Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Update? I Really Don't Know What to Call This...

Well hello again, long time no see. Wait can you count maybe 2 weeks a long time? Umm...That's not important. Anyways hello! This is an update on everything such as the I guess big news I announced.

The Big News
It's huge news I guess but to me I just see it as something I announced. But if you didn't see it. I'm no longer running WNQ. Thundercat runs it now, I'm like Triple H. I'm in the ring but not alot. I've taken a more behind the scenes thing. So I'm still Owner,Co Creator (There is actually someone that helped me create page! Can't you believe that? :P ). I'm just taking a more behind the scenes job. But I'm only taking this break for a bit. I always thought that some of the bests posts were when I was an admin. Not an Owner posting because it has to be. I'm looking back as I'm running errands and just living life and seeing WNQ the most active I've seen it in a loooooooong time.I'm happy its now back to where its at. It's gaining attention and getting more people interested. And remember its the Quality of the posts not the quantity. That's how view WNQ now. It's the most active I've seen it and I'm glad. But you never know when I'll come back ;). Hehe..

Wrestlemania 30 Update?
Well still nothing. I'm not even 10% sure I'm even going to Mania and I'm very very sad that I'm not since its the 30th anniversary. I loved Wrestlemania 20. It is one of my favorite Mania's. You had matches like Eddie vs Kurt,Taker vs Kane,Christian vs Jericho, Triple H vs HBK (See what I did there ;) ). It had amazing matches. I really hope WWE can have a good card. I know it will never be AS good as Mania 20 but just hearing the rumors of Taker's next Mania opponent I'm glad I'm not going. :p Because if Ryback or Lesnar was to break the streak I would literally walk out of the Superdome. I would spend like maybe hell a thousand bucks for a the streak ending :p. NO thank you :P. But anyways I would still go if I could but this year...doesn't look like it.

Meeting Anyone Update 
I'm actually planning on meeting people. I meet people everyday. Random strangers who I hold the door for them. No no but seriously I'm not sure who I'm meeting anytime soon. Mick is going to be a couple hours from me then Goldust is doing another meet and greet thing here in November but really nothing. I hope to meet Goldie again if I can and same goes for Mick. I hope to meet him on Friday. I'm not sure after that. But I do meet people everyday. ;)

Well I think that covers the short list of topics I had. This is just another update not really anything special but still hoped you enjoyed it. :)

There Dylan. Was that good? This is your ONLY mention..


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