Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrestlemania Predictions!

Hey everyone! Its me HBKG. You might know me as a admin on WWE Pages on Facebook. I started this to voice my opinions on things. I hope you like this. 

Wrestlemania Predictions:
I completely agree with ESPN on Wrestlemania. LAZY BOOKING and making rematches we didnt want to see! I completely agree. But since Wrestlemania is 9 days away. Wow 9 days. But anyways here are my predictions!

*Rock vs Cena - Rock. But if Cena wins I believe it will not be a clean win.

*Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - ADR. Why? Swagger doesn't deserve to win after his recent arrest. I was happy when Swagger came back and such but now I am like what the hell happen to you?

*Triple H vs Brock Lesnar - I got to admit I am alittle excited for this match but I really am not. I knew from the beginning that Hunter wasn't retired but alot of people seem to believe he was. But I believe Hunter is going to win this one here.

*Wade Barrett vs The Miz - Miz. Barrett has just been horrible as Champ. I was excited when he won and I was like YES Barrett Barrage is better than ever but boy was I wrong. Miz is currently UNDEFEATED at Wrestlemania. He is 4-0 not like Undertaker with 20-0. Or will it be 20-1? ;)

*Team Hell NO! vs Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler - Team Hell NO! Why you may ask. Well here is why. Ziggler is WAY better than the tag team titles. I just really don't want Ziggler to win with the MITB briefcase. It seems pointless.

*Chris Jericho vs Fandango - Fandango. Why you may also ask? Well my reason is Fandango needs to send a message to the WWE locker room. What better way to send that message AND gain respect in the locker room is to DEFEAT a future WWE Hall of Famer CHRIS JERICHO.
 *Randy Orton,Sheamus & Big Show vs The Shield - I really don't know. I don't even know who to pull to win this match. But one thing I know for a fact Randy Orton is going to turn Heel in or after this match. So I really don't know.

*Ryback vs Mark Henry - To be honest I actually wanted to see Ryback vs Big Show but since WWE changed the plans obviously. But I would love to see Mark Henry win but I figure since Vince is a BIG fan of Ryback and wants a WM Moment for Ryback I expect him to win.

*Brodus Clay,Tensai  & The Funkadactlys vs Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins - I would love to see Rhodes Scholars & Bellas to win this so I am going with them. Rhodes Scholars NEEDS to redeem themselves. And what better way then on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

*CM Punk vs Undertaker - If you were to ask me on Old School Raw on who would win I would say possible CM Punk. But with now the tragic passing of Paul Bearer, I say Taker needs to win this then if Taker can come back next face Punk AGAIN and let Punk end it if Taker wants the streak to end so he can retire. So I am going with Taker. I will be shocked if Punk wins but I mean it would be interesting to see it again next year for me.

AJ vs Kaitlyn - AJ. Ziggler WITH the Divas Champ and hopefully soon the World Title? What better Power Couple? Plus is Kaitlyn on EVERY week? No most of the divas aren't EXCEPT AJ.

Well those are my Wrestlemania Predictions What are yours? Until next time!
HBKG signing out........

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