to the WWE. Now there is also speculation that he's going to NJPW. But either way it's interesting if this is true. If Kenta is indeed coming to WWE, I hope WWE doesn't mess up. Which I mean is hard to even doubt they'll do because they never used people like Yoshi Tatsu,Tajiri,Funaki well enough. So it's kinda hard to believe WWE wouldn't screw up should Kenta come to the WWE. If he does I hope he works with Bryan because my god that would be awesome. Whatever Kenta does I wish the best of luck to him. 
I was going to post a picture of Devitt and of Kenta
but I couldn't find a good picture of Kenta
so enjoy this awesome picture of Devitt

The rumors of Prince Devitt coming to the WWE have come back into the gossip mill. I've heard rumors that WWE offered him a better contract then what they originally offered him. Supposedly the contract (the first one and the supposed new contract) reportedly state that he will spend a short amount of time training like at NXT and or at the performance center. I kinda hope Devitt signs then I don't. WWE could push him then they stop suddenly and make him like I don't know like Los Matadores. Remember when they were pushed and then they just dropped off the face of the earth? Yeah that could happen with Devitt. But he could be missing out on a big chance. He could have a great career there. So many possible match ups that sound amazing. I mean imagine Devitt vs Cesaro, Devitt vs Bryan. Just to name a couple. It's mixed here. But whatever he does I wish him the absolute best of luck.. 

Extreme Rules Predictions 

I got to be honest with ya. I'm not really excited for Extreme Rules. I'm probably going to watch just to watch. Not because I'm looking forward to anything. I'm kinda interested in Bray vs Cena but my interest kinda went down a tad bit after Mania. But I thought I do my predictions today. So enjoy... 

Pre Show : El Torito vs Hornswoggle WeeLC Match

Do I really need to discuss this? I have yet to see their "match of the century" on Smackdown. Even their contract signing. I really am wondering what the hell am I thinking typing about this. Do I look forward to this? No. I'm glad its on the preshow and we don't have to witness this stuff on the Network or on PPV. I don't really care about this. I'm not even going to really waste my time on this by saying my prediction since I don't care at all..

WWE Intercontinental Championship : Big E vs Bad News Barrett

It's no secret I like E and all and it's also no secret I like Barrett. I wasn't too sure on the BNB gimmick but I've grown to it and just love it. Now this one you'd think be a hard decision on who I want to win but this is actually very easy for me. I'm rooting for Barrett to win this one. Big E as Champ should've been good but with no feud really while he was champ just didn't help really. I think Barrett as IC champion again could be great. WWE seems to be running with the BNB gimmick still and haven't lost hope so it wouldn't be a shocker if Barrett wins. 

Prediction : Bad News Barrett

WWE Divas Championship : Paige vs Tamina Snuka

So yeah this happened. I was looking forward to AJ vs Paige then word comes out AJ is taking a break for awhile which she seems to be enjoying since she has been spotted with Punk at the Blackhawks games. So moving back to topic. Paige vs Tamina. Sounds interesting. It really does, but can it be good? I don't know. Paige had a good match with Alicia Fox on Main Event and it really makes me wonder thing on the question if it will be a good match. I look forward to this since it's had wonderful booking. I hear they're saying that AJ hasn't contacted anyone not even Tamina since she "packed up and went home" after losing the divas championship. There is of course speculation that she is returning at Extreme Rules in her home state. Would it be cool if that was to happen? Yeah it would but I doubt it. Either way my prediction stands with Paige retaining. I like Tamina but I don't think they'll give the championship to her when they're trying to build up Paige.. 

Prediction : Paige

Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs Xavier Woods and R-Truth
Credit :

Aaand this match is on PPV because....

Seriously someone explain this as to why this is a PPV match? I mean it's kinda obvious who's winning this.. 

Steel Cage Match : Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper and Eric Rowen vs John Cena 

This feud has been great so far. I lost some interest in this feud when Cena won at Mania since to me in my opinion Cena didn't really need the win. But now this feud has continued even with Cena's joking ways. But Bray has really gotten into Cena with a group of kids singing "He's got the whole words in his hands" to the "He's got the whole Cenation in his hands". Which was amazing opening to RAW. But now it's hard to predict who will win. I want Bray to win since this is a MUST WIN for him. Because if Cena wins there was absolutely no point for this feud to continue. So I'm going with Bray. If Cena wins I will be pissed big time. Trust me.. 

Prediction : Bray Wyatt

Triple Threat Elimination Match : RVD vs Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter
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Now this match was umm thrown together randomly. So I'm not really prepared for this match. But I'm guessing maybe Cesaro wins this. I mean RVD really is just there while Swagger and Cesaro have issues to deal with as well as Zeb and Heyman. So yeah. This could be great but this could be terrible. I'm not sure. I do have good hopes for this match but the question is who am I rooting for and why.. 

I'm rooting for Cesaro since one WWE seems to be high on pushing him and two Heyman so far has been a good luck charm and he's actually won matches. So I'm rooting for the King Of Swing Cesaro! 

Prediction : Cesaro 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match : Daniel Bryan vs Kane

This match has had some so so build up. It's interesting to see who will win this one. I'm a fan of Bryan but Kane winning would also be cool. But I have to go with Bryan on this one since he is the underdog and with those 3 tombstone piledrivers he took it makes him even more as an underdog. I don't know if this will be a good or a bad match. But we have to wait and see. But either way I want Kane to win but I also want Bryan to win. But most likely Bryan is going to retain. So.. 

Prediction : Daniel Bryan 

Evolution vs Shield 

I don't even know about this match. Evolution isn't interesting me and I'm such a big fan of the group. Maybe it's because there is no Flair or maybe because it's changed a lot since the last time or hell maybe it's because they look like they've come up a bit short. I really don't know. But I'm BOlieving that Evolution has this in the bag. I think maybe just maybe something big or shocking will happen to make Shield lose. I like the Shield but I think Evolution here has the win..

Prediction : Evolution 

Well this is the end for this one. I've actually rushed into typing this. I would've gone into a more "in depth" reason to this match and my prediction but its like 10 minutes til the PPV soo.. yeah get your popcorn or soda or whatever ready because this is going to be a interesting ride!

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