Thursday, August 29, 2013

AJ Styles TNA/WWE Rumors, Generico & Cesaro, Who Needs A Push,Thoughts on AJ's "Pipe Bombshell"

Well hello again. Today or Tonight we have a bunch of topics and this is going to be a long read so brace yourselves. But before I get started since he has been bugging me.. Hi Dylan. There, there is your mention. No but seriously. Dylan is an admin you might've seen/heard of called "The Crow". He is bugging me to mention him. So go like his admin page (Link at the end of the blog or post whatever you call it). Moving on to something important.. :P

AJ Styles Leaving TNA
Well I've been reading any kind of update or any bit of news on this story since I know how big he is and important I guess you can say he is to and in TNA. To be honest I'm not entirely shocked on the money becoming an issue. Since TNA is in a slump which no one really knows if they can pass through. And to be honest I COULD see AJ leaving TNA for WWE. But then again I can see WWE putting Styles in NXT for a year or so before being brought up to the main roster then imagine the name they give him? Geesh, then the pay cut he would take? Nope. I can't see Styles going through that and also..There can only be ONE AJ. :P

Note: I'm not a that type of fan who bashes TNA. I do watch it time to time.

Generico & Cesaro NXT 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match 
I watched it as SOON as I saw the tweet from Hulu saying that the weeks NXT was added. I watched it like at 2am - 3am watching it and I literally skipped everything to see the match. And my god. That was awesome. I loved the finish. Just the very quick reversal into the neutralizer. Amazing. And my thoughts after watching it was.. "And Cesaro is still stuck in the question mark?!" There is really nothing else I can say except. WATCH the match if you haven't or just watch it again..

I used to watch NXT every week but for some reason I stopped watching it and I only watch it every so often. I don't watch it really that much anymore. But I'm trying to get back into it. Slowly but surely. :P

Who Needs A Push 
I can name a good amount of people. Here is a list which I will not explain why I believe they deserve a push since it would take too long and I'm too lazy to write it all. But I will name a few since I can't name EVERYONE who needs a push. :P

Alex Riley (What you're shocked this guy still has a job? :O )
Zack Ryder (I'm a big fan and saddens me to see a guy who I think is talented and not doing anything)
Tyson Kidd (When he returns)
Drew McIntyre (WWE just please cut the crap with this damn 3MB gimmick)
Natalya (Do I need to say anything?)
AJ (She really has nothing to do right now so why not a push or just something to lead her somewhere)
Ziggler (Same as AJ. Nothing to do)

There is my short list of people who need a push. Shall we move on? :P

AJ's "Pipe Bombshell
All I can say really is wow. She told the truth but Natalya nope. But the others she did. Like Bellas with that "I didn't get here because I was cute, or because I came from some famous wrestling family, or because I SUCKED... up to the right people." (Its the last line) but I got to admit what a great way to "own" The Bellas and the other divas. Just amazing. Like they say, She learned Wrestling from Bryan and learned to talk from Punk. ;) But in all honesty it was an amazing promo. I also loved how when she dropped the mic it looked like Punk when he drops a "Pipebomb". It saddens me that even AFTER that promo she STILL isn't considered the TOP diva..

Well I think I covered all the topics I had planned. :P But here Dylan here is ANOTHER bonus mention. But yep. I hoped you enjoyed this blog or post or seriously whatever you call it. (Someone tell me what do you call them?). This time it wasn't an update like the last one but still. I really did hope you enjoy this. And hope to come back after my busy September but JUST before Night Of Champions. So look forward to that if you will. :P

But until NEXT times my friends. But I need helpers here. What can I call ya. I know there are admins who have fans and I know there are some. So what can I call ya? :p


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