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Farewell Natural Dynamite

So yay I have the computer back, and I decided to go over AJ's career and my thoughts on her leaving.

I didn't honestly think I'd be typing this before the month of April was even up, but the time has come and AJ Lee is no longer apart of the main roster, so lets look back on the natural dynamite that is AJ Lee...

Goodbye Crazy Chick 

The tweet that shocked the world..
Well it's time to say goodbye to a one AJ Lee, like I mentioned I didn't expect to see that she left the WWE less than a week of her wrestling at Wrestlemania.

It came as a surprise of how she could be in the ring one minute and the next she's gone. We all realized that we had seen the last of AJ Lee just days ago. It came out of nowhere, it was shocking how she could have left the way she did. No goodbye, she wasn't fired on TV,etc. She just left. 

There's been speculation thrown around on why she left, some are blaming her husband for her leaving. Yet no one is blaming WWE. Yeah sure Punk left WWE, completely dragged their company in the mud. But who published on their website publicly supporting their doctor in the lawsuit with a video of close ups on his ass? Who took shots at Punk leaving? WWE did that, I'm not saying it's all WWE's fault but I would see why IF the reason why she left was because of Dr. Amann's lawsuit against her husband and friend.

AJ made a lot of history in the WWE whether you want to admit it or not. You could hate her and all but you can't deny that she made history. She was the longest reigning divas champion in history of the company, she defended the divas championship at Wrestlemania after so many years, she's tied with Eve with the most reigns. AJ accomplished a lot in the WWE in such a short time, she debuted on the main roster in 2011 and now 4 years later she's leaving WWE. 

She went from teaming up with Kaitlyn to everyone's girlfriend to divas champion. She probably seemed overrated to some and just flat out hated, always putting her down but she did a lot in such a small period of time it just goes to show that no dream it too big. 

One Last Time

I knew AJ would not last another year in the WWE, I was predicting after Mania. I was predicting end of April she'd be leaving. But nope, WWE announced she retired 4 days after Wrestlemania which surprised me how quickly she left. She had only came back a month prior to the announcement and she was gone after that. Her last match in the WWE will be Naomi, Paige and herself vs The Bellas and Nattie. 

It seemed that this was her plan all along, she reportedly didn't tell WWE officials until after her tag match at Mania. She wanted that memory, the feeling one last time before she left. She wanted Paige to have her moment, she wanted Paige to have her first of many Mania moments. It came as a surprise to everyone. We all knew her days were numbered, we all knew she was most likely leaving, but when was the question. That's why I think it came as a shock to some like myself at how quickly she left after Mania, like I mentioned earlier I was expecting the end of April for her to leave but in the end I'm not one bit surprised of how she left if I'm being honest. Her "leaving" was always in the dirtsheets, her status in the company was always questioned but when it actually happened no one suspected a thing and that was the best way for her to leave. 

AJ probably has more of a reason on why she left and we won't find out til she speaks more about her leaving which could be months after her leaving, her leaving was a surprise since she was just there on our TV screens and now she's gone. 

Divas Division Future

Since AJ left there is now a piece missing from the division, the division will not sink to the bottom of the ocean, no it's taken a hit but it can overcome this. It'll take some time since AJ was their top face diva and currently there isn't anyone to take the spot, yes Paige is a face and gets pretty big crowd pops but she's now currently written off to film a Christmas movie with The Miz and now Bellas are heels as well as Naomi it seems unless they turn Bellas face but currently there is no top face in the division which probably is not a good thing since now AJ is gone and Paige is off TV for a bit. 

The Divas Division will not suffer we got great talent on the main roster and down in NXT, it's going to be interesting to see what WWE does since they're reportedly reviving the division but now must change any plans that involved AJ like the rumor going around that Naomi's heel turn on Paige was originally AJ turning on Paige but obviously plans changed. It's going to be interesting to see how WWE is with the divas division since now AJ is no longer there and this is time for other divas to step up the plate. 

The NXT divas division is currently filled with tons of great divas that could become the next top diva, you got some amazing talent there from Becky Lynch to Sasha Banks to Charlotte to Bayley. You got so many potential top divas and they bring so much to the table that I can't wait to see what they could do on the main roster. The NXT divas division is currently on fire and I can't wait to see what they do next with the division. 

What's Next?

Now that's the million dollar question, no one really knows what is next for AJ, she currently is writing a book but what about after that? What about after her contract expires? Does she wrestle on the independents? Does she start a family? Time will tell on what AJ has her eyes on next but whatever it is it's going to get people talking. 

Well that is that I guess, the AJ Lee era is over and now it's time to move into a new era. Time to see who will step up to the plate. It's very shocking that out of everyone in NXT Season 3 that the only diva left from that season is Naomi. She now is currently getting her chance to shine and I can't wait. 

AJ Lee may be gone from WWE but that doesn't mean she didn't leave her mark in the WWE.

Farewell Natural Dynamite.. 

              Instead of Gifs/Memes I'll share a couple of my favorite AJ matches/moments



                                            Sadly couldn't find the whole match but enjoy


And in the end..


This moment obviously was going to be included

Hulk Smash

Poor Kaitlyn :/

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