Sunday, August 25, 2013

WWC, Plans For WNQ, Wrestlemania 30, Summer Slam Next Year? TLC 2013?

Well long time no see! Sorry for a blog/post whatever its called for Summer Slam predictions. I've been busy and feeling terrible lately, very sorry for that. So lets go on...shall we? ;)

World Wrestling Community - WWC
As you may or may not know I have left WWC again. Reason is just like last time.. differences. And if you want to know why lets just say it is a long story. But long story short Prodigy is back which the decision I completely disagree with. Me and the owner kinda had it out and I said I'm done. I don't want to be on the same page with an admin who got fired for a reason. I don't even think I'll ever return to WWC..again. I'm sticking behind the scenes. No posting from me on the page or anything just sticking around watching it run. Also the owner has even said I've overreacted on Prodigy coming back and I might have but I believe he shouldn't be there. And it was one vote through the admins that got him back. I'm not happy and I'm open about it. I've open about issues that goes behind the scenes on pages. My admin page and twitter show that ;) . But I'm no longer on WWC and that is that..

Wrestling Truly Matters 
As you may notice.. WTM is having limited posting. And very sorry about that. I'm running WNQ and was dealing with the WWC problem. But lets just say an admin caused some other admins  (including myself) were arguing over that. We're trying our best to make sure you love seeing the posts on WTM. Thats all I will say. I might talk about the argument abit more later on my admin page or Twitter. (Pulling a Immortal HD) Go follow me on Twitter @RealHBKG ;)

WWE News & Questions 
As you may also notice is that WNQ is in a slump right now. We're also trying to get that page to prestige again. We're getting there slowly but surely and your support is helping big time! Just thought I say thank you and get your party hats on November 11th! WNQ will be 2 Years old and we hope to celebrate it in some way on the page. :)

Summer Slam 2014
Well I'm planning on going to California next year.. But when is the question. I'm think Summer but it could be Thanksgiving.. But if I do go in to California next year during Summer... could it mean....Summer Slam? Well I'm not sure but if I will keep you updated. ;)

Wrestlemania XXX
As you know Mania tickets go on sale VERY soon. And I've been teasing for a good while (I think since right after Mania this year :P ) about me going to Mania next year. And with Prophet POSSIBLY going and my not so good friend Heavy D also seems to be going it kinda remains to see if I , HBKG is going to Mania.. I've posted/tweeted saying "Houston Y U So Expensive to Go to New Orleans #HoustonWeHaveAProblem" I tweeted that being as me looking for hotels/travel and its alot of $$$ so.. I'm not entirely sure if I am.. #LooksLikeNoManiaForHBKG :/

                                              But do enjoy a random RVD picture from RAW in July ;)

TLC 2013
Seeing as Houston is getting TLC this year and everything. I'm thinking about going to Houston for the PPV. I'm not sure and if I don't I'm going to the RAW after the PPV. And if and hope and pray to god that WWE keeps up this streak I can't wait to see TLC  (if I go and if I don't go where I see PPVs and have fun :P ) and hopefully go to RAW after TLC. So its a teaser. But no RAW in Austin next night.. Nope.. (WWE is doing 4 tapings in Texas again) reason being why I won't go to Austin is being that its the Christmas show taping and no offense to anyone that likes the shows, its always terrible.. Even if they give out things.. (I still want my Punk Santa Hat WWE... )

Well I think I covered the topics I had plan in this blog/post. So I hope you enjoy reading and everything. Thanks for reading! (Next post/blog which I hope is next week or just soon :P I'll talk about the Cesaro vs Generico 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match)

Ole Ole Ole

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