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My ROH Trip! Meeting WGTT! Meeting Christian York! Kinda Meeting Maria! +More!

Well hello again! Yeah I actually was going to upload this like last week then my computer died (was originally just the hard drive but now I have to get a new computer yay!). So I never got around to doing this. Now today is a bunch of topics like my ROH trip! Meeting peoples, Rumble thoughts,etc. So now I'm here typing. Having my ac on at 40 degrees. Its paradise. So before I begin I thought I should do this since its a great blog and a friend of mine runs it! So go check out ! It's a great site on things wrestling. It's a great thing. Mr.ArrowHeart puts his thoughts on things wrestling and all. I got competition! I'm kidding no.. but still great site and all!

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Royal Rumble Thoughts!Now I'm not one to completely hate on a PPV. Okay sometimes yes. But most of the time no. I liked Payback even when people said it sucked. I liked Vengenace '11 and people said it sucked. I'm not one to really hate on PPVs. Now this time was abit different. I'm not bashing the whole PPV or the ending or anything. This is the reason why this is up here. To share my thoughts on things wrestling. I try to go and talk other wrestling like Japan,ROH,TNA,etc. I might rant abit in this paragraph. I might. Either way, Rumble was a great PPV and you can sit there and say it sucked and yada yada but I liked it. Great PPV. Not the best card but it was great. Really surprised me. Now you an excellent opener,you had a decent Cena vs Orton match. A okay Rumble match. Like I said it wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst. Because remember I've sit through terrible things like Total Divas Cast on MizTV. God that was terrible.. 

Anyways lets get back on track,The Rumble like I said was okay. Could've been better. Not really surprising. You had people like Nash who we already knew was most likely going to be in there,Sheamus who again you already had a feeling would be in the Rumble,and Rusev debuting which again you probably had an itching it would happen. There wasn't any surprises. I personally wanted like Funaki or Charlie Haas or just someone new to surprise us. I also thought would've been awesome if Sting debuted there but you know things sometimes happen for a reason. So I'm just here thinking this Rumble isn't exactly the best with surprises or anything. It was expected. But still great to see. So now its like what went wrong? Reigns impressed me even more here at this PPV and this completely furthered the inevitable feud between The Shield or the ending of the group.

 Now Batista you clearly tell her was breathing heavy and such. And I expected that so its like yeah okay. Now to be perfectly honest and I think Prophet also agrees. I think we were one of the few that was okay with Batista winning. Don't get me wrong I was a tad upset with Batista winning but guys come on we expected this. Be thankful he's in it for the long haul and doesn't have a contract like RVD had or anything. Because it would've been much worse. It was a great PPV that lacked surprises in my opinion. I do love how the crowd was during Cena vs Orton. That was a bit funny. The chants from "You Both S*ck" to "We Want Divas". Oh what a fun crowd.. 

Rating : 7.5/10

Meeting Christian York 
He also personalized the photo as you can see the "To".
 The rest of the message says "Believe in the dream'
Now when I heard he was coming to town I knew I had to meet him. And Christian York is probably one of the nicest people you can meet. He was out there after his match with I believe it was Scott Summers. Excellent match. Great back and forth action. He came out during the second intermission and when I met him he was the absolute nicest. It was a great experience. 

CM Punk Quits WWE
Now this was a complete shock. I probably figured he was pissed. I was thinking he was pissed how people were being booked and how everything is happening. But again never really thought he would be pissed enough to take his ball and go home. Now I personally think he is pissed how WWE is booking and such and not listening to the fans 100%. Now also a possible thing also could be how WWE hasn't told the talent how the Network will affect the PPV paychecks. Most likely this and other reason like burnt out had to do with him leaving. I'm not justifying him leaving without saying a single word or anything. Hell I'm a tad upset how WWE isn't saying anything. Yeah of course there is a chance it can get resolved. But they have until July to figure this situation. Until then WWE is going to ignore CM Punk,the chants and just about anything to do with him. They've pulled him from appearances,Axxess,Midnight Show. Just about everything. It's really annoying to hear all these rumors every single day. Like one of the rumors last week was that he left due to mistreatment of talent like AJ. Another one was that he left because of a "concussion" WWE wanted him to fake. It's all these rumors and they get quite annoying. Until someone says something and I don't mean a anonymous letter from someone that is could be lying that they're from WWE. I mean someone says the words "CM Punk left" or something that just basically pertains to that and as why we may never know.

Meeting World's Greatest Tag Team 

I've met Charlie a few times so this was no different but with Shelton I may have been freaking out a little. But in the end all went well. Turns out the photo I wanted to get signed was not being printed anymore. So all now I need is one signature and the photo is completed! But back to meeting them, they again were the nicest. Interacted with the fans whoever was in line. Amazing. Awesome seeing them in action against Rob Conway and Jax Dane. Excellent match. Really hope WGTT reunites again soon if they ever come back here. I was nervous as hell I'll tell ya that. Really great guys. 

My Ring Of Honor Trip! 

Oh boy,oh boy was it great. Now this was ROH's second time coming to San Antonio and unfortunately I had to miss their first show due to me going to a George Strait Concert. But this time I knew I couldn't miss it. And I didn't. I went there, late of course but it was great. Really sucked I missed the first 2 1/2 matches but from what I saw the place was having fun and ROH was putting on a great show. You had matches like Steen vs Lethal vs Elign vs Ciampa in a Texas Tornado Match, Jay vs Cole, Whitmer vs Rowe,etc. It was a great show. Enjoyed every bit of it. I personally can't wait for the next show. Also Maria and Mike got some CM Punk chants twice. Got to say it was hilarious. Such a burn to the crowd when the chants began stronger than ever after the match was over and she already had a mic and said "least he's still working" as she pointed to Mike and if you follow me on Twitter (@RealHBKG) you knew how I reacted and that was "Well damn.." Either way excellent show. Can't wait for them to come again. Now let's hope when they're back again I get there on time or maybe a bit early.. 

Kinda Meeting Maria 

So I thought I save the most stupidest mistake I did for last. Yeah so here is the story. I'm going to get a soda from the vending machine and  I was on my way back and there is Maria walking on with her phone and just walking to probably the back or going backstage for all I know. Now you'd think I ask for a photo right? 

Nopes, I just say hi she says hi back and that was it. Now if I fully ever do meet her I'm probably going to tell her this story. Now when I got back I told my friend and I'm here thinking what the hell did I just do? I should've asked for a photo but nopes. To be honest I wasn't too sure it was her then I was like no you idiot it is her. Then I just said hi. So I completely regret it. Just pinch me for all I care for not getting a photo. Either way its going to be regret I'll live with...

Seriously though pinch me for not getting a photo..

Anyways that wraps it up for this time. Next time will probably feature my thoughts on Lita (and anyone else's HOF announce should they announce someone during now and the next post up here) entering the Hall of Fame!, Meeting Matt Hardy and ACH! and well any random shenanigans going on in the wraastlin' world!


Here is a random photo that I took at the Rodeo on Sunday.. 

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