Friday, September 13, 2013

Night Of Champions,AJ Losing The Divas Title,Edge's RAW Return,Goldust vs Orton and MANY MORE Topics!

Well hello again! Today we got a BUNCH of topics to talk about to the point I couldn't fit them all in the title! The title lists a FEW of the topics we have today and I'm here sicker than a dog and thought what a PERFECT time to write something. So lets go! :P

AJ Losing The Divas Championship
To be honest I just want to bet on AJ for NOC and lose. I know more or less AJ is going to lose the title on Sunday to Brie. Which to be honest I hope not. I have nothing against the Bellas at all. It's just that I believe a feud would be interesting with Natalya and AJ since their submission moves has gotten them victories. But I know not every title reign lasts forever. But that is just my opinion. Either way I'm going AJ retaining or Natalya winning even though I figure WWE is going to give the title to Brie.

Edge's RAW Return
I didn't know what to expect with Edge's return. I figured he would say something about this "Corporate Champion and Corporate" storyline. And got to admit Edge had some good ones. Enough to the point that this was needed.
It had to be done ladies and gents..

Goldust vs Orton
Wow what can I say about this match? It was an amazing match. I do think it should've been the main event in my opinion but they did need to have the regular Shield beating down Bryan so this was the third to last match. But either way it was an amazing match. Very sad it was a One Night Only return for Goldie though. I just really have no words for that match except Excellent match,all on the line was for this one match. 

Well I didn't see last week's TNA but this week I saw it and it was just amazing. There is difference between TNA and WWE. Don't understand why people hate on the company. Only reason I could see why they hate TNA is because their big big WWE fans/marks and just hate any other company. I for one love just plain wrestling itself. I can never get enough. And I always have a moment or a match that got me intrigued and just wanted to continue watching it and I'm sure you have that match/moment. ;) But they have made some bad decisions but you can admit that WWE does make some bad decisions. But for what it's worth don't hate TNA just because. Watch their show and tell me then if you still hate them.

I understand everyone does have opinions but I don't understand why some people hate TNA just for no reason or just the fact it's not WWE.

Christian's Future In The WWE 
Well I'm a big fan of Christian and absolutely can not understand why WWE can't give him the big one. He deserves it and WWE only give him 2 reigns, one that lasted 2 days (In TV Time its 5 days) and then another one for what a month and won it by DQ? I for one was excited when they gave Christian the big one and thought THIS is going to be a great reign and just can't wait to see what happens. Then Christian lost it within 2 days. And you can bet I was mad. I like Orton I'm a fan of his but did they REALLY have to give it to Christian? To me it was unfair but we have to move on and just remember the great feud they had. The great matches, the promos. Just everything. But now I look back and wonder what the hell happened. I understand this time is for newcomers in the spotlight (Move over Cena its Bryan's turn!). But we also need those veterans to be there and also be at the top or just at least close enough. And with Cena and Sheamus gone this is the PERFECT time for everyone to step up. I would love to see Christian win the IC or US championship. Just something since Axel well he's just there and Ambrose he's just (no offense I'm a big fan of him and The SHIELD) but he's also just there. Those two aren't going anywhere really anymore. I do believe Christian could get there but for now he's just stuck with a concussion,getting attacked by The SHIELD..

Night Of Champions
Well I really have no words for this PPV but all I can say is what happened? WWE you were on such a good roll with PPVs and then Nigh Of Champions came. This is probably going to be a terrible PPV. But I still have my hopes that it will prove me wrong. So lets cross our fingers.

AJ Styles 
Well I don't know really what to say about Styles but the only real question for him is "Will he resign with TNA?" And I've stated before that it would be great to see Styles come to the WWE but I just don't know about the travel for him. Then you got the pay cut,the name change,new gimmick. Just other factors. But I'm still wondering with his future with TNA in question..

Mr. Anderson (Kennedy)'s No Longer In TNA?
I did hear about Anderson's contract expiring and that they're working on getting a new contract but nothing as of late. Then now with his basically being written of TV. It doesn't look good for now. They can always resign him later on. Then some fans (like me) hope to see him in WWE. I know he'll probably never go back since of the rumors of Orton basically sending bad word to WWE and getting Kennedy fired and everything. But if Anderson was to come back I think it would be great but I think he might stay in TNA or just take a break for a bit. But until then his future is in question..

I got more topics but I don't want to make a very,very,very,very, long blog or anything so the topics I didn't get to talk about here will be in the next one... (if I remember the topics :P )
                                         Please enjoy random photos from
To be fair this is true. But glad they don't chant 'Husky Harris' anymore.

Hehe :P
 Well I guess this is it for now. But Sunday watch Twitter since some vine reactions will be coming your way! Just can't imagine the reaction for the matches so it should be fun.. :P 

Anyways goodnight/good morning/good afternoon to everyone that read this! I hope you enjoyed reading and everything and maybe some pictures from the Fozzy concert coming up? Or just a random blog next time so see ya! But do enjoy these completely random Mania pictures. (They are not mine) all credits for these to Mania photos to WWE. 


The UNDERTAKAHH! Ok..Ok I'll say it correctly.. The UNDERTAKERR!

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