Monday, May 6, 2013

WWE News & Questions Update/Thoughts/WM 30?

Hey everyone! I am back with another update post here. I thought I give a update on WNQ and why there has been limited posting.

WWE News & Questions
When I first created the page I never thought it would be as big as it is currently and I am very proud of that. But as you notice I've slacked off BIG TIME on news and such. And reason being is that I've been sick and then busy. But then also my internet and tv out didn't help things. But I am slowly coming back. Posting on other pages aswell since I have alot of pages I am admin of. And its very serious,some people think that being a admin isn't serious work but it is. I first thought it was hard but wasn't serious but then when I lost the page I was just working so hard to get it back and I didn't its now combined with a Edge page. But then I recreated WNQ and it was never lost again. It was hacked again/stolen from us. But I got it back and it will never.....EEEEEVVVVEEERRR HAPPEN AGAIN! Anyways that's where I climbed up in the admin spot. I started being admin of many pages and some friends and its been great. But when I got fired from WWE Worldwide I was shocked,upset and such. But I didn't let me stop being a admin. But anyways do not know why I am kind of doing this long story. But since Mania I've had done some thinking and I came up to that road. One takes me into being a admin of pages. Keep doing what I love (besides Wrestling :P ) and then the other road takes me into quiting. Closing down WNQ and such. But I made my choice. I took a 5 weeks basically from posting really nothing. I posted but not as often. I was basically focused on Wrestling Truly Matters. But I just really sat and relaxed. When WNQ started November '11,I didn't take a break. If I was sick,birthday parties (and even my own) I still posted. I was just 24/7 on WNQ. But now since I have had some time to just relax I miss being a admin. So I've made my choice and that is to continue being a admin. So hopefully by the end of this month I will be back to normal schedule. With news on WNQ EVERYDAY. So keep your eyes on WNQ.....

WWE Releases
Well I have really nothing much to say about this. I've made my predictions on WTM. You might have to look back awhile but I did post who I think will be released.

Wrestlemania 30?
I've made hints that I maybe going to Mania next year. But also dropped hints that I am not going. I am still not going to tell ya if I am planning or anything. But one thing.......46141415121  913 315139137  1518 113 9
Whoever can decode that you win a virtual medal :P
(Yes those numbers is a sentence. If you figure it out comment!)

Well that's it for this week's post! I hope you enjoyed it. But next post is probably Extreme Rules Predicts! So keep your eyes on here! HBKG OUT

46141415121  913 315139137  1518 113 9

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